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“Grandpa, you are really amazing… well, since it has come to this point, there doesn’t seem to be anything else I can say.”

“Excuse me, grandpa, do you know… the witch?”

Although Kohinata Yukari’s grandpa has already investigated some things, he can’t really turn Li Yalin’s identity upside down, so while keeping some secrets, certain things that no longer need to be concealed can be said.

For example… the witch’s existence is something that can be talked about.

“Is it really the witch? I heard that a very mysterious shop appeared in the witch world recently. Although it appeared for a short time, it is quite popular. That shop should be the Rabbit House that disappeared in the eyes of ordinary people, right?”

Sure enough, this grandpa knew more about the witch than he thought, and from his words, Li Yalin could also get very important information.

“That… although it’s very presumptuous of me, I’m still very curious. Is it possible that… the Kohinata family also from witch’s lineage?”

Being able to understand the information so clearly, it can be concluded that Kohinata Yukari’s grandpa must have a deep relationship with the witch world. Perhaps as Li Yalin guessed, maybe the Kohinata family is also a witch family!

As for Kohinata Yukari’s body does not have magic power, and does not know the existence of the witch, this is not something unusual.

Although the inheritance of the witch is ancient, not all descendants have the qualifications to become a witch. Especially when Kohinata Yukari is the only girl in the direct line of the Kohinata family, Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather did not tell her the truth, with the hope that she will spend her life as an ordinary girl.

That’s why Li Yalin asked this question.

However, because of his conversation with her grandpa, Kohinata Yukari, who was unaware of this, was stunned.


What are grandpa and Yalin talking about?
It felt like… she has heard some incredible topics…

“No, our Kohinata family is not an ancient family of witches, we are just a very ordinary family. But because of some relationship, we know something that ordinary people don’t know.”

Grandpa Kohinata Yukari waved his hand gently towards Li Yalin’s doubts, but what he said made him quite speechless.

Kohinata family is an ordinary family? Ordinary district top giants?

Grandpa, you think I would believe this?

“The main reason why I know this is that… one of my wives, who is a witch, was the one who informed me of this information. Otherwise, I won’t be able to find the whereabouts of the coffee shop on my own. After all, Yalin, you also know that the witch circle is not so easy to integrate into.”

As Li Yalin was speechless, Kohinata Yukari’s grandpa continued to speak. He didn’t hide the news from Li Yalin about how he learned it. It was quite a coincidence that it came to him because he had someone in the witch world, so he could coincidentally find out about it all.


One of grandpa’s wives?

Is this a mistake or something? Shouldn’t it normally be my wife?

One… does that mean this old man has several wives?

Well, it seems to be true!

“Haha, when my wife was young, she was a super beauty. I spent a lot of time pursuing her. In the end, with my sincerity and persistence, only then did I finally get this beauty back home!”

Facing this grandpa, Li Yalin didn’t know what to say for a while, and could only stare at him speechlessly.

However, this grandpa didn’t feel strange after feeling Li Yalin’s gaze but proudly boasted instead.

I mean… can you stop bragging about your young love history?

Don’t forget, your granddaughter is still listening!

Subconsciously looking at Kohinata Yukari, as expected, there was a touch of awkwardness on this beautiful senpai’s face. For her grandfather, she was completely helpless.

“Hey, people love to chatter when they’re old. Where were we? Right, Yalin, you are not an ordinary person, and according to your statement… you should be from the witch world like my wife. Right?”

Fortunately, this grandpa didn’t keep boasting himself. Seeing his granddaughter’s awkward eyes and Li Yalin’s slightly speechless expression, he quickly turned back to the subject.

“Well, there is an older sister in my family who is a witch and another imouto who is a trainee witch. Because of this relationship, I am also somewhat related to the witch world.”

Since Kohinata Yukari’s grandpa knew about the circle of witches, Li Yalin had nothing to hide. Kowata Akane in the witch world is still quite famous. Even if he didn’t tell him, grandpa’s witch wife will probably tell him.

Not to mention that this is not something that needs to be hidden. Especially when the other side already knows the truth.

“Very well, when you have the opportunity later, Yalin you must take me to meet those legendary witches.”

Upon receiving this answer from Li Yalin, Kohinata Yukari’s grandpa’s face immediately broke out into a smile. He doesn’t know why, but it felt like this grandpa is very interested in the witch, obviously his own wife is a witch…

“Eh? Me? But grandpa, isn’t your wife a witch?”

When he suddenly heard that he had to take the grandpa to meet the witch, Li Yalin was a bit confused for a while. What was going on?

“This… I’ll explain it to you later when there’s a chance.”

Li Yalin expressed his doubts, grandpa expression immediately became embarrassed. After hesitating for a moment, he didn’t tell the reason, and finally could only make a perfunctory remark.

In fact, Li Yalin only later learned that although the grandpa was married to a witch, the character of that witch… is very unique. Not only did she rarely talk to grandpa about the witch world, but she doesn’t even allow him to have contact with the witch world.

In this case, grandpa was of course more curious about the witch world. Since his wife refused, he could only pin his hopes on Li Yalin.

Li Yalin was dumbfounded after learning the truth, but at this moment, he will face even bigger problems.

“As for now, let’s continue to talk about the marriage of the two of you.”



Hasn’t this matter already ended? Why do we have to talk about it again?

When Kohinata Yukari’s grandpa said this, Li Yalin was stunned. Didn’t we agree to push this matter aside? Obviously, just now we were talking about the witches, so why did it inexplicably change back to marriage?

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