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“Oh, it developed to the extent of meeting elders. Not bad, when will you get married?”

Li Yalin didn’t hide it to the girls at home that he’s going to Kohinata Yukari’s house to meet her parents. But because of this, Kowata Akane, who has always had a carefree personality, was the first to make fun of him.

“The prerequisite for getting married is to be in a relationship, okay? Kohinata senpai and I aren’t dating, so how did we cross over to marriage all of a sudden?”

In response to Kowata Akane’s teasing, Li Yalin rolled his eyes without hesitation.

Marriage? Big sister, aren’t you thinking too much?

“Haven’t dated yet? You obviously very close to her, yet you still haven’t dated her, aren’t you too useless?”

Li Yalin’s rolled eyes didn’t stop Kowata Akane; on the contrary, she showed an expression of disbelief.

Well, in the eyes of this big sister, Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari are already a pair.


Not dating is useless? What kind of argument is this!

“Do you want me to date Kohinata senpai that much?”

Moved his eyes upwards as he glanced at Kowata Akane, Li Yalin’s tone was a little helpless.

It’s reasonable to say that although Kowata Akane is not young, she has no experience in a relationship at all. Perhaps for her, this life is estimated to be very difficult to get into a serious relationship. Not to mention that she detest ordinary men. Even if she showed interest in men, it is estimated that they would be treated as buddies by her.

And because of this, the two are more like a pair of good buddies in conversation when they communicate, as they were before and are now.

This eldest sister… God knows when she will be catching on.

“Isn’t that good, you’re not young anymore. Normally a boy in your age would already have someone they want to date, right?”

While Li Yalin was helpless, Kowata Akane spoke again. This big sister has no experience in a relationship but knows quite a lot. And indeed as she said, teenagers of Li Yalin’s age are basically at the beginning of their love life, and dating is a normal thing.


Li Yalin’s real age is not that young!

“Don’t say it so absolute, there are still many boys like me who don’t fall in love. If you say that, you will be condemned by the majority of lone dogs!”

When it comes to dating, Li Yalin can be said to have two lines of tears. The experience after transmigration aside, before he transmigrated… sigh, if he really had a girlfriend, he wouldn’t be so close to 30 years old and still not married.

It hurts being an over-age self-proclaimed otaku, damn it!

Have you ever felt the resentment of the lone dogs?

“So… you’re a bachelor? There are so many beautiful and cute girls around, is it because you can’t get it up?”

When it comes to the topic of relationships, Li Yalin is full of grievances. But for Kowata Akane, her mind has spread to the extreme at this moment.

It was clearly just a lone dog’s grievances, but in her eyes, it turned into a suspicion that Li Yalin could not get it up!

Especially when she gazes at him with a scrutinizing gaze from the waist down!

“Would you like to experience it yourself and try to see if I can do it?”

Li Yalin was immediately furious at being stared at by Kowata Akane’s scrutinizing gaze. Man, the most important thing is to be suspected of not getting it up by a woman. Especially by such a beautiful woman, although her personality is a little carefree, she is also a beautiful girl, is not it?

Doubting me?

You will know if you try!

“Eh? What onii-chan can’t do? Can I try it?”

The conversation between Li Yalin and Kowata Akane was not hidden from everyone, so naturally it was heard clearly by the girls at home, and they knew a little bit about this aspect. For example, Rize, who is flushed at the moment, does not dare to look at their location. But Rize is knowledgeable does not mean that everyone is the same as her.

For example, Cocoa who listening with a baffled face. Why did Akane-ne say that onii-chan can’t do it? What’s wrong with onii-chan?

“Cough… it’s nothing, I’m just joking with Akane-ne.”

Seeing Cocoa come over, Li Yalin was immediately shocked. This topic was heard by these little girls. Wouldn’t this bring bad influence to children?

Stop now!

This topic cannot continue!

“So it’s a joke? But I don’t think there’s anything funny…”

After being dismissed by Li Yalin, Cocoa still couldn’t understand the conversation between Akane-ne and onii-chan. It felt like Akane-ne and onii-chan’s conversation had a deep meaning, but she couldn’t understand it.

Why can’t she understand the joke?

Could it be that she didn’t realize the joke?

“All right, it’s nothing really. I’m going to Kohinata Senpai’s house, what should I bring as a gift? I don’t want to lose my manners when I visit someone for the first time, right?”

Knowing that this topic could not continue, Li Yalin hurriedly began to change the topic. By the way, he also took the time to give Kowata Akane a stern look. This eldest sister really can’t shut her mouth, dare to say anything out.

But while Li Yalin was glaring at Kowata Akane, the older woman didn’t care. She glared back instead, and her gaze was still on the lower part of Li Yalin’s body.


What is the meaning of this?

She isn’t convinced?

Do you believe I really let you try?

In this situation, Li Yalin had no choice but to respond with his gaze, which was unexpectedly met with a provocative look from Kowata Akane.

What’s up?

Wanna give it a try?

Then find a chance to try it!

I really do not believe I can’t convince you!

Well, there’s nothing much more to say about the fight between Li Yalin and Kowata Akane. As he changed the subject, the girls also began to express their own ideas.

Onii-chan is going to be a guest at that Kohinata senpai’s house, so as a first visit, they can’t let onii-chan be rude.


An hour later, Li Yalin walked out of the house with a few boxes of gifts, dumbfounded.

Yes, these gifts were chosen for him by the girls at home.

Among them are the coffee beans suggested by Chino, the bread specially baked by Cocoa… Oh yeah, and the herbal tea was chosen by Syaro.

Their house is indeed a coffee shop, and it also sells bread and herbal teas introduced at a later stage. But is it really okay to pay for a visit while taking these gifts?

It can’t be helped, although he was tsukomi in his heart, this is after all a piece of the girls’ hearts. It is estimated that with the Kohinata family’s family background, they shouldn’t care about the value of the gift, it is just a token of appreciation.

Forget it, don’t think too much, just go to her home with these gifts!

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