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To be honest, Li Yalin’s mood is very complicated. But the thing is, he also deeply understood that as a man, he should not worry too much.

Especially at a time like this!

He subconsciously looked at Kohinata Yukari, then turned his gaze back to the grandpa, he took a deep breath.

“Grandpa, I understand everything you said. And logically speaking, I can’t just keep hesitating.”

“But… even if I agree, I still have to listen to Kohinata senpai’s opinion before agreeing.”

“Yes, I have the ability to protect Kohinata senpai and give her happiness, but in the same way, I am a very womanizer person. There are many girls who I can’t give up. This is the main reason I haven’t been dating anyone.”

“Such a playboy like me, it’s questionable whether or not I’m fit to get married to someone. In this case, I don’t know whether the happiness I brought to them can be called real happiness.”

“So the premise of my promise to you is still based on Kohinata senpai’s wishes. If she thinks that I, a good-for-nothing guy, can really bring her happiness, I am willing to do my best to make her happy. But… if she doesn’t think that she can be happy, no matter how much you say and how much I promise, it’s useless, isn’t it?”

Since grandpa was so sincere, Li Yalin did not want to beat around the bush anymore. He likes Kohinata Yukari. This is an indisputable fact. Both her tenderness and her company have deeply touched his heart.

But all the same, he did discover his own inferiority, too. Although playboy is a man’s nature, it is not an excuse. For this reason, he does not know whether he can bring Kohinata Yukari true happiness.

Even if… happiness has many meanings, not necessarily only two people truly love each other is the real happiness is.

Having said all this, he only meant one thing. He accepted grandpa’s idea and was willing to agree to it, but only if Kohinata Yukari also agreed to it.

If Kohinata Yukari doesn’t think it will work and she only likes men who love her exclusively, this matter can only be put to stop.

After all… unwillingness cannot produce desired results. Grandpa has given a lot of thought to Kohinata Yukari, but who knows if that is what she needs?

Even Li Yalin is aware that Kohinata Yukari has a deep affection for him, but affection doesn’t always turn into true love!

“Good boy… I have identified you as my granddaughter’s husband based on your words! I didn’t see the wrong person as expected!”

Kohinata Yukari’s grandpa was obviously very pleased with Li Yalin’s words. The frown that had been tightened up because of the seriousness instantly loosened up, and even he could not help but go forward and pat Li Yalin’s shoulder.

But the next moment, his eyes turned to his granddaughter. He is very satisfied with his granddaughter’s husband. Everything had been made clear, so his granddaughter’s opinion should indeed be listened to.

“Yukari, Yalin has agreed. What do you think about it now, are you willing or not, it is also time to take a stand, right?”

As soon as grandpa said these words, the blush on Kohinata Yukari’s face was already red to the base of her ears. She can’t say anything at all even though she wanted to say something.

This is not surprising, she is a girl after all, her face is thin, In such a situation that determines her life’s major events, she expresses her attitude? How to express her opinion?

A straight-up yes?

That’s too unreserved!

Don’t agree?

What if she gets misunderstood? In fact, she really likes Li Yalin.

Such tangled and shy feelings, onlookers simply can not understand!

“What? Yukari, you don’t want to? You don’t like such a good boy like Yalin? Or do you think he’s too much of a playboy for you?”

Kohinata Yukari’s grandpa could tell what was in her granddaughter’s mind. This child is obviously tempted, but too embarrassed to say it, so she can not chase the boy of her choice.

Okay, since you can’t say it, grandpa will help you!

Although grandpa had such thoughts in his mind, his so-called helping his granddaughter was undoubtedly more like adding fuel to the fire. For Kohinata Yukari, at least, she felt her mind had gone completely blank. She doesn’t know what to say at all.

“If that’s the case, then I have to say sorry to Yalin. After all this talk, but my granddaughter is not happy, my old face…”

Even though Kohinata Yukari was feeling suffocating, grandpa still has no intention of letting her go. Seeing no response after a while, he shook his head in disappointment and turned his attention back to Li Yalin.

“I’m sorry Yalin, it seems like this old man got ahead of himself, about that incident just now…”

“I agree! I just have to agree, right? Grandpa, you are too mean!”

Well, the grandpa was only halfway through his sentence when he was interrupted by the frantic Kohinata Yukari.

Is she willing to be with Li Yalin?

Nonsense! Of course she’s willing! If she didn’t want to, why would she have teamed up with him so far?

Perhaps she joined Li Yalin’s idol group at the beginning because she was attracted by his words. But with their interaction so far, the feelings have long been transformed from the original curiosity and interest into warmth and love.

She loves Li Yalin and everything about him. Even if he has a lot of equally good girls around him, she still can’t change this mood.

Rather, for an ojou-sama like her, this situation has long been commonplace. Her grandfather has many wives. And her father, although on the surface there is only her mother as the wife, must have secretly kept many lovers.

So from the beginning, she never thought she could enjoy his love all to herself. The things Li Yalin considered for her were not a problem at all. The only thing that bothered her and prevented her from speaking was her shyness.

But now since she’s being forced to this point, she must show her feelings despite her shyness. Otherwise, if she misses this timing, I’m afraid there really will not be such an opportunity again!


With her eyes closed, Kohinata Yukari shouted out the words of agreement. But after she finished shouting, when she looked at her grandpa again, she found that her own grandfather’s face already showed a satisfied smile.

Sure enough, it was a trap for her!

After seeing her grandpa’s expression, Kohinata Yukari immediately understood her grandpa’s thoughts. But at the same time, she also let go of a big stone in her heart.

She was shy and torn about it before, but after everything was said, she found that she was unexpectedly relaxed.

Maybe… she should have done this long ago?

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