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“Humph! You’re really still after Toyama, aren’t you? Don’t blame me for not reminding you, Toyama’s heart is set on Yagami. Just on your own… there’s no way you’re going to get her!”

Because of Li Yalin’s reassuring words, Toyama Rin’s accumulated stress was relieved, and when she was leaving, he could see that the girls’ expressions were much more relaxed.

But because of this, Shizuku Hazuki seemed to be unhappy.

They clearly had a good atmosphere just now, and then he turns around to flirt with Toyama, how can she tolerate such things!

Even if she’s not his girlfriend, she’s still a woman!

“What? Are you jealous?”

Li Yalin was amused to see Shizuku Hazuki’s unhappy expression. Before she took off his glasses and revealed his true face, this onee-san would definitely scold himself when she saw this situation, and firmly protected Toyama from him.

But now, she is jealous because of him.

This is really… interesting.

“Jealous? What do I have to be jealous of! I’m not your girlfriend! I’m just telling you a fact!”

When Li Yalin said this, Shizuku Hazuki raised her neck and made a look like I was tsundere.

She’s obviously not young anymore, but she still acting like a little girl. How old are you this year?

But despite that… it inexplicably gives him a very cute feeling…

“Not jealous? Well, in that case I will continue to try to capture Toyama. Although she and Yagami’s relationship is very good, I am not without a chance. Not to mention… if I’m lucky, I might be able to get Yagami too, so I’ll be killing two birds with one stone?

Seeing Shizuku Hazuki playing tsundere with himself, Li Yalin laughed in secret, and immediately scratched his chin and said something very serious.

Such a scumbag declaration, if heard by his fans, I am afraid that countless people will scowl in an instant. But in front of Shizuku Hazuki, it was not much of a taboo. After all, in essence, both sides are clear about what kind of person each other is.

“You dare!”

Shizuku Hazuki said that she was not jealous, of course it was in tsundere. But when she heard Li Yalin say so, she instantly raised her eyebrows and looked at this playboy guy in front of her with anger.

As just said, in this world, Shizuku Hazuki can be said to be the person who understands the essence of Li Yalin best, because in every sense, they are both of the same kind.

So if Li Yalin said that, I’m afraid he would really do that, and that’s what she couldn’t accept.

“And you say you’re not jealous!”

Shizuku Hazuki reacted so strongly that Li Yalin burst out laughing. She’s jealous, but she’s still trying to pretend to be tsundere. Although quite cute, it is not suitable for people of her age!

She’s clearly an onee-san, don’t pretend to be a loli!

“You…. Tsk, don’t think you can eat me up, all the cute girls in this company are my wings, I just don’t want my wings to be snatched away by you.”

The jealousy is so obvious, but Shizuku Hazuki still refuses to admit it. Seeing her insincere expression, Li Yalin feels himself laughing till his stomach hurts.


“Of course it’s true!”

“In that case… wouldn’t it be better if we both have these wings together?”


Shizuku Hazuki was dumbfounded by Li Yalin’s next comment. She didn’t expect that her mere retort would lead to such a thought from Li Yalin.

Having these wings together?

It was a bit strange, but it felt like… it could happen!

Imagine that when Li Yalin took those lovely girls as his harem, then as his close comrades, there is no problem to share the harem together, right? Anyway, she doesn’t need much, as long as she can be close to those lovely children.

Although the cost of doing so might be that she herself becomes one of the harems, she has a strong affection for Li Yalin herself, so when she thinks about it, it doesn’t seem like much of a loss, does it?


Is this also ok?

It seems… it’s not bad!

Li Yalin himself didn’t expect that his words just now would open up a door to a new world for Shizuku Hazuki. Although she only had a vague idea of what she wanted to do, her idea was now fully formed.

“I’ve decided! Your first task now is to take down Toyama! After that, Yagami! And if you can, take Umiko, too, and all the cuties, take those you like!”

After a long silence, the scene that made Li Yalin startled appeared. Shizuku Hazuki strides forward, hands grabbed his shoulders, word by word she opened her mouth, her expression look incredibly serious and solemn.

Yes, she is serious, she has already decided on this matter!


This big sister is to take himself as a tool to pick up girls?

Li Yalin also did not expect that he was just flirting for fun, but Shizuku Hazuki took it seriously.

This woman… was really planning to let himself hook up with the girls in the company!

At the same time, he also realized that Shizuku Hazuki is probably planning to use himself to open a big shared harem, where he will try to pick up girls in the front and she can just wave the flag in the back and enjoy the success.

This is a very good plan of hers!

What do she’s take him for?


“Cut the crap! This is settled! I will help you think together about how to capture Toyama. Let me see your strength, don’t let me down!”


The eldest sister was really motivated. Seeing Li Yalin still staring at her blankly, she went forward to give his back a slap, and then her hands on her hips, with excitement on her face.

“No… hold on, how did it become to capture Toyama? Just now we…”

He didn’t know if Shizuku Hazuki is crazy, but Li Yalin felt he needed to remind her that there was an unfinished office restricted battle between them before Toyama Rin arrived.

But you can’t just say that the battle is over, can you?

“Is this the time to talk about that? I’m right here, you can take me any time you want! But before that, you have to do my task! Go get Toyama and don’t come to see me unless you succeed!”

Li Yalin meant to remind, but Shizuku Hazuki’s mind was not on it at the moment, and she even waved her hand impatiently, and just drove Li Yalin out of the office.


Did it turn out to be for real?

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