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“Don’t be nervous, everyone is really just more curious about you.”

“Eh? Curious about me?”

Sun felt uncomfortable with everyone’s enthusiasm, and Li Yalin could also see it, so he smiled and explained, he knew exactly what was going on in the minds of these little girls.

But after hearing Li Yalin’s explanation, Sun was even more puzzled, she was just an ordinary mermaid, what was there to be curious about?

However, what Sun did not think about was that being a mermaid alone was enough to arouse the curiosity of others.

“After all, you are a mermaid, these little girls are meeting a mermaid for the first time.”

“Huh? That’s…”

Seeing that Sun still didn’t understand, Li Yalin explained further, but because of his words, Sun’s eyes also widened.
The fact that she was a mermaid was a secret that had to be kept from outsiders, but now… how could onii-chan tell them everything?

“Don’t underestimate these girls, although they are just ordinary people, the knowledge is much more than you can imagine. Your mermaid’s identity is just a little curious to them, not worth the fuss and they will definitely not reveal the secret of the mermaid clan.”

The identity of the mermaid is a secret, but it is nothing to the girls in the family. Not to mention that Kowata Akane once helped the Setouchi group, and even if Li Yalin had the intention to hide it, she would definitely keep talking about it.

So, it is better to tell some things frankly and openly, at least there will be no barriers to get along.

“It’s okay since they are Yalin’s imouto, they are our family, it’s okay to know the truth, it’s not breaking our mermaid’s rules.”

At this point, it was Seto Ren, the mother, who was sophisticated enough to see her daughter’s concerns and understand Li Yalin’s thoughts. Although it was true that there were some minor problems with the identity leak, it wasn’t so much as to go to the top of the line.

It’s better to say that this is something that will be said sooner or later, it doesn’t matter too much whether it’s hidden or not. Whether they know it or not, it’s okay as long as they don’t leak it out casually.


With her mother, Sun also finally calmed down. The reason why she was a little nervous just now was not that mermaid’s identity was exposed, but because she didn’t want to let onii-chan’s imouto get hurt because of the mermaid’s rules.

So now, she doesn’t have to worry about anything anymore, and after confessing her identity, she has even less to worry about.

Thinking about it this way, it seems to be easier.

Yes, Sun did feel very relaxed during the rest of the time with the girls at home. Rather, Sun was quickly infected by the girls’ simplicity and kindness, and they got along very well with each other.

After all, with Cocoa as a happy-go-lucky person, the atmosphere couldn’t go wrong.

“It’s great that we chose to come to Tokyo…”

Seeing the scene where the girls get along in harmony, Seto Ren is very happy to see her daughter’s relationship with Li Yalin. Not to mention the fact that she has made friends of her own age and is able to show such a happy smile.

Because of the Setouchi group’s particular affiliation, Sun is rarely able to make close friends of her own age, and if this change had not occurred, this state of affairs would have remained unchanged.

But now…

Anyway, it was the best choice to come to Tokyo!

Li Yalin himself was very happy to introduce Seto Ren and Sun to his family’s imouto, so he cooked a big meal today to celebrate this gathering.

On the way, Kowata Akane and Kowata Makoto, the pair of sisters who had been away, returned and got to know each other a bit more, but when Black finally appeared, the scene was a bit awkward for a while.

“She is… what a horrible feeling…”

Perhaps it’s mermaid’s natural acuity, since the beginning of Black’s appearance, Seto Ren sucked back a mouthful of cold air, her body is also subconsciously made the action of alert, Sun although a few seconds late, but after feeling the presence of Black, she also could not help but shiver.

『Mermaid, huh…. Blue’s Familia… No, I don’t feel Blue’s breath, very weird…』

Seeing Seto Ren and Sun mother and daughter, Black was able to see through them at once, and also made her feel a bit puzzled.

In the otherworld, there is naturally mermaid existence, but the otherworld mermaid belongs to the Blue Dragon God Familia, and their body will naturally carry the aura of Blue God.

But the mother and daughter of Seto Ren, who do not belong to Blue Dragon God Familia, certainly do not have the familiar aura, so it is only natural that Black would be surprised.

“Ahem, this is Black, a clerk in our house.”

“Black, the restaurant is closed today. I have two family members visiting me, so if you don’t mind, let’s have a meal together.”

Seto Ren and Sun, mother and daughter, shuddered at Black’s presence, purely because of their mermaid instincts, and Li Yalin could see the unnatural look on their faces.

But since Black had already shown up, he couldn’t send her away, could he? At this point, he could only stand up and try to lighten the mood.

『Is it closed? Then I’ll go to my room. My meal… can you prepare a separate meal for me?』

“That’s… I’m sorry, I’ll bring it to you later.”

『It’s okay.』

Black was worthy of being the most intelligent Dragon God, seeing the fear of the mother and daughter in front of her, plus the awkwardness on Li Yalin’s face, she knew that she seemed to be appearing at the wrong time, so in this case, she also quickly chose to leave.

Because in her opinion, such an occasion is not very suitable for her to stay.

Although Li Yalin would like to keep Black, or at least introduce her to Seto Ren and Sun, to remove the unnecessary barriers, but then look at the state of the mother and daughter, there is indeed something wrong, he can only bitter smile and apologize to Black.

He had to let Seto Ren’s mother and daughter prepare themselves mentally before introducing them to each other.

“Yalin… who is that girl? She… why does she give me a very scary feeling?”

After sending Black upstairs, Seto Ren was quick to grab his arm at the first opportunity, and the expression on her face was a serious one.

The trembling feeling that emerged from the soul is definitely not a joke, the seemingly beautiful black-haired girl is definitely not a simple character!

Especially in the face of that girl, her instincts are telling her that she is facing a prehistoric beast like a monster, which was a terrifying existence that could not be shaken even with all her strength!

Such a being… why was it in Li Yalin’s house?

Just a simple clerk?

There’s no way Seto Ren would believe such a thing!

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