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How to say, Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather is more open-minded and gentler than expected. Unlike the stereotypes and prejudices of the wealthy elders in ordinary novels and TV series, he can really be said to dote on his granddaughter.

This old man’s only wish is for his granddaughter to live happily ever after. Even if she cannot inherit the Kohinata family in the future and cannot take responsibility for the Kohinata family’s descendants.

Kohinata Yukari’s parents were opposed to the idea of Kohinata Yukari becoming a school idol. The relatives of the family were also secretly slandering. They believed that the Kohinata family was a wealthy family. The eldest granddaughter of the direct line was a disgrace to the Kohinata family by becoming a cheap actress.

These words will undoubtedly bring tremendous pressure to Kohinata Yukari.

However, under all this pressure, Kohinata Yukari received the full support of her grandfather, who silenced all the criticism in the family and supported her from the very beginning.

From this point of view, this grandpa pampered her granddaughter to the extreme!

“Sorry… Kohinata senpai, I didn’t expect you to be under that much pressure…”

Through his conversation with the old man, Li Yalin learned of the other’s love for his granddaughter. But at the same time, he received another important message.

Becoming a school idol partner with him actually brought so much pressure to Kohinata Yukari, which he had not thought of before.

This beautiful senpai never tells him about this and has never shown any stress. But just because she doesn’t say it doesn’t mean nothing happens!

Based on this, Li Yalin has to apologize to her.

“It’s all my choice, why do you apologize to me… Besides, didn’t we agree that you were going to help me revive my hometown?”

Faced with Li Yalin’s apologetic eyes, Kohinata Yukari smiled, not taking the pressure as a burden at all.

At this moment, she showed her tenderness to the fullest!

“Yes… our agreement!”

What else Li Yalin can say?

What more can he ask for?

They are not even a couple, not even dating.

After a moment’s hesitation, Li Yalin nodded heavily and made a commitment to Kohinata Yukari.

He will do his best to fulfill the agreement between them!

Feeling Li Yalin’s commitment, Kohinata Yukari smiled more and more tenderly. Subconsciously, her soft hand has been placed on the back of his hand, and when he felt the temperature from her palm, Li Yalin also held her slender hand in his palm with the opposite hand.

Although the two did not speak, silence is better than sound, everything is silent.

Hmm… it would be better if there is no light bulb next to them…

But… there is no way to ignore this one!

“Don’t mind this old man, you guys carry on.”

Although they couldn’t help but hold each other’s hands just now, Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari soon back to their senses. There was a grandpa staring at them. Subconsciously, the two retracted their hands like lightning. Li Yalin’s expression was a bit awkward, and Kohinata Yukari’s face was full of blush.

The grandpa doesn’t seem to mind but showed a look of interest instead.

This grandpa… did he think he was watching some drama?


Feeling the teasing gaze of her grandfather, Kohinata Yukari could not help but pout. It wouldn’t have mattered if it was just her and Li Yalin alone. But with her grandfather around, the girl’s shyness burst out.

In particular, she also felt something from her grandfather’s eyes, and it almost made her want to find a hole to hide in.

“Sigh… our Yukari has become a big girl. Maybe in two years, I will see Yukari married and have children.”

Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather couldn’t help but laugh at his granddaughter’s shy appearance, and it was clear that he didn’t oppose the close relationship between Li Yalin and his granddaughter.

Rather, he seems to support them?


Seeing her grandfather talk more and more exaggerated, the shy Kohinata Yukari can not help but stomp her feet. But her stomp seems to have no strength, it is more like a pout rather than anger.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this, okay?”

Fortunately, grandpa, who knew Kohinata Yukari’s thin face, finally gave up teasing his granddaughter. But before the pretty senpai could breathe a sigh of relief, his eyes turned back to Li Yalin.

Not teasing his granddaughter doesn’t mean that he is willing to give up on this topic.

“Speaking of which, when are you planning to get married?”


As soon as Kohinata Yukari’s grandpa said these words, Li Yalin was immediately dumbfounded. Why did he always feel that he had heard this line?

Yes, Kowata Akane has said this before he comes here, but that big sister was just making fun of him casually. When it comes to this grandpa, it might not be that simple, right?

This… doesn’t seem to be just a joke!

“Um… Grandpa, you might have misunderstood. Kohinata senpai and I are not a couple.”

Because of this grandpa’s words, Li Yalin was dumbfounded and Kohinata Yukari was also shocked and could not be recovered for a long time.

In the end, after Li Yalin finally recovered a bit that he reluctantly opened his mouth to explain.

No wonder this grandpa is so happy to see their relationship be so close, it turns out that he misunderstood their relationship!

This matter must be explained as soon as possible!

“I know, but you guys are not dating now, doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future. Our Yukari is so good, it’s a perfect match with you. What’s the saying again… right, it’s felt like a golden couple. Isn’t it a matter of course to get married?”

Although Li Yalin was already busy explaining, grandpa seems to have concluded this matter.

Golden couple?

Is it really okay for your old man to take this for granted?

“Eh… grandpa, I’m very happy that you see me and Kohinata senpai that way. But we are still young now, and we aren’t even going out yet. Isn’t it too early to consider getting married?”

“Not to mention the fact that my family’s situation is somewhat complicated. Whether it’s dating or marriage, it seems to be a bit difficult. At least for the time being… I don’t seem to be able to think about this issue yet.”

To be fair, Li Yalin really likes Kohinata Yukari, but to say that just go out with her and get married, I guess is very difficult to do, even if it is only superficial.

What will become of their relationship in the future, that still needs to be managed by the two together. But right now, he has to explain this misunderstanding clearly.

Otherwise, he can’t explain to the other girls if he is forced to marry at the drop of a hat!

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