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The system lottery is over for now.

Li Yalin spends most of his time leveling, but it doesn’t hinder his daily life.

With Wind Fantasy selling well and Left 4 Dead developing smoothly, the company does not need him to spend too much energy, so he really needs to enjoy a peaceful daily life.

Although it is reasonable that he should keep a certain amount of tension with the upcoming opening of the Crossing World Task, he has already done what he needs to do, and it is not a good thing to keep his nerves tense all the time, so it would be better to have a break from it.

Returning to school life, Li Yalin is actually living a good life. Although as a super popular idol, he must face those fangirl fans, but in the school, after all, there are still more sensible students. They can meet every day after all, it is not so exaggerated that he is chased every day.

Not only that, but Uomi has also come forward to set up a special fan support club for him and Kohinata Yukari. All he needs to do is to regularly cooperate with the activities of the support club and occasionally show up in front of his fans, and that’s enough to satisfy the hearts of most fangirls.

He really has to thank Uomi for this, and because of this, he can enjoy such a peaceful daily life.

But… even after returning to peaceful school life, not every day is always smooth sailing.

“So annoying, Hayami sempai is too much!”

Maki, one of Li Yalin’s best friends in the class, was complaining and staring at Li Yalin with a resentful look in her eyes.

Although the person she was complaining about was Hayami, a volleyball club senpai, it was actually directed at him.

“Although you said so… Why don’t I go see Hayami in person and talk to her face to face?”

The reason why Maki is so resentful is certainly clear to Li Yalin, after all, she has already made it clear that the cause is his.

The annual school festival is about to start, and just like before, all the major clubs are looking for Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari, the superstar idols, to appear at their clubs and attract customers for them.

The volleyball club, which has a relationship with Li Yalin, is the first to be affected by this.

If nothing else, Hayami is secretly making trouble, hoping that Maki and Atsuko can persuade Li Yalin to let him participate in the volleyball club event on the school festival day. Although there is no threat, there must be incentives. The so-called logic can convince, but only emotion can motivate. At any rate, Maki and Atsuko are finding it hard to refuse.

But the problem is, it’s hard for them to refuse Hayami, but they are also very clear about Li Yalin’s situation and know his difficulties, so they are caught in the middle, which is really hard for them.

After being torn, they have no choice but to tell Li Yalin about it, and then whether he refuses or agrees depends on his own choice. Everything is fine if he can, and it’s okay if he can’t, so they don’t have to be so torn.

But having said that, Maki still has a lot of resentment towards Li Yalin. After all, if it weren’t for him, there wouldn’t be so many things to do, and now she has to bear Hayami’s expectant gaze every time she attends a club event, which is super stressful!

For this situation, Li Yalin is actually quite helpless. Not that he does not want to help Maki, but he can’t just agree with her.

You know, the major clubs are eyeing him, once he went to the volleyball club, there will certainly be criticism, and then people will say, ‘Why can you help the volleyball club, but not our club? As a superstar idol, how can he treat us so differently?’

There’s no way, this is the one thing that affects the whole thing, so even for the sake of Maki and Atsuko, Li Yalin can’t set this precedent.

In the end, it was Hayami who was behind it, otherwise the two girls wouldn’t have had such a hard time.

“You’re going to talk to Hayami sempai… is this appropriate?”

Although she had some grievances against Li Yalin, Maki was actually just complaining. She was aware of Li Yalin’s situation and knew that she couldn’t make things difficult for Li Yalin because of the interests of the volleyball club, so from the beginning, she didn’t expect Li Yalin to agree.

She even said from the beginning that she was only responsible for sending a message so that Li Yalin would not have to force himself to agree for her and Atsuko’s sake, otherwise, Li Yalin might not have been able to harden his heart to refuse.

It was a small complaint, but she didn’t expect Li Yalin to take the initiative to meet Hayami.

Was that really okay?

“It can’t be helped, or you and Atsuko will be caught in the middle, so instead of making it difficult for you, it’s better if I talk to Hayami directly.”

Shaking his head, Li Yalin didn’t really want to see Hayami, but it would indeed be upsetting for Maki and Atsuko if this matter wasn’t resolved.

Especially looking at Maki’s current state, plus Atsuko, who didn’t say anything but looked worried, he knew that he had to step in.

“Or else… I’d better talk to Hayami sempai, Yalin, you… It’s better if you don’t go.”

Li Yalin decided to come forward, but at that moment, Haruka suddenly opened her mouth.

“Haruka, you…”

It was surprising that Haruka suddenly came forward, and not only Li Yalin, but also Maki and Atsuko were wide-eyed.

After all, Haruka is not the person involved, and theoretically there is no need to get involved in this matter, but she still came forward after all.

“Don’t worry, leave it to me.”

Yes, this matter indeed has nothing to do with Haruka, but the problem is that Li Yalin, Maki and Atsuko are all her friends, and she has a good relationship with the volleyball club. Everyone has their own difficulties, and she, the gentle one, of course, can’t just sit back and do nothing.

In this matter, Li Yalin’s refusal will definitely make the relationship between each other very awkward. Rather than making things stiff, it is better to let themselves solve the problem, at least it can also leave room for mitigation.

This is what Haruka thought and did, and she also felt that she was the best person for the job.

“Then… I’m counting on you, Haruka.”

“That’s great, Haruka! Hooray!”

Haruka’s willingness to step in not only relieved Li Yalin but also excited Maki.

After all, it would be easy to take care of Hayami with Haruka’s popularity, and with her there, the matter would be solved!

However… can things really be solved that easily?

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