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“Black… ahem, I’ll explain it to Ren aunt when there is a chance. Anyway, she is a clerk who is temporarily living in our house, nothing else.”

About Black’s existence, can Li Yalin really explain it to Seto Ren? How would he explain it? Tell her that she is the guardian Dragon God from the otherworld? But then he would have to explain the existence of the otherworld gate, which was not clear at the moment.

So he had no choice but to make a perfunctory response and talk about it later when there was a chance.

“Yalin, you… okay, Ren aunt can’t really see through you now. No wonder you’re so confident in everything you do, you’re really hiding something.”

She didn’t get Li Yalin’s explanation, but Seto Ren didn’t look deeper, because she knew that everyone has their own secrets, some secrets can be asked, but some secrets people don’t want to say, so she should just pretend she didn’t see it.

Investigating too deeply will make both parties uncomfortable.

But even if she did not look deeper, she looked at Li Yalin’s eyes again, but also full of surprises. She originally thought that when she came to Li Yalin’s house, she was simply meeting his family, but it turned out that there were such ‘surprises’.

“I am not really hiding anything…”

Feeling Seto Ren’s meaningful gaze, Li Yalin also subconsciously rubbed the back of his head. He has the courage to do things, but not because of the existence of Black, but based on his own strength. Although he’s still far behind compared to the Dragon God like Black but compared to others, he is not inferior, okay!

However, he didn’t say much about these words, and he changed the subject immediately.

Although the atmosphere cooled down a bit due to Black’s appearance, with the change of topic, the laughter soon spread throughout the coffee shop again.

Overall, the visit of Seto Ren and Seto Sun, mother and daughter, to Kafuu’s house was a good start. They met Li Yalin’s family, which made Seto Ren very satisfied and had a deeper understanding of Li Yalin himself.

Anyway, when she left at the end of the night, the smile on her face never ceased, and she even gave everyone a big hug at the end.

Especially when hugging Li Yalin, it came with such force that it lasted for nearly a minute before she let go.

This makes Li Yalin have to suspect that she hugged the girls just for a reason, the most crucial thing is still want to hug himself, right?

Although… it was quite pleasant…

Anyway, the Setouchi group’s arrival in Tokyo came to an end, and the next day, Sun was transferred to the first grade at Eiryou High School, and the Setouchi group members, led by Seto Ren, joined the school one after another and became the sensei of the school.

After Sun transferred to the first grade, it must be said that the arrival of such a beautiful girl did cause a little stir, and it is worth mentioning that the class Sun transferred to was the class where Makoto was, and the two girls became friends together.

For such a beautiful transfer student, of course, everyone is very welcome. Especially the first-year gang of kids, but also a bunch of fists rubbing, ready to perform in front of the new transfer student.

Although they may not be able to win the beauty, at least they can show themselves in front of a beautiful girl, right? What if they can win her favor?

However, what they didn’t expect was that when they were thinking hard to present themselves in front of the girl, their nightmare also came.

That’s right!

The nightmare!

No one could have imagined that the beautiful Seto Sun-san would have such a scary father and that her father would be the new class teacher.

Have to say, Seto Gozaburo this daughter-con bald-headed fish uncle is indeed a troublemaker. They are after all a group of adolescent schoolboys and want to show themselves in front of excellent girls, which is a very normal phenomenon.

But on the contrary, Seto Gozaburo does not think so. He always seizes the opportunity to teach those schoolboys a lesson, and for this reason it has caused a lot of complaints, the student council is also received a lot of letters of complaint.

It can be said that Seto Gozaburo has become the public enemy of all schoolboys in the first grade, and if he were not Sun’s father, he might have been smashed with a black brick halfway through school.

Of course, with his strength, even if he encounters a black brick, it is unlikely that he will be injured.

But… that is not the point, what really concerns people is the complaint letter.

Eiryou High School’s school style is relatively open, sensei is not an absolute authority representative. After the student council receives the complaint letter, it has the power to investigate the sensei, and if it is serious, it can even be submitted to the school council to evaluate the words and deeds of the sensei involved, and if the sensei is considered unsuitable to continue to serve as a teacher, then sorry, bye-bye, you are not welcome at Eiryou High School.

Because of this, the sensei at Eiryou High School has always been very serious and responsible, and the relationship with the students is also very cordial, and letters of complaint like this are actually very rare.

But it turned out that Seto Gozaburo’s report letter can be described as a basket of letters, which is simply a big headache.

“I said, do you care about this matter or not? If you don’t, I’m going to propose to the school that Seto sensei be evaluated!”

Uomi was the one who had the most headaches in this matter. The principal had told her to take care of the Setouchi group, but Seto Gozaburo just wouldn’t let her do it.

What should we do? She was caught in the middle and was also desperate!

“Although you say so… a lot of this is because those guys are doing it to themselves, right? If they hadn’t messed with Sun, Gozaburo-san wouldn’t have bothered them, would he?”

Li Yalin shrugged his shoulders innocently as he looked at the mountain of complaints in front of him and Uomi’s resentful expression, saying that he was helpless in this matter.

Yes, there were many letters of complaint, but they all came from the schoolboys who had been taught a lesson, and no one dared to file a complaint – not because they were afraid of retaliation from Seto Gozaburo, but because the reasons for the complaint were simply untenable!

To put it bluntly, they had it coming, and in a way, Li Yalin has to give Seto Gozaburo credit for that!

Yes, he has to admit that it’s normal for schoolboys to like girls and to want to show themselves to them, but the problem is that if the person in question turns out to be his imouto, that’s a different story!

But he as a public figure, can’t come out in this matter. Now there is Seto Gozaburo to take the lead, he can’t stop laughing on the sidelines, how can he stop it?

If the bald fish uncle is really restrained, who will help Sun to stop those wild bees?

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