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“These guys… I’ll try to restrain them so they don’t make a mess in the school. They came over this time… I don’t know if it’s good or bad for us.”

The helplessness on Uomi’s face made Li Yalin a bit of a headache. He knew what the student president-sama meant. After all, these people in the Settouchi group were members of a group of yakuza gangs. Let them teach high school students or something, what kind of nonsense is this?

If something really happens, it’s fine if it just a small issue. If it discredits the school and makes everyone’s hard-earned reputation collapse, that’s the real big problem!

For those Setouchi group guys, Uomi is quite uneasy. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have taken the initiative to mention this to Li Yalin.

So the student president-sama’s concern is naturally something Li Yalin needs to address, so before these people join the school, he definitely needs to meet with them first to see what they really want.

After all, this is Tokyo, not their Setouchi group’s territory. To put it bluntly, they are a group of countryside mermaid, venture to Tokyo, they would have to eat a big loss if they get things wrong.

The situation here is far more complicated than Seto Naikai.

After living in this world for so long, and a coffee shop as a transit point for information, Li Yalin certainly knows the secrets that many people don’t know.

Now, he can only hope that the Setouchi group’s mermaids will not be too reckless, or else they will get themselves all banged up, and perhaps even he will not end up well…

“Then I’ll leave it to you. In short, as long as they don’t go too far, I don’t want to get in trouble. But if something goes wrong, I don’t care how much sponsorship they’ve given the school, they’ll have to go back to wherever they came from! This is something I will never compromise on!”

Uomi was not aware of the situation in the dark, nor did she know Li Yalin’s concerns, but she was very concerned about the surface issues, especially when it came to the school, and she was not likely to be ambivalent.

Let’s just say that our student president-sama is acting very strong at the moment, even if she is facing a group of yakuza members, she will never back down!

This is her territory, and she has the strength to say this!

“Got it, even if you don’t say anything, I’ll caution them, so don’t worry.”

Li Yalin was very clear about what Uomi meant, and naturally he couldn’t let her down.

And then, needless to say, he must have contacted Seto Ren as soon as possible.

At this point, Hayami’s issues were already trivial, meeting with the Setouchi group to find out what they were up to was the real big deal!

“Hello again, Yalin!”

After contacting Seto Ren, Li Yalin asked her directly for the Setouchi group’s location in Tokyo. As soon as he found out the location, he rushed to get there.

As soon as they met, he received a big hug from Seto Ren, and before he could say anything, his whole face was covered by a warm touch.

Hey, hey!

Not to mention the fact that there are so many people watching, the most important thing is… you should leave me some space to breathe, Ren aunt, are you going to suffocate me under your passionate embrace?

“Long time no see, onii-chan.”

Although the joy of reunion was still visible in her eyes, she at least didn’t give Li Yalin a suffocating hug like her mother did.

It was hard to struggle out of Seto Ren’s pair of chests, facing such a well-behaved imouto, Li Yalin did not know whether he should be regretful, or should be relieved.

In short, the feeling is very complicated.

“It’s been a long time indeed, Sun, Ren aunt.”

In front of his imouto, Li Yalin couldn’t let his emotions get out of control, and in a flash, he gathered his complicated feelings and put a happy smile on his face.

Although they hadn’t spent much time together, he still treated Sun as imouto after all. He thought it would be difficult to meet again after Tamano city, but who would have thought that this reunion would come so quickly.

“Hey! You brat, do you treat me as a transparent person?”

When Li Yalin greeted his wife and daughter and left himself behind, Seto Gozaburo was furious at the lack of presence.

Although Li Yalin is the benefactor of his Setouchi group, but he can’t give him a good look with this attitude!

After all, this time to Tokyo, although there are other hidden reasons, but also, his wife still did not give up the idea of marrying his daughter to that brat, so how can he tolerate it?

“Yo, it’s been a long time Gozaburo uncle, your hair is growing so fast, how it’s so long now?”

To be honest, Li Yalin values Sun and can talk to Seto Ren, but he doesn’t like Seto Gozaburo… Although not so much as to deliberately ignore him, but it is also impossible to care much.

The reason why he didn’t greet him just now is that he really didn’t see him, who let him keep his eyes on Sun and Seto Ren.

However, Seto Gozaburo was making his presence known, so he couldn’t help but greet him, but the focus of his greeting was not on Seto Gozaburo himself, but on his very thick-looking hair.

Clearly, it didn’t take long for the bald man’s hair to grow back, and it was even longer than before it was burned off, at an incredible rate.

It’s no wonder he noticed.


“The hell with hair! Don’t mention hair to me!”

Li Yalin just curiously asked, but who would have thought that this is the painful point of Seto Gozaburo. Seeing him making a threatening gesture with his hands back and forth, followed by grabbing his head with his hand, and suddenly pulled his hair off.

Good guys, it turns out to be wearing a wig, hidden under that wig was actually a shiny bald head.


The wig was lifted, and Seto Gozaburo’s bald head was shiny and blinding, almost like a mirror.

Did his hair get burned off and stop growing?

From now on, this Gozaburo uncle will become a bald fish?

This is too hilarious!

Li Yalin couldn’t help but laugh at this hilarious scene, and the laugh was contagious, as Sun was soon amused and even Seto Ren couldn’t help herself.

“You guys… That’s enough! Stop laughing at my hair!”

The crowd erupted in laughter, and as the leader of the Setouchi group, Seto Gozaburo could not stand it. But to be angry at this time is like a clown, it does not work at all.

With such a sad mood, Seto Gozaburo turned his head and ran away. It’s a pity that his reputation was ruined on the bald head.

That’s really… poor guy…

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