Cafe 469

“Although you two are not very old now, you are not too young either. When I was your age, I was already married to Yukari’s grandmother.”

Li Yalin’s explanation did not get approval from Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather. He even deliberately used himself as an example to show that age is not a problem at all. In the early years, young people as young as 14 or 15 could get married, and Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari were already 16-17 years old, so it wasn’t a problem for them to get married.

It would not be a problem for the Kohinata family to get their granddaughter married early with their power.


“All right, I know what you mean. You feel that there are many girls around you so you can’t cut them off and don’t know how you should choose, that’s why you are struggling and don’t want to go out with any of them?”


This grandpa…

Honestly, Li Yalin originally wanted to explain more, at least let Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather give up his plans to marry them. After all, it was impossible for him to settle things between them in one visit to Kohinata’s house.

However, just as he wanted to explain, Kohinata Yukari’s grandpa actually raised his hand and waved, and said something that he didn’t expect.

Is he a fortune-teller? Can he see through people’s hearts?

Why would he know what was going on in his mind?


“You think it’s weird that this old man can know what’s on your mind?”

“Haha, I’m also been in your age after all. This old man knows very well what’s on your mind.”

“But I must say, Yalin, those girls around you are really good. Even I… was not as good as you.”

Li Yalin looked at Kohinata Yukari’s grandpa with a stupified face. Grandpa laughed loudly as if I had completely seen through him.

As this grandpa said, that’s one of the reasons why he was no able to date or even marry Kohinata Yukari. Li Yalin can’t deny this, as it was indeed the reason why he has not been able to officially date with any girl now and has always maintained a relatively close relationship, nothing more.

But with that being said, it is still quite awkward to be said directly in front of people.

The most important thing is that Kohinata Yukari is still listening!

Subconsciously, Li Yalin turned his gaze to Kohinata Yukari with some guilty conscience. However, when he looks at her, although her face is still covered in red, she doesn’t seem to be angry.

What the hell… what’s going on?

His relationship with Kohinata Yukari can be said to be more than a friend but not lovers, which is just separated by a layer of window paper that can be broken with just a poke.

But likewise, there are many girls around him who are in similar situations with Kohinata Yukari, such as Haruka and Uomi…

This intertwined relationship makes things more complicated. Everyone can sense them but no one dares to broke it. It’s like it doesn’t matter if it goes on like this, as long as it stays like this.

Li Yalin was also quite satisfied with this situation. But who would have thought that when he came to Kohinata’s house, this window paper was smashed by this grandpa.

Although in the past the two have come to a very tacit understanding that some things are better left unsaid. But when this topic really comes up, he can’t just keep on playing dumb…

What a headache…

And then again, this grandpa seems to be investigating himself very clearly. Did he really intend to marry him to his granddaughter?

The atmosphere was quite good at the beginning, but how did it suddenly become grave all of a sudden?

This seemingly ordinary visit turned into a trap in an instant?

“Excellent men are often surrounded by excellent women, this is a normal thing. Yalin, you think that I brought you here with the intention of forcing you to stop making a contact with those girls and even force you to marry Yukari, do you?”

Looking at Kohinata Yukari, then look at the grandpa, Li Yalin’s expression is somewhat embarrassed and doesn’t know what to say in a short time.

Like he tsukomi in his heart, the atmosphere is really solemn.

However, while he was embarrassed, Kohinata Yukari’s grandpa laughed again and reached out and patted Li Yalin’s shoulder.

With this cheerful smile, the awkward atmosphere that had just risen was instantly gone.

This is… was it just a joke?

“Of course, in my opinion, your child has the potential and ability, and your future is limitless. I really hope that you can go out with Yukari, and finally become a married couple, and join hands to develop and grow my Kohinata family.”

“But unfortunately, although my Kohinata family is considered to be a powerful family… I don’t think you’ll take a fancy on it either.”

Li Yalin was a little relieved when he heard grandpa’s laughter. But he didn’t expect that grandpa would sigh and said something like this.

As a result, Li Yalin’s heart becomes tense again.

Having said that, what exactly does this grandpa want to express?

It felt like… he couldn’t understand it a bit.

“Well, I’m not going to keep you in suspense anymore. Now let’s talk about it frankly and openly. Yalin, you… are not an ordinary person, right?”


Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather said so much that Li Yalin couldn’t really guess what he was thinking. It wasn’t until his last words that he finally understood. Oh boy, it turns out that this grandpa dug out some of his hidden identity as well.

“According to my investigation, Yalin, you were staying at the home of a friend of your father’s, right? Kafuu family opened a coffee shop called Rabbit House, which was just an ordinary coffee shop, but gradually turned into a very popular shop because of your arrival.”

“But one day, the coffee shop called Rabbit House suddenly disappeared. Many people wanted to find it, but they couldn’t find the address of that coffee shop. It was as if it disappeared overnight, and the incident even became an urban legend for a time.”

“Although I don’t really know the details, the disappearance of the store is probably related to you. Also… the pair of glasses you gave to our Yukari should also be some kind of mysterious item, right?”

Speaking to this point, this grandpa has obviously completed his investigation. No wonder, with the Kohinata family’s capabilities, if they are in contact with some dark forces, it doesn’t seem to be difficult to find out these things.

Now that everything has been laid out openly, Li Yalin really doesn’t seem to have anything to hide anymore.

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