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He got a skill like Waning Moon Slash, but he can’t level it up for various reasons, which makes him really tangled and helpless. But he had no way to change this fact no matter how he feels about it, so with no other choice, let’s continue to look at the prizes.

The skills and weapons are finished, so let’s take a look at the Emblem.

After getting the Emblem from Wind Fantasy world, the Salvation system also opened the Emblem section. In this section, Li Yalin can query all detailed information about Emblem.

Through the inquiry, he learned that the use of Emblem is similar to the Wind Fantasy game but slightly different.

So, let’s start with the use of Emblem.

Li Yalin has three Emblems right now, namely Water Emblem, Summoning Emblem and Flying Emblem.

Water Emblem, as the name suggests, as long as the Emblem is equipped, he can borrow the power of Emblem and use the water spirit magic engraved in the Emblem.

Summoning Emblem, on the other hand, uses the power of Emblem to summon gods and demons to assist in combat. Flying Emblem is even simpler, he can have the ability to fly as long as this Emblem is equipped.

From the introduction, the ability of Summoning Emblem is undoubtedly the most powerful. There are many gods and demons that can be summoned by Summoning Emblem, and when the Emblem level reaches the highest level, it can also summon a super-strong Dragon Emperor Blue Flame to help in battle.

But there is no bad Emblem, only people who do not know how to use Emblem. Even the weakest Emblem, can still achieve unexpected results when used well, so Li Yalin got the three Emblems, he likes each one very much.

Of course, although there is no weak Emblem, Emblem also has level restrictions. Now Li Yalin’s Water Emblem is LV2, which means that he can only use the above only healing water magic. The remaining skills can only be used after the Emblem level is raised.

Similarly, the LV3 Summoning Emblem also has the same limitations. The Dragon Emperor Blue Flame with the strongest combat effectiveness cannot be summoned. At this stage, he can only summon three summoning creatures: Wind Spirit, Ice Demons and Fire Demons.

Seeing this, it is a long way to go to upgrade this Emblem.

The only comforting thing is the last LV1 Flying Emblem. Regardless of the low level of this Flying Emblem, it does not have too many restrictions. Even if it’s the only LV1, he can obtain flying ability regardless of whether it is upgraded or not.

However, it consumes spiritual power to use the flying ability of the Flying Emblem. LV1 Flying Emblem consumption is not small. The only way to reduce consumption is to continue to upgrade the level. So even if there is not much restriction, the level of this Emblem also needs to be upgraded.

Fortunately, the maximum level of Emblem is LV5. Grinding it to max level is not a long way off. The most important thing is that after Emblem reaches LV5, Li Yalin can use the Emblem plate to use the full-level Emblem to transfer jobs!

This is the biggest surprise of all!

Water Emblem allows Li Yalin to transform into a Water Spirit User, Summoning Emblem allows him to transform into a Summoner, and Flying Emblem allows him to transform into a Aviators.

After a successful job transfer, Li Yalin’s physical attributes will increase accordingly. The specific value of the attribute increase depends on the occupation. It is worth mentioning that this kind of job transfer is not the only limit, but can be changed at any time!

In other words, as long as he upgrades these Emblems to full level, he can change to the above three professions at will, which is simply great!

This alone makes Li Yalin want to get all the Emblems together, so he can pretend to be an all-profession master!

It’s just… although it seems that Emblem’s lottery probability is quite high this time, it’s obviously impossible to get all Emblem through the lottery. The chance to draw it from the lottery is not necessarily great, and Emblem can only be gotten from the draw.

So, it’s really a pain in the ass…

Let’s have a discussion system, open up a system store, so that I can exchange weapons, items plus Emblem. It’s much better than the lottery, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, although Li Yalin complained to the system, the Salvation system did not pay attention to him, and the so-called system store was just a dream.


His system is not so powerful…

With this feeling, Li Yalin placed all Emblem on the Emblem board of the system.

Although the Emblem can be used without restrictions, it is not unlimited. The maximum number of Emblems that Li Yalin can use is three. If he wants to use the power of the fourth Emblem, he has to replace it with another Emblem, which doesn’t take much time, but it’s not as convenient as using it immediately.

However, Li Yalin only has three Emblems at the moment, so there’s nothing to obsess about.

So next… let’s try out the power of Emblem!

Let’s start with Water Emblem.

As the only water spirit magic that can be used at the moment, the effect of the healing water is still very good. A conservative estimate, it should be much stronger than the HEAL spell skill healing.

However, the Healing skill can be upgraded, but the effect of Healing Water is constant, so the development prospect of Healing is better in the long run, which is also the drawback of Emblem.

After the Water Emblem test was completed, the Summoning Emblem immediately followed. Several summoned creatures that could be summoned were summoned one after another, but Li Yalin only allows them to exist for a while and canceled them all.

Damn it, these summoned creatures are much larger than expected. If he doesn’t want to make any big news, it is better to call them less in this world in the future.

As for the last Flying Emblem, it is very simple and easy to use, control is also easier than imagined. But the consumption… even if Li Yalin’s spiritual power is full, he can only use this Emblem to fly for half an hour. Compared to flying with a broom, it is undoubtedly easier and more convenient.

But it’s only LV1, and it’s already very satisfying to reach this level. Then only need to increase the level, the effect of this Emblem will definitely exceed the witch’s broomstick!

So… after the prizes are all introduced. Li Yalin will naturally devote himself to the intense and busy leveling work. The so-called obsessive-compulsive disorder is like this. Once the goal is set, there will be discomfort if it’s not finished.

It’s just that grinding these Emblem levels is much more difficult than grinding the options and skills. He has to use Emblem constantly to increase the Emblem level, and his spiritual power would be consumed when using Emblem.

With Li Yalin’s 44 points of spiritual power, how much for it to be enough?

It’s still a long way to go!

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