Cafe 489

“Are you serious! Hayami sempai is too hateful! She’s taking advantage of people!”

Haruka, for the sake of everyone’s feelings, personally met with Hayami to decline the volleyball club’s invitation for Li Yalin, which was out of her goodwill.

However, she had dragged herself into the mud, which no one could have expected.

So after learning about Haruka’s meeting with Hayami, the more impulsive Maki immediately slapped the table!

“This Hayami… she’s really good at stitching things up…”

Maki slapped the table with indignation, but Li Yalin did not share her anger, rather, he was very calm now.

With a soft sigh, Li Yalin scratched his chin. Although he knew Hayami was not a simple character, but… this is indeed too difficult to deal with!

“Don’t be too angry, I actually understand Hayami sempai’s feelings, sigh…”

As the person in question, Haruka is a good person who doesn’t say no to people at all, or else Hayami wouldn’t have taken advantage of her this time.

But what could she do now? She had already promised someone, so she couldn’t go back on her promise?

“We all understand Hayami’s feelings, but has she understood our feelings? Haruka, this is the end of the matter, leave this thing to me now.”

With Haruka’s gentle nature, everyone knows very well that she would rather suffer herself than her friend, so this time she finally agreed to Hayami’s request even though she was reluctant.

In such a situation, can Li Yalin just stand by and watch Hayami’s ‘conspiracy’ succeed?


Of course not!

Want to take advantage of our Haruka?

In your dream!

So… after all that, what really happened?

It started with Haruka’s meeting with Hayami…

When she went to see Hayami, Haruka acted as a mediator and explained to Hayami the difficulties of Li Yalin, explaining that he couldn’t help the volleyball club now, or else he would fall into the hands of other clubs.

This is reasonable, in theory, as long as Hayami knows the facts, she should know that it’s impossible, and stop pestering.

But what happened?

Hayami is obviously not that sensible, yes, she is not bothered about Li Yalin’s help for the volleyball club, in fact she understands that it is not very likely. But the problem is, at this moment, she started a lively show! She grabbed Haruka’s hand and poured out a lot of grievances.

She said that the volleyball club is having a hard time, as the top club in the past, but now it’s falling down, so she’s going to rely on this school festival to make a turnaround.

And now the volleyball club has nothing to show for it, without the help of superstar idols, it really can’t pass this hurdle.

Haruka was softened by her words, but when she was softened, Hayami made a request.

Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari did not agree, so she could not do anything about it, so now she had to settle for the next best thing, hoping that Haruka could help the volleyball club at the time of the school festival.

The so-called help is to serve as the kanban of volleyball club in the volleyball cafe, an event held on the day of the school festival!

Imagine Haruka wearing a volleyball uniform and standing in the cafe to attract customers, with her beauty, customers will break the threshold of the cafe?

It must be said here that Hayami’s vision is indeed dangerous, and if Haruka really agrees, the volleyball cafe will become very popular!

In fact, Haruka couldn’t stand her begging, so she had to agree reluctantly in the end.

She couldn’t help it, she really couldn’t refuse Hayami, after all, what she couldn’t stand was the pleading eyes of others.

But the problem is…

Li Yalin always felt that something is not right?

“But… I’ve already promised Hayami sempai…”

Li Yalin ended up taking the matter into his own hands, which made Haruka feel bad. She obviously wanted to help him, but in the end, she got herself into the situation and had to let him do it.

Isn’t this… not so good?

“So what if you promised? I have ways to force her to give up, not to mention, I always feel that Hayami is pre-planned, perhaps from the beginning, she has set her target on you.”

Frowning, Li Yalin then shook his head again. He didn’t have much contact with Hayami, but he knew a lot about her character.

This woman is very scheming, both cunning and haraguro, so she should be very clear that he will not agree to help in the volleyball club.

But even so, she still let Maki and Atsuko ask him, knowing that they would be rejected and still try, is it unwillingness?

No, perhaps she was prepared to do both early on.

If Li Yalin finally couldn’t resist Maki and Atsuko’s request and had no choice but to agree, she could not lose in any way she thought. But if he refused, she had a backup plan, and the target of this plan was none other than Haruka.

Otherwise, how is it possible that as soon as Haruka went, she immediately reacted and made Haruka agree with all kinds of acting skills? And even made her the kanban girl of the volleyball cafe?

So, she must have already prepared herself for either Li Yalin or Haruka, and she had to get one of them!

And in her mind, she must be expecting more from Haruka!

This time, Haruka came out, which is exactly what she wanted, and directly hooked her, so that she did not even have a chance to refuse.

Although he didn’t know whether this was the truth or not, the speculation was reasonable!


Li Yalin’s words made Haruka puzzled, this gentle girl never thinks too complicated, and because of this, Li Yalin also did not intend to tell her too much.

“Anyway, I’ll take care of this, I won’t let Hayami get away with it!”

For Li Yalin, he was actually quite unhappy with Hayami’s approach. If she hadn’t involved himself, but simply asked for Haruka’s help, then that would be fine, after all, it was a matter between two people, and he couldn’t get too involved.

But this time, Hayami went to Haruka through himself first, then the situation was completely different.

Because no matter how one looks at it, Haruka had to agree to Hayami because of him, and not only did she have to work hard for it, but she also had to waste her time.

So no matter what, this time he couldn’t let Hayami’s petty thoughts succeed!

Want to use our Haruka?

Have you gotten my permission?

“But… what are you going to do?”

“It’s so simple, in the end, volleyball club is just a club. Even if it is a popular club, can it be bigger than the student council?”

Li Yalin took the matter on himself, but Haruka was still a bit worried, but Li Yalin was very confident about this.
Isn’t Hayami playing tricks?

Then let’s see who can outplay who!

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