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“Don’t you have a good relationship with the volleyball club? What? Did someone mess with you?”

About how to deal with Hayami, it’s really very simple for Li Yalin. Just talk to Uomi, all the activities of the volleyball club will be blocked, club funding will be delayed, all the applications for the venue will be rejected. Using the power in his hands, he can definitely teach Hayami to behave!

All of this is just a matter of his words, the real world is very cruel, he wants to make Hayami completely understand this truth through this incident!

But because of this, Uomi, who helped him carry out this plan, was also quite puzzled. She knew that Li Yalin and Takagi Maki and Ono Atsuko of the volleyball club were good friends, and he had even helped the volleyball club play a game, so how could such a friendship suddenly become tit-for-tat?

It is conceivable that once these orders are issued, the volleyball club will definitely explode.

What exactly is the feud for it to go to this extent?

“Actually, it’s not a big deal. I just plan to teach Hayami a lesson so that she doesn’t get ahead of herself.”

Li Yalin shrugged his shoulders and told the story, and Uomi burst out laughing when she learned the truth.

“So it’s just a little thing, why do you have to go to this extent? But you’re right, Hayami Sempai has gone too far, so it’s good to teach her a lesson.”

In fact, although the volleyball club would have been seriously hurt by this incident, it was just a matter of a few words for Uomi.

After the unprecedented success of the school idol’s mission to save the school, her reputation in the school is unparalleled, even in front of the principal is also quite confident. It can be said that the Eiryou High School student council at this time is definitely the most powerful. Once the student council issued orders, even sensei can’t easily shake them.

Under such circumstances, taking care of a club is an easy task.

Uomi didn’t even think this matter was a concern, just mentioned it casually, and then.

“By the way, there’s something I don’t know if you know, but tomorrow there will be transfer students entering our school, and there will be several new sensei joining the school.”

Uomi didn’t care about tripping Hayami up, but next, she brought up another topic with a mysterious face.

The fact that there were transfer students and new sensei coming to the school immediately caught Li Yalin’s attention.

“There are still transfer students at this time? This is quite new, and a few new sensei? Is our school that short of sensei? How come there are still a few of them coming?”

It stands to reason that the transfer of students is relatively rare. Especially at this time of the year, few students choose to transfer, so when Uomi mentioned it, Li Yalin felt quite new.

Especially the last sentence, several new sensei joined the school, note that it is several new sensei, not one!

Eiryou High School is not short of teachers. Even if new sensei is introduced, it is not possible for several of them to come together, unless they are planning something big.

What is happening?

“That’s not the point, the point is, that transfer student and several new sensei, are also people you know Yalin.”

Seeing that Li Yalin did not catch the point, Uomi immediately reminded him that both the transfer student and the new sensei were his acquaintances.

She just wasn’t sure if he could guess the identity of those acquaintances.

“I know them all? Wait a minute… you mean… Sun transferred here?”

Originally, when Li Yalin heard Uomi say this, he thought that the school was planning to make some kind of move, but it turned out to be completely different from what he had imagined.

He was not born and raised in this world, and as a transmigrator, his acquaintances were obviously very limited. Then, wasn’t it obvious that he knew someone who had the ability to come to Eiryou High School as a sensei in a group?

It must be the group from the Setouchi group that came! And the identity of the transfer student should be the imouto he recognized in Tamano city — Seto Sun!

“You guessed it? Or did you already know?”

Li Yalin’s ability to guess the answer so quickly surprised Uomi. Although she didn’t know the Setouchi group very well, she had met them more or less, so when she got the information about their identities, she immediately understood that they must have come because of Li Yalin.

But as the person in question, whether he knew about it or not, Uomi wasn’t sure, so she tried to find out, thinking he didn’t know. It turns out that he guessed correctly and directly targeted his step-sister.

“No, I did not receive the news. It’s just that I think… it’s very likely that those people will do something like this.”

Seeing Uomi’s somewhat surprised expression, Li Yalin subconsciously touched his nose.

What should he say? He had already seen this kind of plot when he was watching anime before?

If he said that, he would immediately feel Uomi’s look at him as a fool, so he had no choice but to say that he guessed.

“You really know them well, yes, the transfer student is indeed your step sister Seto Sun, and…. Seto Sun’s father, Seto Gozaburo, will become the class teacher of Seto Sun’s class, and her mother, Seto Ren, has become the sensei of the school infirmary. I won’t say much about the others, but you know them all anyway, so read the information yourself.”

Uomi also felt strange after hearing Li Yalin’s explanation but turned her hand to take out the information of several people from the Setouchi group and handed it to him.

“This is really… a big deal…”

Li Yalin received the information and a bitter smile appeared on his face. Just as Uomi said, the Setouchi group could be said to be packing into Eiryou High School. Not to mention the three members of Sun’s family, several other sensei who was about to join the school were also his acquaintances.

He really didn’t know whether he should tsukomi the gang or praise them.

“It is indeed a big deal. Do you know how much sponsorship money those people have stuffed into the school? That’s a figure that the principal simply can’t refuse, and the principal also repeatedly instructed me to take good care of those people.”

Looking at Uomi, the expression on her face was more or less helpless. The reason why the Setouchi’s group was able to join Eiryou High School so quickly was not that they were so powerful, but purely with money.

The school administration could not refuse a large amount of sponsorship money, but rather, not only could they not refuse, but also had to serve them well and not let them suffer.

After all, it’s a big money, you can do whatever you want with money!

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