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Li Yalin is not a guy with a very low IQ, but it took him so long to date his first girlfriend, he is still a little clueless in terms of feelings. To say really can see through all the thoughts in a girl’s mind is simply impossible.

At least at this moment, he cannot see what Kowata Akane was thinking. He just feels that this big sister is quirky today, and didn’t know what was wrong.

Seeing her walking towards the stairs, he subconsciously wanted to call out to her. Why did she leave?

But before he could say anything, Cocoa had already pounced on his side and was excited to ask questions again.

“So it was Kohinata senpai, is it a dating between two idols? It feels great, your fans will be happy, right?”

Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari have been paired together since their debut. Whether on the internet or in the media, much has been made of the relationship between the two. Although the two have never personally admitted to dating, there are still many people who see them as a CP duo, thinking that they are a match made in heaven as they are talented and beautiful. God can’t stand it if they are not together.

But the official did not give an answer. No matter how the fans formed CP, it was just a fantasy. And now that the two have really started dating, once the news breaks out, God knows how excited the fans will be.

By the way, Cocoa is also one of the little fans who really hope they can form a CP. Now that she knows the news, she is satisfied with it!

“Shhh, only our family needs to know about this. Don’t spread it around. Although I don’t intend to hide it from everyone, it’s better to keep it a secret from the public.”

With Cocoa’s interruption, Li Yalin had no time to worry about Kowata Akane. He could only let the older sister go upstairs and leave, leaving him somewhat helpless.

But turning his head to look at Cocoa again, he also put his finger in front of his lips and made a silent gesture to her.

It is true that he and Kohinata Yukari are dating in the open, but this news is still better not known to the public.

You know, although many fans want to see the two form a CP, there are also more fans who want them to remain single. After all, most fans still hope that their idol belongs to themselves, which is why once an idol announces the news of dating or marriage, a large number of fans will announce their defection.

Although Li Yalin doesn’t care much about popularity, he doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it either. Therefore, it is better to keep this matter a secret from the public as much as possible.

“Hmm! I understand!”

Hearing what Li Yalin said, his expression was indeed a little serious. Cocoa immediately covered her mouth with both hands, nodding her head cutely.

And then, starting from this topic, everyone also started a series of discussions, but also because there are not many guests during this time period. Otherwise, there is a real fear that it will be listened to by someone with some intention.

Although the coffee shop’s customers are witches, witches are also humans, and they also have gossip thoughts. The hottest super popular idol group members are dating or something, this is explosive news for many young witches!

Don’t think that witches don’t gossip, in fact their gossip is even more exaggerated than ordinary people!

Li Yalin, who has been signing autographs and being asked to pose for photos at the coffee shop, is very impressed by this.

Okay, back to the topic. Although the girls at home are very concerned about Li Yalin dating a girlfriend, they just give them their blessing. Except for Kowata Akane, who is really acting a bit off today.

Just after the coffee shop closed its business and started working at the otherworld restaurant, the eldest sister actually showed up and ran to Red Queen to whisper.

And because of her whisper, Queen, who was feasting on her food, was instantly fired up!

“What? He actually got a girlfriend?”

With a high-pitched shout, Queen slammed the table and got up. Without caring about the delicacy on the table, she rushed to Li Yalin with an expression written full of anger.

“You got a girlfriend? Why didn’t you tell me?”

When Queen said this, Li Yalin was dumbfounded. What the hell? Why is she so angry that he has a girlfriend?

The most important thing is… why is Kowata Akane rat him out? Didn’t she and Queen have nothing to do with each other?

“I got a girlfriend… why should I tell you?”

Li Yalin hesitated for a while before he finally came up with the words. He is a little confused now, what is the relationship between him getting a girlfriend and Red Queen.

Did he have to ask her permission to find a date? She is not his mother!

“I… you are mine! Of course you have to tell me when you find a girlfriend!”

Li Yalin’s rhetorical question caused Red Queen to freeze for a moment, but she quickly made a loud announcement.

Li Yalin is her person, so she’s entitled to know about it, that’s all there is to it!

In fact, Red Queen didn’t know what a girlfriend was at first. It wasn’t until Kowata Akane explained to her that a girlfriend is like a betrothed, a future relationship that will lead to marriage and a lifetime together, which made her react like this.

As for why she reacted so strongly… naturally, she has her own reasons.

“When did I become yours…”

Li Yalin was dumbfounded in the face of such an unreasonable Red Queen. He and this foodie queen are sorts of friends, and that’s probably it. Going further? Don’t even think about it! Can humans have a relationship with dragons? It doesn’t make sense.

He inexplicably became Queen’s person, which something she said in front of White Dragon God before, can be regarded as Queen looking for trouble. But now she still said it, he must correct it.

“How are you not mine!”

It’s okay for Li Yalin not to say it. As soon as he said this, Red Queen’s reaction was even greater.

Seeing her stepped forward and grabbed him by the collar, she dominantly pulling him to herself. Li Yalin had no resistance at all as soon Red Dragon God use her divine power.

Even if he has the system as the golden finger, there is no way to fight against Guardian Dragon God, is there?


Using brute force at the drop of a hat, can we try and talk some sense?

“You got my Blessing! You’re mine! Now you are mine! You’re mine! You’ll always be mine!”

Have to say that the Queen is currently very overbearing. If she is a man, she can surely charm a little girl.

But the problem is… no matter how overbearing she is, Her Majesty the Dragon King is still a woman. The position of the leading character is reversed!

Before Li Yalin could say a word, his eyes were suddenly widened.

Because at this moment, he once again felt the soft touch of Red Queen’s lips!

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