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For Volleyball Club, this challenge is both a huge crisis and also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

If they win against the basketball club, it goes without saying that volleyball club reputation will be taken to the next level. At that time, the basketball club will also back away and they would be able to use the stadium as they like.

But lose means a crushing defeat. Not to mention today, they will not be able lift their face in front of the basketball club in the future.

This is the so-called one step forward to paradise, one step back to the abyss.

Both clubs can’t lose, nor can they afford to lose!

For this reason, the arrival of Haruka made Hayami overjoyed. You know, Haruka is a famous sportsman in the second grade. She usually give a helping hand to volleyball club. Last year, volleyball club achieved excellent results is also inseparable from Haruka.

More importantly, Haruka is not only good at volleyball, she is also very good at basketball.

If Haruka can be pulled as an outside help, they can still have a chance in basketball game.

Now both clubs will try their best to win the opponent’s expertise. No, in Hayami’s eyes, Haruka is the key person who can led the volleyball club to win in the basketball game!

“You want me to take part in the basketball game?”

After listening to Hayami’s intention, Haruka’s face immediately showed a troubled expression. Usually, it was enough to help Volleyball club occasionally. Now allowing her to play in such a crucial game, is it really okay?

The most important thing is, how much time it takes for two games? She still have to go home to wash clothes and cook, so she don’t have time to play!

What’s more, she promise to listen to Li-kun piano performance.

“Please Haruka! We can only rely on you now!”

Haruka is very troubled, but Hayami has set her mind directly bowed in 90 degrees, makes people can not easily refuse her.

“Hayami sempai… are these two games a mixed men’s and women’s game?”

When Haruka’s in dilemma, but Li Yalin on the side couldn’t help but frowned.

Listening to Hayami, it seems that both games are not limited to men and women. That is to say, when Haruka comes on stage, it is likely to be against the schoolboy in the basketball club?

Is this really okay?

“That’s right.”

Hayami didn’t know why Li Yalin had such a question. But since he speak out, she also gave an answer.

Although she is not familiar with Li Yalin, this is first schoolboy brought by Haruka. Even if she doesn’t pay much attention to him, she can’t ignore him.

“You will be against five men who can play basketball?”

Hayami’s answer made Li Yalin even more surprised. The volleyball club is clearly divided into a men’s team and a women’s team. Sports such as basketball have intense physical contact. But to have a girls to go against five men?

“No, this is what we have agreed upon. Whether it is a volleyball game or a basketball game, both sides will send the same number of men and women players, which is also a means to recruit new students.”

It wasn’t until Hayami gave the explanation that Li Yalin finally got it. The competition between the two clubs belonged to the competition, and profit from them was the biggest key.

As long as more new members can be recruited, the two clubs can agree on certain aspects.

This is really…


“It’s about the life and death of volleyball club. Haruka, you can’t just sit back and ignore it!”

“I hope you can help us Haruka.”

Although it is a bit exaggerated about life and death, volleyball club is indeed in a big crisis. As a member of volleyball club, Maki and Atsuko do not want their club to be defeated by the basketball club.

Maki and Atsuko are still somewhat confident in volleyball field. Since their senpai graduated, they also become the main members of the women’s team after they have advanced to the second grade.

But unfortunately, their ability is limited to volleyball unlike Haruka. They are not an all-around superman, so they can’t help with basketball.

That’s why they want Haruka to take action.

“This… but didn’t we make an appointment with Li-kun, and also in terms of time…”

Haruka really didn’t know how to refuse her two friends, but the previous agreement plus the situation at home made her hesitated.

What should she do? She don’t mind helping but…

“I have no problem here, it doesn’t matter if we make another appointment later.”

Feeling Haruka’s gaze, Li Yalin immediately waved his hands. If he still insisted on the agreement at this time, it would be too unreasonable and would offend Maki, Atsuko and Hayami.

It’s not worth it.

So it doesn’t matter even if it is postponed.

“With regard to housework, Hayami sempai will also help. So rest assured Haruka!”

Li Yalin is no problem here, Haruka last worry is only housework, and Maki is fully prepared for this.

The four girls do housework together can easily solve it in minutes. Isn’t that good?

“Since it like this… then all right.”

Everything has been said, Haruka certainly couldn’t refuse. After sigh a little helplessly, she finally agreed.


Haruka is the perfect sports superman in everyone’s eyes. With her joining this game, their winning percentage immediately added several level.

It’s no wonder that Maki and Atsuko are so happy, and Hayami is also finally relieved.

Only in this way, Li Yalin seems to have nothing to do. Since Haruka agreed to participate, they can’t go to the coffee shop today so there is no need for him to stay here, right?

Leave after saying goodbye?

Li Yalin just raised such thoughts, but he did not expect that system released a daily tasks at this moment!

Daily task: Save volleyball club.
Task content: According to the task tips, assist volleyball club to defeat the basketball club.
Task reward: Adept level basketball option.
Task tips: After a hundred fixed-point shots, temporarily get the adept level basketball option. The task reward become permanent after completing the task. It is recommended to take part at crucial moment to get an extra favorability from volleyball club.

After reading this daily task, Li Yalin himself is quite speechless. It would be fine if it was something else, but this task… isn’t it a bit too difficult?

According to the task tips, he needs to play basketball to complete the task.

Li Yalin didn’t really really care about volleyball club’s favorability, but adept level basketball option is indeed a tempting reward. For a self-proclaimed otaku like him, to be a able to play basketball is absolutely a dream come true.

It just… this is not an easy task!

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