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The Setouchi group was hit by a mysterious enemy and the whole organization fell apart, which was something that they are helpless about. In fact, even after reaching this point, they still haven’t found out who was behind all this, which proves the fearfulness of the enemy.

After a lot of discussions, Seto Gozaburo and Seto Ren decided to leave Seto Naikai and look for another place to rise again.


That said, it’s not that easy to make a comeback. After all, the mermaid’s territory has already been allocated to the entire district, and this vote for Setouchi group mermaid is an invasion of other people’s territory no matter where they go.

Imagine that you have left your own territory and run to someone else’s territory to start a war again, this kind of thing, how to think it will not make sense, right?

So Seto Ren suggested to her husband, ‘Let’s give up the yakuza route and find another way to make a living.’

The main reason for this idea is that yakuza is getting worse and worse these days. Especially in this era of peace, when everyone is enjoying a hard-won peaceful life, the resistance to yakuza people is getting stronger and stronger.

The decline of the yakuza has become inevitable. In fact, even without this enemy attack, Seto Ren has been considering the transformation of this matter for a long time.

This time, it can be regarded as an opportunity to accelerate the transformation. Perhaps Setouchi group… it’s time to get on the right track.

But the problem is…

After all, the Setouchi group’s minions, in addition to some senior cadres, the rest are a group of street gangsters. There are even many of them who do not know how to read and write a word, they may be good at street fighting, but to make them work properly is like killing them.

So how exactly to get on the right track, it became Seto Gozaburo the most important problem to consider.

However, with his bald fish head, can he come up with a reliable answer?

Obviously, that is unrealistic, so in the end, he had to turn to his wife.

Seto Ren is obviously thinking more about the future of the Setouchi group than her useless husband. In fact, she already has a series of plans but has not been able to implement them.

Since they could not stay in Seto Naikai, she naturally set her sights on Tokyo Bay. For one thing, the head of the Kanto Aquatic Federation is Lunar’s father, who has deep ties with the Setouchi group.

Secondly, the opportunities in Tokyo are obviously much better than those in Seto Naikai. Since they want to leave the gangs and transform into a legitimate industry, coming to this big city full of opportunities will definitely be more reliable.

Three… the most critical point is that Li Yalin lives in this city. Although Seto Ren does not intend to rely on Li Yalin for anything, she is full of desire to turn him into her son-in-law. If she can take advantage of this opportunity to set him up with her daughter, isn’t this like killing two birds with one stone?

So in the end, Seto Ren suggested that Seto Gozaburo make the decision and brought his daughter and his minions to Tokyo to settle down with his family.

But after arriving in Tokyo, Seto Ren did not contact Li Yalin right away but wanted to wait until everything was settled before surprising him.

In the end, Li Yalin came to them even before the surprise was given.

“I can’t believe this is happening…”

After hearing Seto Ren’s story, Li Yalin’s brow furrowed deeply. There was nothing wrong with the Setouchi group coming to Tokyo to settle down and develop, rather, he welcomed Seto Ren and Sun’s mother and daughter to come over, and Uncle Gozaburo and his men were just along for the ride, so it didn’t matter too much.

However, what is really worrying is the hidden enemy, who has played so many tricks, but has not been exposed so far. Can such power be possessed by ordinary mermaid nobles?

After all, it is important to know that the power of the mermaid nobility is not what it used to be, and even the power of the mermaid royal family is declining. Can the mermaid nobility pull off such tricks?

Or… this is a conspiracy from beginning to end, the truth of the matter is not just as simple as it seems to everyone?

The answer to this question will not be revealed anytime soon, and it is also strange that the Salvation system has not issued a mission to Li Yalin in the meantime.

Under normal circumstances, the Salvation system should not have jumped out to show its presence? The Setouchi group, which has been forced out of Seto Naikai, doesn’t need to be saved?

Li Yalin is also puzzled by this question, but he can’t do anything about it. The system has no tasks, and he can’t get any hints, so before everything is clear, even if he wants to help the Setouchi group, he can’t find the direction.

This is a real pain in the ass.

“Forget it, it’s clear that the enemy is hiding. It’s better not to act rashly until we find out the real body of the other side, so Ren aunt, don’t be polite if you need anything now, just tell me, I will try to help.”

Since Li Yalin couldn’t find a way to help, he couldn’t dwell too much on this aspect, it’s better to try to help the Setouchi group to overcome the difficulties. As for the future, it’s not too late to wait for the enemy to show up.

When it comes to helping, Li Yalin is now also very confident. After all, he is not just rich now, you know, he now has a deep relationship with many local powerful families in Tokyo, like ordinary small matters, even without his personal hands, just a phone call can be solved, so Setouchi group first came to Tokyo to develop, there are really a lot of places need to rely on his help.


“There is no need to trouble you Yalin, I’m going to settle down here first and wait for the storm to settle down before I make my next move.”

Surprisingly, Seto Ren did not have the intention to make a big move right away. Although she was ready to transform and develop, she was not in a hurry.

Perhaps she is still worried about the enemy hiding in the shadows?

In any case, she is not in a hurry. For her, the most important thing right now is her own daughter.

“At this stage, let’s be a sensei at Eiryou High School for the time being. By the way… I’ve seen so many great girls before, but I think there are still a lot of girls that I haven’t seen, right?”

As the conversation changed, Seto Ren winked at Li Yalin while saying these words, which clearly meant that she was telling him that she wanted to meet the girls who were attracted to him.

She would like to see if there are really so many good girls in Tokyo. How could they all be better than her own daughter?

She really didn’t believe it!

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