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Although a lot of things happened on that day, after everything had calmed down, it was considered to have passed. Although for some time afterward, every time Kowata Akane would at Li Yalin strangely, in the end, it was not mentioned again.

Li Yalin could not guess what was on the elder sister’s mind.

In the next period of time, he spent a lot of time on physical exercises. This can’t be helped. His physical attributes suddenly increased so much, he will certainly have to adapt. If he doesn’t master this power well, let alone If a battle really occurs, even the daily life will be affected if he didn’t control it well.

Fortunately, although the attributes have increased a lot, Li Yalin’s physical adaptability is also really strong. Maybe it is because of the system transformation? Anyway, in almost a few days, he absorbed all this power, and even the special skill of Red Dragon God Force, he also felt very well.

Have to say that Queen was really strong this time. Although it was a forced kiss, the benefits were real.

With the current Li Yalin, it is estimated that it takes less than three minutes for him to fight Seto Gozaburo and rub that bald-headed uncle on the ground.

Speaking of which, it’s been a while since he has seen Sun… he really misses her…

Find time to give her a call?

Well, this is really possible!

At this stage, Li Yalin, in addition to exercising to adapt to the power, the rest of his time is spent on work. With the joint efforts of all EagleJump employees, Left 4 Dead, an FPS game, has begun to take shape, and the development situation is quite good.

But the most important thing is the official release of Wind Fantasy – Magic War!

With all kinds of advertisements and Li Yalin’s social media promotion, the game was already attracting the attention of gamers at the beginning of its release.

So Li Yalin is discussing with everyone and is also preparing to strike while the iron is hot. While the heat is booming, the game will be directly listed on the SLEEP website. At the same time, the official EagleJump website has officially begun to sell the physical version.

Of course, the physical version of the sales is also thanks to Shichijou ojou-sama’s help. Shichijou’s family started in the transportation industry, and logistics is an authoritative company in the district. After knowing this, Li Yalin certainly chooses the Shichijou family as a partner.

For this reason, he also went to meet Shichijou Aria’s parents, the two legendary figures…

That meeting was full of awkwardness, as the saying goes, like father like daughter. Seeing Shichijou ojou-sama, you will know what kind of person her parents will be. All kinds of heavy jokes, almost made Li Yalin hide his face and run away!

But the good news is, aside from the jokes, Shichijou ojou-sama’s father is still very interested in Li Yalin’s cooperation. After all, it is a win-win situation. If there is money to make, why should he refuse?

Not to mention, this time he wants to work with his daughter’s best friend, so there was nothing more to say.

So, with the cooperation of the Shichijou family, the release of the physical version of Wind Fantasy went pretty well.

Although the price of the physical version is much more expensive than the digital version on the internet, with the regular version costs five thousand Japanese currency, and the deluxe collection version is even more expensive, the sales of the physical version have actually remained high, far beyond Li Yalin’s expectation.

To be reasonable, EagleJump sells physical games on its own website, eliminating most of the costs, and the price is lower than other games sold in physical stores. But even so, it’s not too low.

The main reason for this pricing is that they don’t want their own approach to the game industry to cause a shock, which is also Shizuku Hazuki’s early suggestion.

But everyone still underestimated the enthusiasm of the players. The day the game went on sale, the regular version sold 200,000 points, and the deluxe collector’s edition sold 30,000 copies.

The digital version is even more terrifying, it sold 570,000 copies in one go, this achievement is simply unprecedented!

One must know that in this world where the game industry is just beginning to develop, a million copies of game sales are already a rare masterpiece, and the so-called million copies of sales must also experience long-term accumulation.

According to everyone’s original estimate, it’s only a matter of time before Wind Fantasy’s game reaches one million sales, maybe in one or two months. But no one expected that the total sales on the day of release can reach more than 700,000.

Such a figure has completely broken the record of the game industry!

And it’s far beyond!

With Wind Fantasy’s sales, the whole industry had a huge earthquake. All the game companies were crying wolf. EagleJump, a small and unknown company, was at the top of the food chain in a flash!

By now, who would dare to say that EagleJump is just a small game company? Even those big game companies with long-established names had to pay attention to the development of this small company!

However… the shock in the industry has just begun.

The Wind Fantasy’s ability to achieve such results at the beginning is inseparable from the celebrity effect. It was Li Yalin who used the school idol plus mangaka Lilin sensei, two identities for double promotion, coupled with a large number of advertising campaign effects, to get this kind of terrifying results.

But don’t forget that Wind Fantasy itself is also a very good game. When players really start to play this game and are attracted by the character settings, plot and novel operation modes in the game, the game’s sales began to further ferment.

The million-dollar sales volume of the so-called masterpiece game threshold was broken in just two days, followed by two million and three million… the records are constantly being broken or even raised.

The emergence of Wind Fantasy has swept across the entire district and even the empire’s game industry like a hurricane, and even the foreign game industry has been affected by it.

It can be said that after Wind Fantasy was released, Li Yalin definitely made a lot of money. He can do nothing now, and the money will fall to him. In the future, he’s bound to count the money until his hands’ cramps.


Just when Li Yalin was making a big profit, what was he doing now?

He has always been relatively light on money, is he doing the long-lost System Lottery?

No, in fact he doesn’t have time to worry about the lottery right now, he is suffering from Shizuku Hazuki’s endless resentment.

“It’s a loss… It’s a big loss! We really lost a lot this time!”

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