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“Hey! First you kissed Red, then you kissed Black, if I tell Kohinata about this, you’ll be finished!”

Kowata Akane’s domineering face naturally has her confidence, but in fact, her confidence comes from the forced kiss that just happened.

As Kohinata Yukari’s boyfriend, Li Yalin kissed another woman. Note that the kissing partner is not one person, but two-person! This is a serious matter, isn’t it?

The normal girl certainly will not be able to stand their boyfriend kissing other women. Once this matter gets out, it’s a small matter if a big fight happens and maybe break up if things go wrong!

It is with this confidence that Kowata Akane is so proud of herself.

“Humph! I have you in my hand now, so obediently call me good sister if you don’t want Kohinata to know about this. If I’m in a good mood, I won’t tell her about it.”

Yes, Kowata Akane is indeed very proud of herself, and her nose is almost up to the sky.

She deeply believes that she won the battle with Li Yalin this time. Although some parts of it made her feel very uncomfortable, the result was good after all.

“Hah? Good sister?”

Kowata Akane’s smug words made Li Yalin look stupified. Do you really think you can threaten me with this?

Too naive, right?

However, he did not realize that his subconscious rhetorical question would become a symbol of compromise in Kowata Akane’s eyes.

“Convinced? Concede, then be good and listen to you sister.”

It’s obviously a rhetorical question, but Kowata Akane sounds incredibly refreshed. She doesn’t know why she has such thoughts and feelings, but she only knows that she wants to do it, so she did nothing wrong.

As her own otouto, he was surprisingly ill-behaved and disobedient. Dating a girlfriend without saying anything, and even kissed otherworld Dragon God.

Such an otouto should be educated properly!

“Why should I?”

Kowata Akane’s smug expression has left Li Yalin completely speechless, and he feels dumbfounded now.

This big sister… is she stimulated by something? Why does it feel like today’s IQ is completely off the average?

At least you have to listen properly, (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻!

Why should I call you good sister?


Although Kowata Akane is in a good mood, it doesn’t mean she can’t really hear anything. Li Yalin’s rhetorical question immediately made her look puzzled.

Hasn’t she won already?

How does it feel like… something is wrong?

“Go ahead and tell Yukari, it doesn’t matter to me anyway.”

Seeing Kowata Akane’s puzzled look, Li Yalin shrugged his shoulders and showed a very indifferent expression.

As he said, he doesn’t care whether Kowata Akane goes to inform his girlfriend or not. Although this matter will certainly make Yukari feel bad, as long as he explains it properly, there will never be any major problems.

On this point, Li Yalin still trusts Yukari and he deeply believes that Yukari will trust him.

So, Kowata Akane’s little idea was useless from the beginning. Wanting to threaten him? Nonsense!

“You… I’m not joking! I’ll tell her! I’ll really tell her! Then Kohinata will be mad at you! Is it okay that she’ll break up with you?”

Li Yalin’s indifferent attitude was seen by Kowata Akane, which undoubtedly made her dumbfounded. She had thought of any reaction from Li Yalin, but this was the only one she had missed.

Doesn’t matter?

He doesn’t care?

Isn’t it said that men are most afraid of their girlfriends being jealous and making a fuss? Why doesn’t he care?

She doesn’t believe that Li Yalin is really so tough. Kowata Akane also emphasized it several times, and even give an example that this incident would likely trigger a breakup between the two.

But even so, when she looked at Li Yalin’s reaction again, she saw that his attitude remained the same.

“I’m not joking with you either. It doesn’t matter if you tell her, Yukari won’t lose her temper with me, and won’t break up with me.”

After spreading his hands, Li Yalin said so with confidence. Let her make trouble if she wants to. Anyway, he’ll take the situation calmly.

What else could Kowata Akane say other than being stunned when he said that?

“You… you’re not dating Kohinata at all, are you? How else could you not care about such things!”

Something’s wrong!

Something is totally wrong!

Although Kowata Akane has never been in a relationship before, she also knows how the men and women in love are like. But the problem is, Li Yalin’s reaction is completely off.

It even made her wonder if the dating between the two was fake. If it was true, how could he not care?

Does he believe in Kohinata Yukari that much?

Or is it… he’s deceiving her?

“Hehe, let me just say this, Yukari doesn’t mind how many girls I have around. In fact, this kind of thing is very common in rich families. Akane-ne, you’re forcing your own ideas onto Yukari’s, and it just won’t work.”

“In other words, if I have another girlfriend in the future, as long as I don’t break up with Yukari and treat her as well as I always have, she won’t mind. Not to mention just an accidental kiss with someone else.”

It was Kowata Akane, who thought she had Li Yalin in her pocket, who was pleased with herself. And this time, it’s Li Yalin who will be the one to be pleased.

Yes, he was very proud of himself, indeed. After all, he can’t help but be proud of having such a beautiful, considerate and gentle girlfriend as Yukari.

Do you think you can threaten me? Too bad, you don’t know my girlfriend at all!

“How can that be!”

When Li Yalin said this, Kowata Akane was completely dumbfounded. It is better to say that her three views have been turned upside down!

Don’t care about her boyfriend dating other girls? How can that Kohinata Yukari be so generous?

Is there such a woman in this world?

Is she too old-fashioned, or is that Kohinata Yukari too forward-thinking?

“If you don’t believe me, you can just tell her when you meet Yukari later, I don’t care anyway.”

At this point, Li Yalin sinks Kowata Akane with a single blow. Not only defeating all her attacks but also leaving her in a state of confusion.

Is it because she can’t keep up with this era, or is it changing too fast?

Girls nowadays… are they all so open?

Who am I?

Where am I?

Well, the bombshell did have a big impact on Kowata Akane. In fact, it’s not just the big sister, the girls at home, it seems, have also been similarly blown away.

Looks like… a bit too much…

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