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Why is Shizuku Hazuki so resentful and why does she say that they lost a lot of money?

The reason is simple: the digital version of Wind Fantasy is a big seller on the internet, but not all the money from the sale belongs to the company. In addition to the tax that should be paid, there is a share that has to be divided into the website.

After all, as a trading platform, the website not only provides advertising for the game, but also assumes the responsibility of a third party, and this money must be given.

But the problem is, along with the release of the game and market research, Shizuku Hazuki found that although the SLEEP website has hyped the game, the effect is very limited. In other words, even if the game is not released on SLEEP, the final sales will definitely not be bad.

Putting it here is basically the icing on the cake. At the same time, the company has to pay a large share for this, which naturally makes her feel loses money.

If she knew this a long time ago, she should add the digital version of the purchase address on their own official website. Anyway, it is not difficult.

In this regard, Li Yalin is quite speechless.

“Come on… digital sales on the internet are inherently pros and cons. You are still losing money by borrowing other people’s websites, whether you want it or not…”

It’s true that Shizuku Hazuki’s resentment has her reasons, but this reason also makes Li Yalin feel dumbfounded.

With the third-party platform sales, this is a question of giving and take. People have paid for you, isn’t it reasonable for you to give them money?

Now that the game is making money, and you dislike others for getting more share, are you doing this business like that?

“I don’t care! We are losing money anyway, it’s billions you know! Do you know how much that is!”

Seeing Li Yalin at this time can still be so calm, Shizuku Hazuki suddenly showed a frustrated expression. Although not her money, but giving out billions to others still let her feel the tip of her heart trembling.

With billions of Japanese currency, how high are the stacks together? All the money has been given out for nothing.

It clearly should be your money, how can you care so little?

“Well, although we spent a lot of money this time, it was after all our first shot. We took advantage of the popularity of SLEEP to some extent, which we also have to admit. We need to spend some money to get more money, why are you so deadbeat about it?”

Li Yalin can understand Shizuku Hazuki’s feelings. Billions of Japanese currency are indeed a considerable amount of money, and with the further sales of the game, the number will only get bigger.

But this is the money that should be spent. Otherwise, if they can’t even do this, how can the company further develop and grow?

This reasoning, he believed that Shizuku Hazuki understands, just can not think for a while. So in this case, he can only slowly persuade her.

“You… forget it, it’s all your money anyway, it has nothing to do with me, so what’s the point of me being so upset!”

Seeing Li Yalin still saying this, Shizuku Hazuki was also a little discouraged for a while. How much money the company makes has nothing to do with her. After all, she has her own salary. Apart from salary, she does not need to meddle in the matter.

She is now distressed, it’s just that she is distressed for Li Yalin’s money, but he doesn’t care about it, isn’t she just wasting her time?

“It’s relevant! Of course it’s relevant. This is our company, how can it have nothing to do with you? But we are just starting out, and the necessary expenses must be in place.”

In this case, if Li Yalin doesn’t know what to say, then his EQ must be negative. Seeing that Shizuku Hazuki was so lost, can he do nothing?

Of course not!

While shaking his head quickly, he quickly shook Shizuku Hazuki’s hand.

“Our vision is to look in the long-term direction. In this first game, we may spend billions or even tens of billions of shares. But don’t forget that we still have a second series, a third series, and even a fourth and fifth series. Now that we have put our name out there, should we continue to be listed on SLEEP in the future? Isn’t it just a matter of words? Not to mention the future, even if it’s the second series of Wind Fantasy, if we don’t take the initiative to say it, people will probably have to beg us to shelves. When the time comes, maybe it’s not about them taking our share, but about us using them to get profits.”

Holding Shizuku Hazuki’s hand, Li Yalin also spoke earnestly and explained that SLEEP may be the most popular online game sales website in this world, but it is definitely not the only one.

In fact, SLEEP is facing several competitors, and maybe one accident will pull it down from the leading position in the industry.

So while SLEEP is a good third-party sales platform, it is also leveraging the fame of the game itself. After the Wind Fantasy series hits the market, once EagleJump terminates its cooperation with SLEEP and puts the second series on other game sales platforms, would he still look foolish?

Once it is replaced by its competitors, their rivals would fly to the sky, so that the SLEEP website itself is also worried about such things, and it is estimated that it will soon send a request for cooperation with EagleJump.

When the time comes, it’s still up to Li Yalin’s choice.

“You are right! Why didn’t I think of that!”

After Li Yalin’s explanation, Shizuku Hazuki also reacted, and her beautiful eyes under her glasses instantly glowed with light.

“This is enough, right?”

Seeing Shizuku Hazuki’s expression recovered, Li Yalin was also a little relieved. This big sister…. was really a troublesome one. Thanks to his quick response, otherwise she would continue to give him trouble.

“Humph! You are smart.”

Li Yalin’s relieved look was seen by Shizuku Hazuki, who immediately gave a snort and then rolled her eyes.

But then, she took the initiative to lean forward, and her whole body was attached to Li Yalin’s body.

Hey, hey!

What are you doing, big sister?

Shizuku Hazuki’s leaning made Li Yalin a little dumbfounded. Although they are alone and there are no outsiders nearby, but this is after all in the company. Don’t you pay a little attention to the surrounding environment?

Well, looking at Shizuku Hazuki, I guess she doesn’t really care.

“When it’s just the two of us, why don’t you stop wearing those stupid glasses and take them off?”

Leaning on Li Yalin’s arms, Shizuku Hazuki reached out and took off the glasses on the bridge of his nose.

She is going to do something…

In this case, should Li Yalin push her away righteously and show that he has a girlfriend, or should he just let her have her way?

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