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Perhaps it was because he didn’t have the opportunity to touch these things on a regular basis, but Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather was not only very interested in the bread baked by Cocoa, but also couldn’t help but praise it after he drank the coffee and herbal tea.

He clearly came from a wealthy family, theoretically he should not be interested in these common people’s food. But it turned out to be quite the opposite. It was simply a surprise.

“I’m sorry to make you laugh, I… In fact, I have long wanted to try these foods and drinks. But unfortunately, there are always outsiders around, so I can’t even enjoy them.”

After eating the bread and drinking the coffee, Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather turned his attention to Li Yalin again, and it was clear that he was in a very happy mood, even with a look of satisfaction on his face.

Is that enough?

He can’t really understand the rich people’s world…

“As long as Kohinata-san likes it.”

What should Li Yalin say in this situation?

Well, as long as he likes it, he’s an elder after all, so he can’t tsukomi at this time, right?

“Don’t be so distant. You are Yukari’s partner and always together. So call me grandpa like Yukari.”

Although Li Yalin is no longer nervous, as a guest, he must be more cautious in his words and deeds. Otherwise, he will definitely leave a bad impression on others.

However, his restraint was not well received by Kohinata Yukari’s grandpa. On the contrary, grandpa wanted to keep a relaxed attitude when dealing with him and Kohinata Yukari.

At least his way of calling him needs to be changed.


Called grandpa as soon as they met?

Is this really a good idea?

Li Yalin understood Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather’s meaning, but he was a little hesitant, and subconsciously turned his eyes to the beautiful senpai beside him.

Although he didn’t really care about how to address others, to suddenly call him grandpa… isn’t that a little too sudden?

“You can call him grandpa.”

Feeling Li Yalin’s gaze, Kohinata Yukari’s face showed a blush subconsciously. But instead of hesitating, she gently nodded her head.

Okay, since she’s okay with it, then he couldn’t care less.

“Then forgive me for being rude, Kohinata… grandpa.”

Since Kohinata Yukari has no problem, Li Yalin also didn’t try to be pretentious. It just addressing others, he won’t lose anything anyway.

“Good! Good! This is great!”

Li Yalin didn’t think it mattered, but after hearing his words, Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather suddenly showed a happy smile.

It can be seen that this grandpa is in a very good mood.

“I’ve never seen Yukari bring a boy home, but I’m so happy that you’ve come to visit us this time, Yalin!”

To Li Yalin, Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather was quite welcoming. But what he said next made Li Yalin subconsciously feel that there was something in his words.

He’s the first male friend Kohinata senpai brought home as a guest? There’s no doubt about this, but grandpa, why are you emphasis this?

“Actually, I should have come over to visit a long time ago. But unfortunately I was too busy, so I’m really very sorry.”

Although he did not understand the meaning of grandpa’s words. Given the current situation, he felt that he had better say some polite words.

“It’s normal for men to focus on their career. I heard that you formed a school idol band with Yukari, and you also started a company and even become a well-known mangaka. It’s rare to find a young man as good as you.”

“Cough… It’s just a small-scale work, nothing fancy.”

Li Yalin was not surprised that grandpa easily revealed his identity as he had already told Kohinata Yukari about these identities, and with the power of the Kohinata family, it was not difficult to find out this information.

Despite himself hiding quite tightly, but as long as it deliberately investigates, his identity can be investigated in minutes.

Of course… that is only limited to his secular identity. The matter about the witch and the mermaid is not something that Kohinata Yukari’s grandpa can know.

Maybe he would know some secrets, but there is no way he could have investigated these identities and Li Yalin’s connections.

Therefore, Li Yalin thought it was normal for Kohinata Yukari’s grandpa to say such a thing, but he blushed a little when he was complimented like that.

Subconsciously coughing lightly, he then quickly humbled himself.

“It’s good for young people to be modest, but your excellence must be acknowledged. I didn’t expect that you and Yukari’s idol group would reach such a level that our Kohinata family… surprisingly have a big star too.”

Facing Li Yalin’s self-effacement, Kohinata Yukari’s grandpa nodded approvingly but then waved his hand.

He recognizes Li Yalin’s achievements, so there is no need to be humble.

But then, his gaze turned to his granddaughter again, and his words were full of surprises.

It is obvious that he did not expect that the school idol group, which was originally thought to be a small group, would become a super popular idol.

“I was actually surprised to come this far, and I was even more surprised that you, grandpa, would agree to Kohinata senpai as an idol.”

After hearing Kohinata Yukari’s grandpa’s exclamation, Li Yalin also quickly picked up the conversation. Of course, in addition to picking up the conversation, he did genuinely sigh.

In Locodol original plot, although Kohinata Yukari is also an ojou-sama from a well-established family, it is only a local wealthy family at best. It is not surprising that she would become a local idol.

But in this world, the Kohinata family has become one of the top wealthy families in the district. Under such circumstances, her grandfather can even allow her to be a school idol, which is a bit puzzling.

Is this grandpa very open-minded?

Probably… this is the only possibility.

“Yukari is the only child in the direct line of the Kohinata family. Logically speaking, I hope she can inherit the Kohinata family in the future and shoulder the responsibilities of the Kohinata family’s descendants.”

“But this kid… she’s just too obedient and sometimes too distressing. This is why I don’t want to interfere with her future…”

“Maybe Yalin may not quite understand what I think. But as long as Yukari can feel happy and live a happy life, that’s enough for me.”

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