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Before transmigrated, Li Yalin physical strength as a self-proclaimed otaku for nearly thirty years was not that good. Although it was not trash level, it is impossible to perform intense physical exercise.

Even if his body recovered to his youth after transmigrated, his physical quality was not improved at all.

On this point, there are very detailed numerical settings on the system’s personal properties panel, and Li Yalin himself is also clear.

On the property panel, his values ​​are set as follows:


According to the system, the average value of normal adults should be 10. That means other than intelligence and spirit, Li Yalin’s three criteria of strength, physique and agility are not up to the standard.

Of course, he is still in his adolescent stage and has not reached the adult standard, and his lack of physique is normal.

But it is for this reason that he understands more clearly that his body is really not a sports material. Even if the adept level basketball option is turned on, he wasn’t sure if he can adapt to the fierce confrontation game.

So… can he complete this task?

Looking at the task panel in front of him, Li Yalin took a deep breath.

Although the prospect is not great, he did not want to give up without trying.

“Hey, can I practice shooting?”

Having made up his mind, what Li Yalin needs to do now is naturally to complete the 100 fixed-point shots according to the task.

The gymnasium of Eiryou High School is not small, otherwise it is impossible to accommodate the joint training of two large clubs. But today the two clubs are in conflict, everyone’s attention is diverted, and no one will do any practice at all.

Even the freshmen who visit the club are paying attention to the next volleyball match.

In this case, Li Yalin took the initiative to find a member of the basketball club and asked for shooting practice, which is undoubtedly quite unusual. It is no wonder that the basketball team member he talk to was surprised.

“Of course no problem, come with me.”

Although look somewhat inexplicable, the member of the basketball team took him to a remote corner of the gymnasium. There were a few basketballs scattered here. Looking at the baskets nailed on the wall, you know that this is definitely not a regular shooting venue.

“The basketball court will be used for a while, so you can only try to practice in the place where we usually practice shooting.”

Bringing Li Yalin here is not that the members of the basketball team looked down on him. But as he said, there will be an official game in a while, and he cannot take Li Yalin to occupy the field casually.

“No problem, it’s ok here. Sorry for troubling you senpai.”

It doesn’t matter where Li Yalin shoots, as long as he can complete the task. Although this practice field is a little rough, it is completely sufficient.

“Well, if you don’t understand anything, you can ask me at any time. If you are interested in basketball, you are welcome to join our basketball team. You can train with us and even participate in the match. By the way, our goal is the district champion!”

Obviously, the senpai of the basketball club is taking Li Yalin as a freshman in the club. This skillful speech is definitely something that has been memorized long ago!

A new student who is interested in basketball may get interested. But it just a waste of saliva towards Li Yalin.

Just as he kept talking, Li Yalin had picked up the basketball on the ground and threw it towards the opposite basket.

It’s a pity it missed.

He must hit it?

Looking at the number on the panel task, it did not jump up. Which means that Li Yalin’s shot was not counted, and it also made him subconsciously pursed his mouth.

Not surprising since if it can be completed in minutes with just shooting, isn’t that too easy?

Although the tasks given by the system have not been too difficult but also cannot be solved easily. So without much thought, lets work hard to complete the task.

“You… do you want to join the basketball club?”

The game between the volleyball club and the basketball club started quickly. The first game was a volleyball match. There were six players on each side, half men and women.

In the women’s lineup, Haruka and Atsuko were selected as the main force, only Maki who not in the first team.

Because of this she had nothing to do now, so she can easily find Li Yalin who keeps shooting in the corner.

And this made her quite speechless.

The volleyball game is in full swing, which can be said to attract the attention of everyone in the stadium. But this game is not much to Maki, because she is very clear that the result of this game has been doomed from the beginning.

Leaving aside the men’s team, Haruka in the women’s team is the all-rounder with superhuman strength and Atsuko also on the court. There will be no suspense and it is just a matter of time before the basketball club novices were defeated.

What really decides the outcome is the next basketball game.

Because the outcome has been fixed, Maki has no interest with this game naturally looking around and found Li Yalin.

Seeing Li Yalin not leaving makes Maki feel very strange. Then she watched him keep shooting, which made her very surprised.

What’s going on?

This Li Yalin-kun who looks completely out of touch with sports, does he like basketball?

Is he going to join the basketball club?

“So it’s Takagi-san… fuh… I didn’t plan to join the basketball club, I just feel like practicing shooting.”

Maki’s arrival did not stop Li Yalin hand to keep shooting. Although after a series of shots his physical strength had seriously deteriorated and even his breathing was much quicker, but he still kept shooting.

“Feel like practice shooting? But you…”

Maki got an answer from Li Yalin, but the problem is that Li Yalin’s current actions made her very speechless.

Even if she is a basketball amateur, she could see that Li Yalin is completely a novice in shooting. Not only is the posture extremely non-standard, but the shooting rate is also terrible.

The hit rate should be 30%? Obviously not far from the basket…

“Fuh… just practicing, it doesn’t matter.”

Li Yalin himself is very clear that this extremely non-standard shooting action and the terrible shooting rate is very worth tsukomi. But in order to complete the task, he can not stop.

What’s more, he still has an OCD. When grinding task items in a game, he will feel uncomfortable if he can’t gather all the items.

This is the same in reality!

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