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As expected of grandpa, he has his persuasion technique!

Li Yalin was dumbfounded at the sight of Kohinata Yukari’s grandpa’s tricking his granddaughter.

But he soon back to his senses. With Kohinata Yukari’s promise, it means that everything is established? From this moment on, he will be dating this beautiful senpai, and later to get married and become a couple?

Is this for real?

That said, what should he say now?

Well, before Li Yalin could say anything, as if sensing his gaze, Kohinata Yukari also turned her gaze to him. And when their eyes met, this beautiful senpai was immediately shy and lowered her head, not daring to look at him again.

A few more moments later, Kohinata Yukari suddenly turned around and fled. Although giving her answer relaxes her mood a lot, the shyness of a young girl will not dissipate at all in this moment.

The shame was even stronger with Li Yalin’s gaze, which made her subconsciously make a run for it.

“My granddaughter is good everywhere, but she’s too thin-skinned.”

Kohinata Yukari ran away, leaving the hall quickly with a shy blush.

However, looking in the direction she left, grandpa shook his head gently, as if he was helpless.

Honestly grandpa, not everyone is as cheeky as you are…

At this time, should Li Yalin tsukomi?

Forget it, in their current status, it’s better to keep this tsukomi in mind. He called him grandpa before to be polite, but now he’s really his grandpa…

After all, his future wife’s grandfather is also his grandfather, isn’t it?

On this trip to Kohinata’s house, the situation is really ups and downs…

In the following time, Li Yalin and grandpa chatted for a while. The topics were not only limited to schools and idol firms, but also about EagleJump’s work and the future development of the company.

For this future granddaughter’s husband, this grandpa is of course very satisfied. He even offered to stay overnight at the house.

It’s a pity that Li Yalin has to rush home to feed the foodie queen, so he couldn’t stay at his girlfriend’s house. Then before he leaves, Kohinata Yukari, who escaped because of shyness, finally reappeared.

After leaving for some time, this beautiful senpai has apparently calmed down a bit, but the redness on her face, however, still has not dissipated.

Under the care of grandpa, Kohinata Yukari sent Li Yalin away. On the way out of the mansion to the manor gate, the two just walk shoulder to shoulder, with no one taking the initiative to speak. The atmosphere was a little dull for a while.

If the previous incident had not happened, perhaps the two would still be talking and laughing at this time. But all of a sudden, the two have turned from being a friend and partner into a relationship or even getting married in the future. Such a huge change, it is estimated that both of them were a bit overwhelmed.

Are the two really going to walk to the door without saying a word and just part ways?

No, let’s find a topic to talk about.

“So Kohinata senpai, are we dating now?”

After taking a deep breath, Li Yalin finally opened his mouth. Although it seems a bit wrong to talk about this topic at this time, he still had to say it.

It felt like the relationship between the two needs to be reconfirmed again.

“Of course, Yalin, are you going to back out?”

As soon as Li Yalin said this, Kohinata Yukari subconsciously nodded her head. Not only that, she immediately asked nervously.

It is obvious that she is very concerned about their current relationship.

“How can that be… It’s just that I still can’t believe it. Who would have thought that when I came to your house as a guest, I would become your boyfriend and might get married in the future. It felt too fast that it feels unreal.”

In fact, Li Yalin has never really dated a girl. Although he has no personal experience, he has some understanding. There are some minefields that he certainly wants to avoid.

Of course, even if the minefield is avoided, some emotions still have to be said. As he said, the relationship between the two changed so quickly that he still has some trouble accepting it.

“It’s true that it’s a bit fast, but… it really happened. You are now my boyfriend.”

Li Yalin took the initiative to avoid hitting a mine, and naturally, Kohinata Yukari put her nerves aside. After hearing his words, she couldn’t help but chuckle.

Li Yalin found it unreal, and she did not? It was clear that such a relationship existed only in her fantasies. It turned out that the relationship between the two was settled after just one ordinary family meeting.

“Yeah… I can’t believe you’ve become my girlfriend…”

“By the way, Kohinata senpai, going out with me… is it really okay? After all, I’m such a playboy…”

Speaking of being in relationships, Li Yalin immediately let out another sigh and could not help but ask this question.

Although he knows that Kohinata Yukari has long had a crush on him, he also knows that there are many girls around him, so the two have been keeping a tacit understanding and maintaining that relationship of friends over lovers.

But after really be in a relationship, will Kohinata Yukari still be able to ignore the girls around him as she did in the past?

Can she really accept him being a playboy?

This is a question that he has never been able to figure out.

“Yalin, you are… really an interesting person. Although you always say that you are a playboy, there are also many beautiful and outstanding girls around you, but if you are really a playboy, why don’t you act early? Take action and get everyone on your hands before we know your true nature?”

“If you are really a playboy, you would have dealt with us a long time ago, but you did not. Although you have a good relationship with everyone, you always keep a certain distance. Is this can also be called a playboy? Then I really have confused the definition of a playboy.”

“What’s more, having many wives is very common in large families. Yalin, with your excellence, it is normal to attract girls. I have never asked for your love alone, so… as long as you didn’t play around with girls, I can accept it. Are you satisfied with this answer?

In response to Li Yalin’s question, Kohinata Yukari was stunned at first and then laughed.

Such a silly question is really cute in her opinion.

So after laughing, she also answered his question immediately.

These are all her thoughts!

That’s all!

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