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“This… Cough cough, I will introduce them to Ren aunt when there is an opportunity later.”

Sensing the meaning in Seto Ren’s eyes, Li Yalin could not help but cough lightly. This Ren aunt… She is really unconvincing. What a big deal, why be so serious?

But it looks like, even if he excuses himself, she will still find the clues herself, forget it, she can do whatever she wants…

Since Seto Ren is not going to make an immediate transition but is going to make a stable transition at Eiryou High School, Li Yalin is also supportive. But he is very uneasy about whether these yakuza members will be able to do the job of sensei.

Seto Ren as a health sensei is fine, Mr. Masa as a math sensei is also barely reliable, but Seto Gozaburo… that bald-headed fish uncle to be Sun’s class teacher?

Are you serious?

Don’t mislead the students!

On this point, Li Yalin felt that he had to make an appointment with Seto Ren in advance. Even though the Setouchi group did give a lot of sponsorship money to the school in order to join Eiryou High School, there are times when money is not everything.

At least with Uomi, no matter how much money the Setouchi group has put in, if she catches them in the act, she will never give face!

Protecting the school, this is her bottom line, no one can touch this bottom line, once anyone oversteps…

Oh boy, normally Uomi is just a haraguro girl who likes to joke around with vulgar jokes, but if she’s pissed off, the consequences can be quite serious!

“Well, I’ll keep an eye on Gozaburo and try to keep him out of trouble, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll throw him out of school!”

After Li Yalin finished his thoughts, Seto Ren also nodded her head without hesitation. After all, her request was reasonable, and her group ran into other people’s territory, so of course she had to give them consideration.

In particular, Li Yalin’s face must be given, which is related to the future happiness of her daughter. So even if it is her own husband, she will never be soft when it needs to be done!

“I’m relieved with Ren aunt’s words.”

“By the way Sun, I’ll take you to my house when I have time. The imouto’s at my house have heard about you for a long time but never had the chance to meet. It just so happens that you’re here in Tokyo now, so let’s get together and get to know each other.”

With Seto Ren’s promise, Li Yalin was also relieved that he didn’t have to worry too much, so he turned his attention to Sun.

He hadn’t spent much time with Sun, but this brother-sister bond was formed. He treated Sun like an imouto, and Sun saw him as an onii-chan, so it was family.

As a family, it makes sense to introduce family members to each other, and Li Yalin also believes that the girls in the family will love this girl when they see Sun.

“Eh? Onii-chan’s imouto? Is this… really okay?”

The topic suddenly turned to herself, which undoubtedly took Sun by surprise. She subconsciously pointed to her own nose, while a look of panic appeared on her face.

She knew Li Yalin had a family, and they were all girls of similar age to her, and she was quite looking forward to meeting them before they met.

After all, they are onii-chan’s imouto.

But when she actually had to meet them, she became uneasy all of a sudden, would the imouto of onii-chan accept her? Will they like her? If not, then what should she do?

A girl’s mind is very complicated, especially at this moment, Sun’s thoughts are even more chaotic.

“What’s wrong with that? It’s just a matter of meeting each other, getting to know each other, having a meal and chatting together, and then we’ll all be a family, how simple it is.”

Li Yalin saw very clearly what Sun was worried about, and in fact the girl’s mind was really simple, and what she was thinking was all on her face.

This is precisely why he found Sun cute, and subconsciously reached out his hand and placed it on Sun’s head and rubbed it.

What he needed to do now was to comfort imouto’s troubled heart.


Feeling the warmth from Li Yalin’s palm, Sun’s complicated thoughts finally calmed down, as if that hand had magic power to remove all her anxiety.

Yes, it would be fine as long as onii-chan was there.

At this moment, Sun’s mind is thinking like this, but what is unexpected is that just when the atmosphere between the two siblings is getting strong, a voice intervenes and ruins the good atmosphere.

“Just take Sun to meet the family, and I, an oba-san, have no one to care about? Sigh…”

Such resentful words naturally came from Seto Ren’s mouth, and once she said this, it felt as if she was really being neglected, which is simply dumbfounding.


Is there a young and beautiful oba-san like you? Although there is already such a big daughter, in terms of age, barely can indeed be called so. But the question is… are you really okay with this self-loathing?

Are you trying to tell me not to forget you by feeling sorry for yourself like this?

“You know what…. Ren aunt can also come with us if you’re interested, but Gozaburo uncle and the others can forget about it.”

Staring at the beautiful madam in front of him, Li Yalin sighed after a long time. He knew that she wanted to come along and join the fun, and it was impossible for him to refuse even if he wanted to.

Never mind then, let her go if she wants to go, but other than her, the rest of the people are all exempt!

“Why! I’m Sun’s father! I should be your elder, right? Why can’t I come along?”

As soon as Li Yalin said that, before Seto Ren could say anything, the side door of the hall was pulled open and Seto Gozaburo, who was in tears because his hair couldn’t grow back, reappeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

This guy, flaring his teeth and claws as if he was going to eat someone, his eyes glared as if he was saying, ‘If you don’t give me a reason today, I will never let you go!’

Are his ears that good? Or was he not far away, just hiding and eavesdropping?

Seto Gozaburo suddenly appeared, Li Yalin was also a little speechless for a while, but in the end, he sighed and shook his head gently.

“The reason for not taking you guys is simple, my imouto is very simple little girls. I’m afraid you’ll scare them if you show up in front of them.”

Yes, this is Li Yalin’s answer. His imouto is so simple and cute, what if they are scared when they see Seto Gozaburo’s group of yakuza hooligan? Who can afford the emotional damage?

So in any case, the crooked yakuza members are off the table, especially with Seto Gozaburo at the top!

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