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Forced kisses!

Damn it!

Another forced kiss!

Why say again? Because this is not the first time!

He still remembers his first kiss with Red Queen. It was a sudden attack. At that time, Li Yalin couldn’t react. After kissing him, Red Queen ran away.

The second time, the forced kiss came from White Dragon God. The kiss was very intense, and it happened in front of Queen…

So now…

The third time! The third time!

Just tell me first when you want to kiss, so I can be mentally prepared. This repeated forced kiss, you otherworld Dragon God are so domineering?

That said, my girlfriend and I haven’t even had our first kiss yet. Isn’t it a bit too much for you to get them first?

Well, no matter how much more tsukomi was in his mind, the touch that came from the lips still did not disappear. Unlike the first Blessing, which was so fleeting, this time Queen really kissed a lot!


What’s this hot feeling?

After being kissed by Red Queen, Li Yalin was surprised to find out that his body was also undergoing inexplicable changes. From within him, a burning sensation erupted, as if to set his entire being on fire.

This is… Queen is planning to give him something like Blessing to him?

Hey, this is actually the case.

Congratulations on obtaining Red Queen’s Divine Protection. Strength attributes increased by 15 points, physical attributes increased by 20 points, agility attributes increased by 10 points, strength attributes increased by 10 points, spiritual attributes increased by 10 points, fire element affinity increased by 50 points, and obtaining the special skill – Red Dragon God Force.


After the Blessing, he got Divine Protection? Do you think this is playing online games? Even with continuous upgrades?

The most important thing is, how is this so-called Divine Protection so much stronger than Blessing? Even if the least attribute bonus is 10 points and 10 points upwards, isn’t that too much?

So horrible!

Attributes have increased so much at once, it is difficult for him to adapt!

And… Red Dragon God Force?

Special skills?

Red Dragon God Force — After activating the skill, gain Red Dragon God’s divine power for a short period of time, doubling all attributes for 10 minutes. Need to wait for the cooldown time to end before activating again.

Yes, another OP skill has appeared. If all his attributes are doubled within ten minutes, he won’t be afraid of anything!

What is this otherworld Dragon God’s lips device, why a kiss can give both Blessing and Divine Protection?

Well, this is not the time for tsukomi.

“Remember! You are mine!”

As soon as the kiss ended, Red Queen lowered Li Yalin’s collar. At this time, she no longer had the domineering like before, but the expression on her face is very calm, as if she is simply stating such a fact.

But look closely, hidden under Queen’s calm expression, is a faint blush. If not look carefully, it is simply not visible.

At least at this moment, Li Yalin fails to see it, completely confused by the power of Divine Protection and the calmness of Red Queen.

Is this what you mean by yours?

It seems that in a sense, it looks like it…

“Anyway, that’s it!”

After saying this, Red Queen turned around and passed through the otherworld gate without looking back, leaving only Li Yalin standing in place and the surrounding girls staring at each other.

However, before everyone can react to what just happened, the otherworld gate was opened again.

“I forgot something!”

This time the otherworld gate was opened, not because there were new guests, but because Red Queen returned.

But Queen’s return was not to say anything, but simply to come to her table and pack away all the food, before leaving again at a fast pace.

She didn’t even forget to get her food!

What the hell!

At this moment, what should Li Yalin say?

『Red’s Divine Protection… is rarely seen. 』

Red Queen came and went, causing everyone to remain silent until the end. It was Black, who is the otherworld Dragon God with Queen, that breaks this silence.

Although she didn’t speak, her voice was transmitted to everyone’s mind. And listening to the meaning of her voice, she seemed to be amazed?

“Black, do you know what this is?”

Black was so willing to speak up that Li Yalin, who was brought back to his senses by her voice, also asked in a hurry.

Although he has already known the effect of Divine Protection, he wasn’t clear about the specific situation.

『The Dragon God’s Divine Protection is usually only available to the closest dependant, and not every Dragon God is willing to give it away. At least Red… has never given it away.』

At Li Yalin’s question, Black nods gently, while her voice comes back to him.

Is Divine Protection that only the closest dependant can have? And it’s a Divine Protection that Queen has never given out before.

Should he be touched by Red Queen’s generosity when he gets such an answer? Or should he express his helplessness at Queen’s dominance?

It felt like this relationship is quite complicated.

『Red’s Blessing and Divine Protection, White’s Blessing… Then you should be able to withstand my power now…』

Just as Li Yalin was conflicted with the Divine Protection he received this time. Looking at Black again, some changes appeared for the first time on her delicate face that always has a calm face.

It was as if she was considering something until finally, she finally made up her mind of some sort.


Another forced kiss?

Li Yalin felt that there were so many things that happened today. First, he got a girlfriend, followed by a forced kiss by Red Queen. When he was torn by this, Black, who had been silent and maintained a very low presence, actually kissed him on the lips!

When the cold and soft-touch passed to his lips, he found that he would no longer be surprised.

It’s just a forced kiss. Even without my consent, your otherworld Dragon God is like this, I am completely used to it!

Red Queen gives him Divine Protection, it doesn’t matter if he gets another kiss. Since Black wants it too, of course he didn’t mind!

Who made you otherworld Dragon God all a forced kiss demon!

Damn it… my first kiss, second kiss, third kiss, and fourth kiss are gone!

Yukari! It’s not that I’m not faithful enough as a boyfriend, but that the otherworld Dragon God is so powerful that I can’t resist at all!

You can understand this kind of thing, right?

You can definitely understand it!

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