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Li Yalin also didn’t expect that Seto Gozaburo’s hair would never grow back after being burned by fire, and from the looks of it, the uncle will have to maintain this bald fish state for the rest of his life.

Reasonably, this is very funny, but he is not too concerned. So after laughing, it is time for him to have a good chat with Seto Ren.

“Ren aunt, why didn’t you contact me in advance when you came to Tokyo this time? Let me know so I can help you prepare.”

This time the Setouchi’s group came to Tokyo in large numbers, which was indeed beyond Li Yalin’s expectation, and it was also a very odd thing. After all, to know that the sense of territory among the mermaid is extremely strong, it is easy to start a fight if one enters the mermaid’s territory.

Outsiders do not say much, but between the mermaids, such fights occur from time to time.

The mermaid gang that controls Tokyo is the leader of the Kanto Aquatic Federation, the father of Edomae Lunar, and has a complicated relationship with the Setouchi’s group.

But even so, their behavior is really confusing.

At least Li Yalin felt that he, as half of the hosts, had to be informed in advance, right?

“I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to cause you any trouble, and I wanted to surprise you. Are you happy that everyone is coming to Tokyo to reunite with you?”

Seeing Li Yalin’s puzzled expression, Seto Ren also smiled and opened her mouth. But how to say, it always feels like she is avoiding the important things and putting all the emphasis on the so-called surprise later.

But what is the meaning of the first part about not wanting to cause trouble for him?

The arrival of the Setouchi’s group will cause trouble for him?

Or is it that everyone is in some kind of situation?

“I’m glad to see you all, but Ren aunt, what’s going on? I’ll be happy to help if you need something!”

Seto Ren’s evasive statement can’t be hidden from Li Yalin, at least his expression is now grave.

He could now conclude that the Setouchi’s group must be in some kind of trouble. Otherwise, how could they leave their own territory so easily and come to Tokyo schools to be sensei instead?

This is completely out of line with common sense.


“Ren aunt, I am Sun’s onii-chan, we are also a family, we can share the burden if something goes wrong.”

Hearing Li Yalin, Seto Ren’s face immediately showed hesitation, and because of this, Li Yalin also goes on offense, hoping that she can tell everything.

Although his strength was still slightly inferior before, after getting Queen’s Protection and Black’s Blessing, plus various rewards from System Lottery, his strength can be said to be different now.

So he was quite confident when he said this.

“Sigh… okay, since Yalin said so, I won’t hide it from you.”

Seeing Li Yalin’s persistence, Seto Ren also sighed gently, and it was impossible to hide it any longer.

In fact, as previously mentioned, the mermaid’s sense of territory is extremely strong, and does not allow foreign mermaids to enter their territory, and will not easily leave their territory, so something is definitely happening once they leave.

The Setouchi group also happens to have a problem that affects the survival of the entire organization!

It all started with the fight between the Setouchi’s group and the Yoshino’s group.

The conflict between the Setouchi group and the Yoshino group ended in a victory for the Setouchi group, but in fact, it also led to the discovery of the real mastermind behind it.

Unfortunately, no one could find out the identity of the mastermind at that time, only that it was supposed to be a mermaid noble of a certain family, and it was completely impossible to find out further.

Originally Setouchi’s group took care of Yoshino’s group, the matter should also be considered to be over, the mermaid aristocracy never showed up, everyone thought they would just give up.

However, the Yoshino’s group went down, but the mermaid nobles didn’t give up, no… rather, they intensified their attack on the Setouchi’s group!

In just a few days, several of the Setouchi group’s minions were attacked, and in addition to that, many of the Setouchi group’s properties also suffered blows from all sides.

How can they fight this battle when they are so dazed that they don’t even know who their opponents are?

After several incidents, the morale of the Setouchi group was in a state of decline.

However, there was a surprise here. According to normal thinking, most people should take advantage of their opponents when they are in plight, but unexpectedly, the mermaid noble who targeted Setouchi group did not continue to attack, but gave Setouchi group an ultimatum through some channel.

The ultimatum was simple, giving the Setouchi group two options: the first option was to take the Setouchi group leader’s daughter, Sun, as a hostage and marry her to someone, and the second option was for the entire Setouchi group to pack up and leave Seto Naikai.

As the leader of the Setouchi group, Seto Gozaburo could not tolerate such an offer when he did not know the identity of the other party.

Of course he couldn’t!

So the war between the mermaids began!


Seto Gozaburo made a declaration of war, but no one knew who the enemy was or where they were going to land, so it was like a fist hitting cotton and there was no way to vent that anger.

At the same time, right after Seto Gozaburo announced the counter-attack, the strikes from the shadows began again, the subordinates were injured one after another, and their industries were either trashed or ordered to shut down. It’s simply aggravating to face such an enemy!

But it’s completely useless even if they are frustrated, isn’t it?

Although they were not willing to do so, they could only sell the Setouchi group’s properties and move their families out of their territory as the enemy had requested.

Of course, this decision of Seto Gozaburo and Seto Ren also aroused the discontent of many of their minions. Although Seto Gozaburo had a good reputation in the group, not all of them could follow him when they encountered some unconvincing orders.

In this situation, the Setouchi group was completely divided, and Seto Gozaburo, as the leader of the group, was unable to stop it, and there was nothing he could do.

However, he did not regret this choice. After all, for him, the importance of Sun is far more than the Setouchi group, and he cannot and will not sacrifice his daughter for the safety of the gang.

From this point of view, he was a good father, and he did not disappoint.

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