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“You… what are you thinking?”

Li Yalin had almost shot more than three hundred to complete the task. After it finished, he collapsed on the gym floor with body full of sweat.

Seeing this scene, Maki on the side couldn’t help but twitched the corner of her mouth. As a member of the sports club, she can easily see that Li Yalin is definitely the type that usually seldom exercises, and will collapsed after completing the high physical activity.

What is he trying to do?

Maki couldn’t understand Li Yalin’s ideas at all, nor could she understand his action. But even so, she went to the nearby vending machine to buy a bottle of sports drink and returned to give it to Li Yalin who was still unable to move.

“Thanks, it really help me.”

The sports drink from Maki really helped Li Yalin. Not only it helped him replenish the lost water and sugar, but it also restored some of his strength. Finally, he didn’t have to lie down on the ground.

This is really… showed the sympathy of Takagi-san.

“I really don’t understand what are you thinking. You can’t over do it even if you want to exercise, okay?”

Facing Li Yalin’s gratitude, Maki shook her head helplessly. After all, they are a classmate and she can’t just leave Li Yalin alone.

It’s just that she couln’t understand Li Yalin’s intention at all. What is the purpose of such a desperate shot?

“Actually, I don’t really want to exercise. I am just trying to practice shooting many times. Maybe I can understand how to play basketball…”

While drinking the sports drinks, Li Yalin scratched his hair. Right now, he temporarily have the ability of basketball adept level. This adept level also represents the professional-level basketball player.

In other words, now Li Yalin physical fitness can’t keep up with it. Otherwise, he will be able to compete with a real basketball player!

And the most important thing is that he can compete in any position on the basketball, whether it is a forward center or a guard, there is no problem!

This adept level is too awesome!

As long as Li Yalin picks up the basketball, it will produce a familiar feeling, as if he is holding the basketball countless times. He can easily put the basketball into the rim as long as he wants.

This is really wonderful!

It just…

“Just with shooting you will understand how to play basketball? Li Yalin-kun you are really funny.”

The adept level of basketball ability made Li Yalin overjoyed, but his words for Maki were a bit silly and cute.

A novice can understand how to play basketball with just shooting ball like some kind of genius. This is reality, not a fantasy world.

So, Li Yalin-kun’s idea is really naive.

“What so funny… The volleyball game is over, it’s Minami-san and the others victory!”

Although Maki didn’t say anything too straightforwardly, Li Yalin could guess what she was thinking about. He didn’t plan to explain more about this. After all, it really sound incredible.

For this reason, with the end of the volleyball game, Li Yalin also took the lead. This game ended with volleyball club as the victor.

“Expected result.”

Although Haruka and the others won the match, Maki didn’t show much joy in her face. Because she had foreseen the result, so she would not be surprised.

“Now is the real hard battle…”

As Maki said, volleyball club defeated the basketball club in the volleyball game. That is a matter of course. How to beat the basketball club in basketball is the hardest one!

“Relax, volleyball club will definitely win.”

As a member of the volleyball club, it’s normal for Maki to worry about the result. Li Yalin on the other hand has absolute confidence in himself.

With adept level of basketball ability, although his physical fitness has not changed at all and his physical strength is not trained enough. To deal with a group of high school students at the level of professional basketball players, pure technique can already crush them.

Of course, he is only comforting Maki now without any actual action. Because as the system suggests, he would shoot at the most critical moment.

After all, he was just an outsider. He stepped forward to participate would only be rejected by the volleyball club who did not know him.

And the rejection is just a nice statement. If they said a harsh words? Why should volleyball club believe him?

Li Yalin knows this, so he calmly watched the game on the field as a spectator.

Unlike volleyball, basketball is a combination of three men and two women. Probably to take care of girls, the lineup on both sides is basically the arrangement of girls playing guards and schoolboys playing forwards and centers.

This to lessen the physical contact between the schoolboy and the girl, which also considered by both clubs.

But even so, it still one-sided when the game really starts.

Since only Haruka can play basketball on the volleyball club side, and the other third-grade sempai is simply to make up the number.

As for the three schoolboys… forget it, they are very tall but they are just like a clothes rack on the basketball court. They can’t do anything, they can’t shoot inside the basket and their ball got stolen every minutes, it’s unbearable to look at.

“Nothing to watch here, looking forward to the third game.”

For this result, the audience outside the court did not show any surprises. Because the volleyball club also abused the basketball club in the volleyball game just now, but the situation is reversed now.

Since volleyball club has no hope of come back, there will be no suspense in this game, right?

“Nothing we can do…”

Looking at the game on the field, Maki makes a long sigh. Although there is still some expectation before the game. But now this expectation has been completely crushed.

Sure enough, there is no way to win the opponent with a group of rookie.

This game is over.

“You can’t say that yet!”

Maki’s sigh was heard by Li Yalin. He could understand Maki’s mood, and he also knew that it was time for him to debut!

According to what was agreed before the game, this basketball game has a total of two quarters. Now the first quarter has come to an end, the score is 25:12, and the volleyball club is 13 points behind.

It is very worth mentioning that of these 12 points, 8 points were contributed by Haruka, and the remaining 4 points were won by another schoolboy. The remaining people did not make any contribution at all.

Now is the moment for someone to show up to turn the tide!

“What are you going to do?”

Li Yalin’s words made Maki very puzzled, and she couldn’t understand why Li Yalin had to walk towards the player area.

What is he going to do?

What she say wrong?

What is going on?

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