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Clearly have found talented people, but she didn’t allow them to join their company, Shizuku Hazuki’s decision made Li Yalin to tsukomi non-stop.

However, he also understands Shizuku Hazuki’s concerns. EagleJump is a pure girls’ company. It’s indeed a bit incongruous to suddenly let a group of single programmers in.

Of course, Li Yalin himself would be a little uncomfortable to some extent, so the establishment of a new network engineering company can be regarded as smooth sailing.

Anyway, those programmers don’t need to do much management. They are directly handed over to Ahagon Umiko and Toyama Rin can assist them, so they don’t need to worry much.

All in all, the project work of the new game Left 4 Dead is very smooth. After the completion of the preliminary preparatory work, the next step is further research and development. According to Ahagon Umiko, as long as everyone can work overtime, the prototype of this game could be seen within a month and the finished product will be ready within two months!

As long as the capital chain continues, the development of this game will only get faster and faster.

So for Li Yalin who is not short of money, what would he say?

Of course, the sooner the better!

“Wind Fantasy’s review has been completed, and advertising has begun. But due to limited funds, we are still limited in the number of ads we can place. So this time… it’s your turn to contribute as the big boss.”

While EagleJump is working on the new project, Wind Fantasy has also completed its final testing and is ready for market launch.

It should be noted that because the Empire is vigorously developing the cultural and entertainment industry, the review is strict but extremely fast, basically completed in two days, even to the surprise of Li Yalin.

But for him, this is also a good thing. The faster the review, the faster the game can be put on the market. The main reason why the game has not officially started selling now is the advertisement.

No way, Wind Fantasy’s research and development work are too fast. Even if the publicity department has been placing advertisements since the game was first made, there is still a limit to it after all.

The key is that advertising is really a bottomless pit. Even if Li Yalin has money, he can’t stand the bottomless advertising. So in this case, Shizuku Hazuki comes to him with a little idea.

“I contribute? Advertising… how do I contribute?”

When Shizuku Hazuki suddenly approached him, Li Yalin was puzzled. Shouldn’t it be the job of the publicity department to place ads? What could he do?

While he was surprised, Shizuku Hazuki, who is right in front of him, had a sly smile on her face.

“Do you need me to remind you? My little BOSS, as a super-popular idol in the district, the most popular mangaka and light novelist, what can you contribute, do you need me to say them?”

Well, it turns out that Shizuku Hazuki is eyeing his identities.

As she said, both Li Yalin’s influence as an idol and Lilin sensei’s identity as a mangaka have extraordinary attention.

His identity as an idol, in particular, has reached the level of a household name.

Of course, calling it a household name is just a rather exaggerated adjective. But his influence as an idol is really high. At least with his identity to release some promotional ads, it will soon become known to everyone.

His identity is undoubtedly the best advertisement!

“So that’s it… use me as an advertisement, huh. How much endorsement fee do you plan to give me?”

With Shizuku Hazuki’s reminder, Li Yalin of course immediately realized that using him as a promoter for the new game would be a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

However, although he understood the other party’s meaning and he himself did not object to it, it did not prevent him from joking with Shizuku Hazuki.

After all, in normal circumstances, he is endorsing Wind Fantasy, so how can he not charge a full endorsement fee?

“I’ll give you no matter how much you want. Anyway, the company has so much publicity funds, you can take as much as you want.”

In response to Li Yalin’s joke, Shizuku Hazuki shrugged her shoulders innocently, completely with a look that do whatever you want, just take how much you want.

This is really… quite unscrupulous…

“Okay, fine, I’m not your match. I will discuss with Uomi about the specific promotion, and then we will promote it through the official social media, which should achieve a good effect.”

Shizuku Hazuki’s self-sabotaging, what else can Li Yalin do? After all, it is his property and he can’t just sit back and ignore it.

With no other choice, he can only contact Uomi and ask her to help publish the promotion of the new game ‘Wind Fantasy Magic War’ on the official social media of Eiryou High School’s school idol and the social media of mangaka Lilin sensei.

Speaking of which, such social media promotion is a very common advertising model nowadays. Many true fans of celebrity idols also buy this kind of advertising campaign, so when the two official social media released the Wind Fantasy campaign, it can imagine how much of a ripple it will cause.

“Lilin sensei is promoting a new game? Is this game that interesting?”

“It seems that this game is a script made by Lilin sensei! Amazing! I have to buy it and play it!”

“Does Lilin sensei participate in the game? This must not be missed!”

On mangaka Lilin sensei’s social media, netizens are talking about this promotion with great interest. Most of those who will like manga are otaku, and otaku would certainly not hate games. So naturally, everyone is very interested in this promotion and said in unison to buy in groups.

In contrast to the official social media aspect of Eiryou High School idol, most fans are not interested in games. After all, there are relatively few otakus who like idols and games.


Even if there are fewer, many fans have unconditionally expressed their support for their idols. As long as it is a product promoted by an idol, whether it is a game or something, they will definitely buy it!

That’s why it is said that sometimes the benefits of celebrity idols are really scary, it was really a new experience for Li Yalin.

Of course, the reason for achieving such an effect is that EagleJump is secretly promoting it, which is a normal marketing tactic.

This is why Wind Fantasy is sure to see an explosion in sales when it is officially launched into the market.

It’s just… Li Yalin has no time to focus on social media issues. He is now struggling with the question of how to visit Kohinata Yukari’s house.

It’s the first time he meets someone’s elders. How far should he go?

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