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“That’s quite an answer… it surprised me…”

Kohinata Yukari’s answer was indeed unexpected, yet reasonable. As an ojou-sama from a wealthy family, she had already seen this a lot and has been prepared for it early on.

Without Li Yalin’s presence, she might have married a man she didn’t love and maintain a marriage without love. It doesn’t matter how many women that man has out there, as long as he maintains his identity well.

But now, her future husband has turned out to be someone she loved. Although she also hopes to have a long-lasting unique love as a girl, now that she has achieved complete awareness, this awareness will not change.

At least for the moment, Kohinata Yukari is quite open-minded. But while she is open-minded, Li Yalin is a bit speechless for a while.

“What? Think it’s incredible don’t you?”

Seeing that Li Yalin was unable to speak completely for a while, a playful smile appeared on Kohinata Yukari’s face. She was well aware of how bold her statement was and estimated that more than 90% of the average women in this world would not be able to accept such a so-called awareness.

But… she can accept it!

After all, she grew up in such an environment.

“It is indeed incredible… I can’t believe you can indulge in boyfriend and all that…”

Facing Kohinata Yukari, Li Yalin nodded subconsciously. Should such an idea be ahead of its time? Or conservative? In any case, he always felt that today to get to know this beautiful senpai again.

Wrong! To be precise… girlfriend!

“It’s not indulgence! And even if I’m ready for it, it doesn’t mean all girls will be like me. If other girls cannot accept you being a ‘playboy’ and choose to give up being with you, won’t I be the only one who can be with you in the future? So that’s why I’m prepared to fight a long war.”


Is there such a thing?

Li Yalin was already surprised by Kohinata Yukari’s awareness, but he didn’t expect that she would still have such careful thoughts.

Yes, as she said, she may be okay with Li Yalin’s playboy, but that doesn’t mean all girls are like her. If you describe this as a war, whoever chooses to give up first is tantamount to an early exit from the battlefield.

Then, she, who is ready for a protracted battle, will definitely be the one who persists until the end. If by then, everyone really quits, she will become the ultimate victor of this war!

She… may be the only one who owns Li Yalin!

There is nothing wrong with this, and in fact it is the only way to win. But the problem is that Li Yalin is always surprised when such words come out of Kohinata Yukari’s mouth.

Turns out… she is the smartest of the girls?

For a long time, Kohinata Yukari has been silently accompanied Li Yalin. It will not be eye-catching, but it will always maintain a certain sense of presence. Now think about it, maybe she was ready for this at that time.

No matter what happens, she will stay by Li Yalin’s side and never be on the losing end.

This is… really amazing…

“Surprised, isn’t it?”

Seeing Li Yalin’s long silence, Kohinata Yukari also smiled faintly. She knew her words would surprise him, but this is what she thought in her heart. Now that the two have become boyfriend and girlfriend, she is of course choosing to pour out all her thoughts.

She said this not to express anything, but to tell Li Yalin one thing.

She will always stay by his side, no matter who gives upon him, she will not choose to give up, that’s all.

“It surprised me, but… it felt like… this seems good too.”

Looking at the Kohinata Yukari in front of him, Li Yalin shook his head slightly after being distracted for a while and faced his girlfriend again with a smile.

“Although I’m a very playboy boyfriend, thank you for not abandoning me. From today onwards, I would be under your care, Kohinata senpai.”

“Okay, I’m as the girlfriend would be under your care, too. But… why do you still call me senpai?”

Facing Li Yalin’s smile, the smile on Kohinata Yukari’s face also became more and more gorgeous. She understood that Li Yalin now had completely confronted their relationship. It can be said that at this moment, they have become a real couple.

But since they are going out, shouldn’t they change their way of calling each other?

Being called Kohinata senpai, it’s not like what a boyfriend calls his girlfriend.

“You’re right, what should I call you then? Yukari-chan? Yukari-san? Or… Yukari-sama?”

Just as Kohinata Yukari thought, Li Yalin clarified their relationship and really considered her his girlfriend. And because of this, there is no need to be so serious when facing his girlfriend, right?

“Just call me Yukari just like grandpa! Yukari-sama and all that… don’t tease me!”

When Li Yalin spoke, a blush immediately appeared on Kohinata Yukari’s face. Yukari-chan or something, she couldn’t hear him calling her that way! Especially when Li Yalin said it, she simply blushed and her heart skipped a beat!

As for Yukari-sama or whatever, it sounds so wrong. What’s with that way of calling? It always sounds full of shame!

“Okay, I’ll call you Yukari then, um… Yukari, it’s very catchy too.”

Li Yalin of course wouldn’t really call his girlfriend Yukari-sama. The reason why he said that just now was just to tease her.

Have to say, Yukari blushing like this is really cute, why didn’t he notice it before?

No, it can’t be said that he didn’t notice it. It’s just that the relationship between the two hadn’t broken through that level. Even if there is a heartbeat, it is unlikely to be as intuitive as it is now.

As her boyfriend, he now really has an urge to put this cute girlfriend in his arms and kiss her!

It’s just… ahem, they just started dating, it’s better to do it step by step. Otherwise, if it’s too abrupt, with Yukari’s tender face, I’m afraid she would turn around and run away.

Now that they’re dating, Li Yalin certainly wants to spend more time with his girlfriend. If he really makes Yukari too shy and runs away, wouldn’t he be the one who suffers in the end?

Therefore, he should act like a gentleman at a time like this. When the time is ripe, it is not too late to have more profound and simple communication!

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