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“It’s not about being catchy… right, Yalin! You and grandpa don’t seem to explain to me yet, what does witch… mean?”

The shy Kohinata Yukari is really cute. Especially the way she subconsciously reached out to cover her face, made his heart pounding.

But while she was shy, she was also remembered that while she was happy to start a relationship with Li Yalin today, there was a question she was confused about that had not yet been answered.

What did Li Yalin mean in the previous conversation with her grandfather about the witch? What about the disappearance of the coffee shop? And the pair of glasses he gave her…

She wanted to know the answers to all these questions.

“Oh right, I almost forgot. It’s quite simple actually. In this world, there are many hidden secrets. There are a lot of legends since ancient times. Many of them are real things that happened. Then in those legends, of course all characters also exist.”

“For example, the onmyouji and ninja you are more familiar with are a group of people with special powers. The witch… is one of them.”

“I have some relation with the witch. The newest student in our school, my imouto Kowata Makoto, is a trainee witch.”

“The existence of the witch is to be concealed from ordinary people, so I never mentioned it to you. But with our current relationship, it’s certainly okay to talk about it.”

“As for the glasses, they are also the product of the witch. I asked my sister to help me make them. Ordinary people can also use them, so don’t worry.”

Had it not been for Kohinata Yukari’s initiative, Li Yalin had almost forgotten to explain the witch. Since she asked, then just say it all.

Although it is not as complicated as it sounds, Kohinata Yukari understands his words. It turns out that the world is not as simple as she thought. The onmyouji and ninja are real professions. Even the legendary witch… surprisingly, are also real!

My goodness… did she know so little about this world?

“When there’s a chance, I’ll take you home to meet them. Although the witch sounds mysterious, in fact, everyone is no different from ordinary people. The only difference is that they can use some special powers.”

Explaining the existence of the witch, Li Yalin knew that this would undoubtedly bring a certain shock to his girlfriend. So in order to reduce this shock, he is trying to put things in a lighter light.

And this approach undoubtedly has some effect.

“So that’s how it is… Then Yalin, are you also a witch?”

From the initial surprise to gradually stability, Kohinata Yukari’s ability to accept is relatively fast. However, after accepting all this, she is subconsciously asked such a question again.

Since his boyfriend’s imouto is a witch, then he himself… is also a witch?

“How could a big man like me be a witch!”

When Kohinata Yukari asked this question, several black lines sprang up on Li Yalin’s head. He’s a big man, a big man! Is there a man called a witch?

“Of course, I know some of the more simple magecraft, and I will show it to you when there’s an opportunity. But remember, I’m not a witch, make sure you remember that!”

Li Yalin felt the need to keep his girlfriend in mind that he was not a witch. Otherwise, if word gets out, it will really be embarrassing to the family.

“Oh right, a man can’t be called a witch.”

Seeing Li Yalin’s speechless and helpless face, Kohinata Yukari also reacted to the fact that she seemed to have just made a mistake.

But looking at her boyfriend’s repeatedly stressed look, made her cover her mouth and chuckle again.

He looks like this… it’s so cute!

“Well, that’s it, anyway. I will slowly tell you later about things that I can’t tell you before. But you have to be prepared, perhaps when you know everything, your three views will be completely turned upside down.”

Seeing Yukari’s chuckle, Li Yalin also knew that he overreacted, which immediately made him somewhat awkward, and subconsciously touched his nose.

In order to alleviate this awkwardness, he also quickly changed the subject. There are many things he didn’t tell Kohinata Yukari before for some reason, but now he will gradually let her know everything about himself.

After all… they are already in a dating relationship.

“Then… see you at school.”

“Yes, see you at school.”

At the entrance of Kohinata’s manor, Li Yalin took a taxi and waved goodbye to his girlfriend. Originally, Kohinata Yukari was going to ask the family’s driver to drive him, but was politely refused.

Now that the traffic is so developed, with a car can get home, there is no need to make so much trouble.

What’s more, even if the driver of the Kohinata family picks him up in person, he can’t really send Li Yalin home. After all, Rabbit House is not something anyone can find!

“I’m back!”

The journey went smoothly and Li Yalin soon returned to the store. It can be said that the feeling of having a girlfriend is different, he always feels full of energy!

“Welcome back, onii-chan.”

Seeing Li Yalin’s return, the girls in the shop naturally greeted him immediately. Li Yalin couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows in the face of these lovely imouto’s.

He stroked Cocoa’s little head, smiled and waved his hand at Chino, said hello to Rize and so on.

This world is really beautiful!

“Yo, did you encounter anything good today?”

Perhaps because he was in a really good mood, Li Yalin’s behavior came across as somewhat abnormal to the girls. Cocoa and the others may not have seen anything, but Kowata Akane, whose eyes are like electricity, saw the difference in him right away.

What is it that makes him so happy?

The witch onee-san, who was always idle, asked subconsciously.

“Eh? Can you see it? Well, I can’t actually say it’s a good thing.”

If Kowata Akane had asked this question in normal times, Li Yalin would have made a casual response. But this time, he was so happy that the smile on his face was almost overflowing.

“From today, I’m not single anymore! I am Li Yalin … I have a girlfriend!”


The so-called one stone stirred up waves, Li Yalin’s smirk while touching his head make all the girls in the store stunned.

What did onii-chan just say? Did he get a girlfriend?

Yalin senpai got a girlfriend?

Brother Yalin’s girlfriend!

What exactly is going on! How come he left the house and suddenly go from being single to have a girlfriend?

This change is too fast!

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