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Li Yalin considers himself to be a playboy and likes many girls. After all, this is not his pre-transmigrated world, but a real-world between 2D and 3D.

In this world, many of his favorite 2D characters have become real people. To be honest, he really likes every girl, and can’t really let them go.

Even Kowata Akane who always quarrels with him is also very fond of her.

However, his playboy is not quite the same as an ordinary playboy. If it is in the real world, with a pure playboy mentality, he still covets other women after having a girlfriend, and will definitely conceal it to his girlfriend. Otherwise, it will definitely prevent him from picking up girls.

But in fact, he did not have any intention of concealing this matter at all. Because in his opinion, dating is communication, there is no need to hide them from other people. If one just relies on hiding the truth in exchange for the girl’s devotion, the end is also naturally on the path of Makoto.

He doesn’t want to be a scumbag who deceives girls and discards them at will. That’s why he had no intention to hide the fact that he was dating Kohinata Yukari from anyone from the beginning.

At most, he will not actively mention it. But if someone asked, he will certainly tell the truth.

And right now, in the face of his own family, it is even more impossible for him to hide anything. Of course he wants to share such good news with his family!

It’s just that…

He is very happy now, but his words undoubtedly had a big impact on the girls at home.

“Eh? Onii-chan, you really have a girlfriend?”

After learning the news, Cocoa rushed to Li Yalin and asked him about it in a hurry.

It’s not that this girl likes Li Yalin too much and is jealous. It’s simply because little girls like Cocoa have a longing and yearning for love, wanting to reach out, but feel intimidated.

So when she learned that her onii-chan had a girlfriend and embarked on an exciting love journey, it would be strange if she could remain calm.

“Of course, do you think your onii-chan can’t find a girlfriend?”

This little girl Cocoa has a proliferation of thinking. While she was thinking hard all day and wanted Chino to be her imouto, but she was also interested in many things. The topic of love is often discussed at home. What she was excited about at this time, Li Yalin could certainly see clearly.

So when he saw her excited questioning, he knew that he was going to have to suffer today.

Although he’s very happy to have a girlfriend, likewise, he seems to have to satisfy these curious babies at home. So he may not be able to escape before he explains it to them.

“Onii-chan is so good, of course he can find a girlfriend! Speaking of which, who is onii-chan’s girlfriend? Is it someone we know?”

At this moment, Cocoa is most concerned about who Li Yalin’s girlfriend is. After all, everyone knows that there are many girls around Li Yalin, both beautiful and excellent, and each of them is a very worthy candidate.

However, it is really difficult to choose one among so many girls. So who has harvested the fruit of this love and received Li Yalin’s grace? Isn’t that a matter of great concern?

In fact, when Cocoa asked this question, the girls in the family couldn’t help but perk up their ears, with Chino and Rize in particular standing out.

There is no way around it, everyone is eager to know the answer to this question.

“Isn’t that obvious? Didn’t he go to Kohinata’s house as a guest today? He said he was a guest, but he’s actually going to meet his parents-in-law? Your girlfriend must be Kohinata Yukari, right?”

Before Li Yalin could answer this question, Kowata Akane was the first to give her analysis.

And what is surprising is that the eldest sister who is always carefree and always gives a sense of idling around, her analysis at this moment is surprisingly accurate.

Is this the so-called quite sharp at times?

“Cough… what to pay a visit to parents-in-law? I just went to visit Yukari’s grandfather, but… my girlfriend is indeed Yukari, and you all have seen her.”

When Kowata Akane said that, Li Yalin coughed lightly, and his face looked a little awkward.

In front of these imoutos, can’t you give me some face? What do you mean by meeting parents-in-law? I just went to meet her grandfather, okay!

But he has to admit that Kowata Akane is right, after all, his girlfriend is indeed Yukari.

“Yo, you called her ‘Kohinata senpai’ before, now that you are dating, you just call her Yukari? It’s very intimate.”

It’s okay for Li Yalin not to explain, but once he did, Kowata Akane had more to say. But after she said this, Li Yalin’s expression was odd.

The reason is, he and Kohinata Yukari are dating, and are already a couple. It is totally reasonable to call each other names. Is it necessary to so jibe about it?

No, furthermore, this is not so much about jibes as it is… jealous?

Although the sourness is not so strong, he always feels that this big sister seems to be not quite right. After just knowing that he has a girlfriend, then she analyzed that his girlfriend was Kohinata Yukari, it was already abnormal.

Usually, she wouldn’t put her nose into someone’s business. Asked him casually about his dating process with Yukari?

But this sneering look…

What’s going on?

Could it be…

No! That impossible!

Li Yalin thinks he knows Kowata Akane’s character very well. He has seen the anime before transmigrated and has lived with her under the same roof for so long after coming to this world.

With this big sister’s character, she doesn’t know what it means to be jealous at all, let alone what she would like about someone.

So being jealous or like him is completely non-existent. Although it feels weird just now, it should just be that he’s too sensitive.

“She’s my girlfriend, is it weird to call her by the last name? And is it intimate by calling with the first name? Haven’t I always called you Akane-ne before?”

After thinking it over, Li Yalin quickly put aside the strange thoughts that came to his mind. And when he faced Kowata Akane again, he shrugged his shoulders pretending to be relaxed.

“Cih… I’m your sister, can that be the same?”

When Li Yalin replied, Kowata Akane tossed her head in displeasure. After dropping these words, she turned and walked towards the stairs.

What does that mean?

Is she angry?

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