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Li Yalin gave a reason that was so valid that Seto Gozaburo pointed at him for half a day without being able to say a word, and was finally sunk to the ground.

It’s not his fault that he’s scary-looking, but his parents are to blame!

“Yalin is right, Gozaburo, don’t go out and scare people.”

He has sunk already, but his wife, Seto Ren, came forward to give him another blow, which brought tears to Seto Gozaburo’s eyes.

Ren… don’t you like my manly face the most?

Are you tired of me already?

In the end, Seto Gozaburo, filled with grief and anger, ran away in tears, as he had become the lowest person in the family!

This life is really unbearable!


Seto Gozaburo turned around and ran away, but Seto Ren didn’t have any intention to chase after him, she just looked at her husband’s back and sighed helplessly.

She was already disappointed in this foolish husband, but she was disappointed that this bald-headed fish uncle had a faithful subordinate!

At this time, Mr. Masa quickly rushed out and went after Seto Gozaburo in the direction of his escape. At this time, only he, the loyal minion, could lick the wounds for the boss!

“Eh… did I say something wrong?”

Li Yalin had nothing to say after such a farce and subconsciously looked at Seto Ren and Seto Sun, his expression was helpless.

“Ignore him, while it’s still early, why don’t we go to your house today?”

For her husband’s tearful escape, Seto Ren did not care at all. Rather, she just sighed and then turned all her attention back to the topic just now.

It was a good opportunity for her to meet Li Yalin’s family today.

She has been interested in this for a long time.

“Today? Well, if you don’t mind, Ren aunt.”

Li Yalin didn’t expect that Seto Ren would be so enthusiastic, but he couldn’t refuse now after everything he said, and when he looked at Sun, he found that she had no objection, so he shrugged his shoulders and agreed.

Counting the time, he really should go home to prepare for the opening of the store. But today there are customers, it is estimated that it is impossible to open the otherworld gate, so he can only wronged the Queen, wait until tomorrow to compensate her.

Anyway, he made her a lot of dried meat, just one day, she should be able to survive, right?

After Sun and the others leave, he can open the otherworld gate and give Queen a little cooking, it’s not a big deal.

“Then it’s a deal!”

Under Seto Ren’s approval, Li Yalin finally took them to Rabbit House.

Chino and Cocoa aside, Rize and Syaro were also busy, but Black didn’t show up because it wasn’t officially open yet. The Kowata Akane and Kowata Makoto sisters weren’t there either, so he didn’t know what they were doing.

Anyway, there were still four girls left in the store, and Li Yalin’s entrance naturally caught their attention.

“I’m back.”

“Welcome back, onii-chan. Eh? These two are…”

Whenever Li Yalin came back, he was always greeted by the energetic Cocoa, which was the most endearing thing about this little girl. But this time, Li Yalin was followed by two other guests, which made Cocoa who greeted him hesitate.

Although she used to be just an ordinary girl, Cocoa’s knowledge has grown tremendously since she came to Kafuu’s house. Most importantly, she knows very well that not everyone can come to Rabbit House nowadays, and those who can come here with onii-chan must not be ordinary people either.

Are these two guests? Or is it brother’s friend?

Although she wasn’t sure, it was a good idea to greet them.


Without waiting for Li Yalin’s introduction, Cocoa already bowed politely, and because of this, her sensible behavior immediately made Seto Ren’s eyes light up.

“What a lovely child!”

Seto Ren exclaimed, Seto Ren has already subconsciously stepped forward, directly embraced Cocoa in her arms.

Li Yalin had felt the weight of Seto Ren’s fierce weapon, and because of this, he could not help but sweat for Cocoa.

Hey, hey! Don’t suffocate my cute imouto! You can use your move on me!

“Well… Ren aunt, that should be enough.”

“Uh… so painful…”

With the help of Li Yalin, Cocoa was able to get out of the ‘sea of suffering’ and finally got some fresh air, which made her groan softly.

Sure enough, this magnificent fullness is a fierce weapon!


“So amazing… it’s even bigger than mom and sister…”

My sister, inadvertently, you seem to reveal some very extraordinary information!

“Let me introduce to you all, this is Seto Sun, the step-sister I recognized during the music festival. This is Sun’s mother, you can call her Ren aunt.”

“Ren aunt, Sun, this is Cocoa, my imouto. This is Chino, also my imouto, that’s Rize, and that’s Syaro, they are all children who help work in our house and are treated as imouto by me.”

At this time, Li Yalin felt he should pick up his integrity, or at least not mess up the situation. After all, no one knew each other, and only he could control the situation.

After a light cough, he introduced everyone in a serious manner. For the name, in fact, both sides already had an impression in their hearts, but they just couldn’t get the right one. Now he introduced them again, everyone would be able to tell who was who.

“So you are Sun, finally meet you. Nice to meet you.”

Li Yalin had mentioned Sun’s identity to everyone. After all, Kowata Akane had been to Tamano city, and everyone had heard about the war between the Setouchi group and Yoshino group, the two mermaid yakuza.

So for Li Yalin’s mermaid imouto, everyone was very curious. Even though everyone is very knowledgeable, like otherworld Dragon God, elf, fairy, they have become their friends. But mermaid… the world’s native mermaid, but still makes everyone very curious.

This is a mermaid? How come they look no different from ordinary humans?

But this girl is really pretty, is it because she is a mermaid?

Because of the anticipation in their hearts, they were naturally more enthusiastic after this meeting, but it seems that it was because of this enthusiasm that Sun was a bit overwhelmed.

These imoutos of onii-chan… although they are good people, why do they seem to be a bit weird?

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