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“Yalin, you’re finally here!”

Although he didn’t let Kohinata Yukari pick him up, this beautiful senpai was obviously very nervous and uneasy. Li Yalin had just arrived at the door of Kohinata’s house and saw that she had been waiting at the front door early.

As soon as he got out of the car, she immediately comes over to him.

“Why are you waiting for me at the door? I’ll call you when I arrive.”

Li Yalin was surprised to see Kohinata Yukari standing in front of her house. Especially seeing her like this, she should have been waiting for a long time.

Is there a need to do this?

“Actually, I’ve only just waited a short time, and I was idle at home, so I came out to wait for you.”

Seeing Li Yalin’s brows wrinkled slightly, Kohinata Yukari also stuck out her tongue a little cutely. But seeing her like this, it seems that she didn’t tell the truth. Only waiting for a short time? Is that possible?

Well, there’s no need to look deeper into such things.

“You… never mind, let’s go in first.”

Li Yalin sighed helplessly and then he turned his gaze to the back of Kohinata Yukari. She is indeed a wealthy family. Such a luxurious manor can only be seen in movies and TV.

For ordinary people, not to mention living in such a mansion, even seeing such a place is really rare!

Of course, Li Yalin just sighed a little. With his ability, he can live in such a luxurious house. It’s just that he’s used to living in Kafuu’s house, and so far he has no thought of moving away.

No matter how luxurious this manor is, can it compare to Rabbit House?

No, no, no, there is no comparison at all!

After sighing, Li Yalin’s mood immediately became complicated. More precisely, he was nervous now.

This is his first visit and he’s going to met Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather. And he felt… a lot of pressure…

“Well, let’s go in. Grandpa has been waiting for you.”

Seeing Li Yalin’s gaze is already behind her, Kohinata Yukari also nodded gently and led the way for him personally.

They clearly entered the manor from the door, but it still took more than ten minutes to walk to the door of the Kohinata’s mansion. Li Yalin really wanted tsukomi here. Why did they make their home so big? This kind of big house, you may get lost in the yard the first time you come!

Rich people really too good at this!

Well, the reason why Li Yalin tsukomi like this is nothing more than trying to hide his nervousness. But no matter how nervous he is, this journey will eventually ended.

“Hello Yalin-kun, I’ve heard about you for a long time, but I’ve never been able to meet you. I’m really happy to have this opportunity today.”

Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather is a thin, white-haired old man wearing a traditional district kimono. His eyes are small with a somewhat serious feel, but he welcomes Li Yalin as soon as he speaks, and his tone is quite kind, just like on the phone.

To be honest, Li Yalin was nervous before the meeting, but his nerves subsided after actually meeting the old man, Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather.

“Hello Kohinata-san, my name is Li Yalin, and I am a kouhai and group partner from the same school as Kohinata senpai. Pleased to meet you.”

How to say, Li Yalin seems to be a natural competition-type player that was nervous before the game, but showed excellent performance when arrived on the field.

At least in front of Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather, he behaved unobtrusively, greeted him and quickly brought out a gift.

“This is a gift that my imouto asked me to bring before coming here. Although it is not something valuable, it is a token of appreciation, so please accept it.”

It is a tradition in the district to bring gifts when visiting a friend’s house. Li Yalin’s timing is very good when it comes to sending out gifts.

“Oh? Sorry for the trouble, can I open it and have a look?”

Although Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather looks serious, in fact, this old man is very talkative. And there is a saying that old men are children who grew old, and the babies are young seniors. When he faces Li Yalin, not only does he speak very easily, but he also gives off a very childlike feeling.

When Li Yalin brought out the gift, he was so curious that he wanted to open it on the spot to see it.


Li Yalin could not oppose as a guest and immediately smiled and made a go-ahead gesture, while Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather was also eager to open the box.

“Oh, it smells so good, is this freshly baked bread? It’s very fluffy, can I taste it?”

After opening the box, Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather saw the top layer of bread. These were special bread made by Cocoa, which had a mellow taste and the craftsmanship is very good.


Li Yalin was surprised to learn that Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather, the head of a powerful family, was so interested in bread that he wanted to taste it right away.

“Grandpa rarely comes into contact with these, so he will be more interested…”

Kohinata Yukari surreptitiously explained in Li Yalin’s ear about her grandfather, who was indeed a serious person in his daily life, as Li Yalin felt.

However, seriousness is not his nature, but being in that position makes him put himself in disguise and be very stereotypical no matter who and what he faces.

For example, treating people without smiling, eating Japanese food every day, not even eating bread…

Perhaps for many people, he is the head of the Kohinata family who is above the top and beyond reach. But in the same way, isn’t he just an ordinary old man?

Of course, there is no absolute in the world. Although he is rigid and serious in front of outsiders, he can remove all pretense in front of his granddaughter. To be precise, only Kohinata Yukari can see his grandfather’s true face.

And now… Li Yalin may have become the second person.

When Li Yalin learned about this, he had to say that he was a little flattered and very puzzled at the same time.

After all, his identity is nothing more than Kohinata Yukari’s kouhai and partner. To put it bluntly, he is an outsider. With such an identity, why can he be treated differently by this old man?

It doesn’t make sense…

Although his heart is full of doubts, there is no way he would actively mention these words.

Never mind, let’s take one step at a time. Maybe through the next conversation, he can find the answer to this question…

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