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“Eh? So the world of rich people is so scary…”

Most girls can’t understand the over-the-top ideas of a rich family. After all, in their opinion, falling in love is a matter of two people, and if there is one more person, won’t it become a love triangle?

Even this is acceptable, that Kohinata senpai is really amazing. Is this the so-called rich people’s world?

At this moment, Cocoa also felt that her three views were refreshed once again.

“Actually, not all rich people are like that…”

Along with everyone’s sighs, Rize felt the need to come forward and explain to everyone that while it is true that such situations are common among rich families, not everyone is like that.

Her father, for example, was a very devoted man who, at least in her eyes, loved only her mother.

But the thing is, the Tedeza family, which comes from a military family, is like that, but other powerful families…

Well, Rize has to admit that some of the so-called powerful families are more corrupt and rotten than one might think.

Under her father’s protection, she was rarely exposed to those negative things, but just because she was rarely exposed to them didn’t mean she didn’t know about them, so she couldn’t go on until she was halfway through her explanation.

After all… this is indeed the norm for a wealthy family.

“So onii-chan… do you plan to date a lot of girls?”

Just as everyone was lamenting over this, Chino asked a very core question.

Yes, Kohinata Yukari is indeed okay with this and doesn’t even mind if Li Yalin gets another girlfriend, but the question is, will he do it? Is he going to be a playboy?

Regarding this, Chino was very concerned. When the other girls heard it, their ears were likewise perked up and all eyes were on him.

Everyone… all were eager to know his answer.

“I have no idea.”

Faced with this question from his own imouto, Li Yalin was also slightly stunned. He did not expect that Chino’s question hit the core so accurately.

This is really a tangled and complicated issue.

How should he answer it?

Looking at the curious faces, Li Yalin couldn’t help but shake his head.

To be honest, he himself didn’t know what to do.

“I like Yukari, and after learning about her situation, I made up my mind at that time to go out with her.”

“But around me, there were girls I liked as well and who also liked me, but for many reasons, we never showed our feelings for each other and just remained ordinary friends.”

“In fact, if I didn’t go to Kohinata’s house today, I wouldn’t be able to face up with Yukari’s feelings, so I am not sure about this matter.”

“Probably… it’s going to take me a long time to sort out this relationship, and I don’t know how it’s going to develop in the future.”

“I’m sorry Chino, I must have let you down because I’m a very playboy onii-chan.”

Asking himself, Li Yalin is still very at a loss about the future. He doesn’t have a plan of where he should go in the future, so he can only go with the flow and take one step at a time.

So at this moment, his answer to Chino is completely out of his heart. Maybe he will become a playboy who is dating a lot of girls in the future, or maybe a lot of girls can’t stand this, and only Yukari will be with him in the end.

It may take a long time, but in the end, it takes time to verify all this.

This… is his answer, and at the same time, it is probably an answer that many girls cannot accept.

After all, someone who could say such a thing was already a scum declaration in itself.

“No, onii-chan is so frank, I do not feel disappointed. Rather… I’m glad that onii-chan was able to be honest with me.”

In general, when a girl hears Li Yalin’s words, she would be very disappointed, if not immediately furious, but Chino’s reaction was a bit surprising.

Shaking her head slightly, her delicate little face was calm, and she didn’t seem to be angry at all.

“Although I think that onii-chan’s approach is not right, that is after all brother’s personal feelings, I shouldn’t say anything more. As long as… onii-chan feel happy, that’s enough.”


It’s so touching!

Chino is really a little angel!

Faced with onii-chan who made such a scum declaration, faced with such a playboy onii-chan, not only was she not angry and despised, but she was still caring for onii-chan, thinking that onii-chan thought that the choice was the right one, so just continue to go down that road.

Such a lovely imouto, such an angelic imouto! He can’t help but want to hold her in his arms, damn it!

Li Yalin felt that his eyes were about to get wet!

“The world of feelings… it’s complicated… but Chino is right, as long as onii-chan feels happy.”

Chino’s words were like opening the door to a new world for everyone, instantly making everyone understand something. Especially Cocoa, the girl actually nodded her head and catered to Chino’s words.

Although very suspected of following the trend, it is still very moving!

Cocoa and Chino are both brother’s little angels!

“Actually… I also think this is pretty good. As long as you love each other, everyone can be happy together.”

After Cocoa and Chino, Kowata Makoto also raised her hand weakly and expressed her thoughts.

This girl is basically ignorant in terms of relationships, just like her sister. She speaking at this moment is just speaking her mind.

She has never felt love, but simply feels that if everyone is happy together, it doesn’t matter if there are more people.

Anyway, as long as everyone is happy, it’s fine.

“Ugh… you are right, but…”

The girls were speaking one after another, and Rize couldn’t help but press her temples. Although she thought they were right, something didn’t feel right.

Is this really okay?

“It has nothing to do with me anyway.”

In the end, Syaro, who was in charge of part-time work in the store, made a concluding statement. The girls have been working in the store for a while. Not only did she quickly adapt to dealing with the witch customers, but she also became competent in otherworld restaurant work. Although she wasn’t needed much when she was in the otherworld restaurant, she still stayed in the store often just to stay with her longing Rize senpai for a while.

She was looking at everything with her own eyes from the start, but she didn’t want to express any thoughts about it.
The life state of a wealthy family, coming from a poor background, has been limited by her imagination, and perhaps that is a normal thing.

Anyway, it has nothing to do with her. Compared to Li Yalin, who she only has a slight crush on, her feelings are more devoted to Rize. So at this time, she can just be onlookers with peace of mind.

That’s all that matters, isn’t it?

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