Cafe 484

“Cough… you know, I actually already have a girlfriend…”

Shizuku Hazuki actively leaning on his arms, Li Yalin certainly knows what is going to happen. If he let things continue, he was afraid that he would really create a restricted-level plot in the office.

To be fair, Li Yalin is no longer a lone dog. He already has a beautiful and gentle girlfriend like Kohinata Yukari. Even if that girlfriend doesn’t mind him being a playboy, but as a man, he can’t go too far, right?

If he really positioned himself as a bulldozer, not letting go of every woman. Then even the gentle Kohinata Yukari, one day will not be able to bear it and leave him.

Therefore, to clean up his body, he still has to start from the little things. Just like now, he really should be righteous to push away Shizuku Hazuki.


With a light cough, Li Yalin made the declaration that he had a girlfriend, but he couldn’t push Shizuku Hazuki out of his arms.

It’s not that the opponent’s strength is too great, but he can’t use his strength at all. His own hand… why didn’t listen to him at the critical moment?

He clearly wants to be clean for Yukari!

“Do you have a girlfriend? That’s normal, but… does it have anything to do with me?”

Shizuku Hazuki, who was leaning on Li Yalin’s arms, could not help but tremble a little at her words. But after a moment, she immediately regained her composure and not only did not have the slightest intention to leave, but also tilted her head and asked him back with a smile on her face.

“I didn’t plan to be your girlfriend. It’s even impossible for us to get married at our age. It’s just a mutual exchange between friends, what are you afraid of?”

Yeah… what he’s afraid of?

Shizuku Hazuki has said so far and made it clear that he doesn’t need to be responsible for anything. As long as everyone’s willing, everyone is happy, right?

What else is there to struggle with?

As a man, is it possible to refuse at this moment?

Because of Shizuku Hazuki’s words, Li Yalin finally awakened something. Then, will a restricted plot really start in this office?

Well, the answer is no.

Although Li Yalin has come to his senses, it should be noted that this is a company after all, and Shizuku Hazuki’s office is undoubtedly a place where people often come.

Before the two could really exchange fire, a knock on the door instantly separated the men and women who were clinging to each other like lightning.

Damn it, so it’s really not a good idea to start the restricted plot in the office!

“Wind Fantasy’s recent income data is all settled. It has been sent to the BOSS computer and can be viewed at any time.”

In Shizuku Hazuki’s office, Toyama Rin is reporting to the two of them the revenue status of Wind Fantasy after its release and the subsequent development. Recently, her workload is not small, many of the company’s major and minor issues are under her management, which is not only her own excellence but also Li Yalin’s trust in her.

This kind of busy work certainly makes her feel very tired, but also makes her very abundant. Especially for newcomers like her who have not graduated for a long time, to join the company for a short time to take charge of the company matter, it’s very rare even in the entire district.

Probably because of Li Yalin’s trust, Toyama Rin’s work attitude is also very positive and serious, and has recently become the third in command of the company under Shizuku Hazuki, but there is no official transfer of personnel.

“Well, that’s good, I’ll find the time to look at it. Thanks for your hard work, Toyama.”

As a qualified subordinate, Toyama Rin is obviously very good, handling her work in an orderly manner. Li Yalin had nothing more to say than praise.

However, this time, when he faced Toyama Rin, there was a touch of awkwardness, and the reason for this awkwardness was clear to him, but in the eyes of other girls, it was not the case.

Why does she felt like the BOSS is weird today?

“Right, regarding the development of the company, we still have to find time to hold a meeting. Recently we have recruited many new people. We have to discuss the handling of personnel matters.”

Toyama Rin’s odd expression didn’t escape Li Yalin, he himself knew that he was acting a bit unnaturally, so he immediately sorted out his emotions, and then changed the subject.

With Wind Fantasy’s big sales, EagleJump has become the best place for game producers. There have been numerous applicants recently, and although Shizuku Hazuki has been a hurdle to overcome, there are still many talented people being discovered.

That’s why the expansion of the company was inevitable, and that’s what Li Yalin needed to discuss with Shizuku Hazuki and others.

Although new people have come in, and many of them have mature working experience, the veterans who have been with him since the beginning of the company cannot be abandoned.

Therefore, how to arrange the newcomers and how to develop the company are the next things that need to be discussed in further detail.


Li Yalin talked about the handling of personnel issues. Toyama Rin had no reason to hesitate. Although she was confident in her abilities, many of the newly recruited talents were also very strong.

Especially the so-called newcomers with years of experience made her feel pressured.

She was not from a prestigious university, could she really compete with those people?

“Don’t think too much. In the final analysis, the company is still ours. It is up to us to decide how to develop the company. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, just do your own job well.”

Li Yalin knew about Toyama Rin’s pressure. Of course, this was not discovered by him, but Shizuku Hazuki secretly told him.

Due to work, Shizuku Hazuki and Toyama Rin also became good drinking buddies after getting off work, and there were some private things that only the two of them knew.

But unfortunately, although Toyama Rin had secretly complained about something in private, Shizuku Hazuki had sold her out and she knew nothing about it, so at the moment Li Yalin knew much more than imagined.

In this case, of course, he has to assure Toyama. After all, in his eyes, no matter how capable the company’s new recruits were, they could never replace Toyama’s position in his heart!


The moment Li Yalin said this, Toyama Rin suddenly woke up. In fact, this girl is also far smarter than expected, just a little bit of hint, she immediately understood.

This is exactly what she wanted to hear, isn’t it?

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