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“I think you don’t want to care at all!”

Seeing Li Yalin’s innocent look, Uomi was furious. After such a long time together, she knew better than anyone what kind of person Li Yalin was.

He is a complete and utter siscon! Now that his imouto is being pursued by other schoolboys at school, he’s definitely upset, and he’s more than happy to have someone to help him keep those schoolboys at bay!

You damn siscon! Can’t you think about me your onee-san?

Do you know how much pressure I’m under?

“Eh… okay, I know, I’ll tell Uncle Gozaburo to tone it down. But by the same token, you should warn those first-year schoolboys to behave themselves and not to go too far.”

Seeing that Uomi was really getting anxious, Li Yalin knew that he couldn’t just sit back and do nothing, so he had to at least warn Seto Gozaburo to behave himself.

But at the same time, he also made a deal with Uomi, he can restrain Seto Gozaburo, but similarly, those young schoolboys who are always trying to get close to Sun, they should also do what they should do, do not cause trouble to Sun.

Otherwise, even if he does not take action, the daughter-con bald-headed fish uncle also absolutely wouldn’t let them be!

“Well, I’ll take care of that.”

Li Yalin has taken a step back, Uomi naturally can not ask for anything more, she immediately also nodded, and at the same time began to think about how to deal with those adolescent schoolboys.

Perhaps… it’s good to let them have a deep lesson, isn’t it?

“Oh yeah, there’s something I don’t know if you’ve heard.”

“Hmm? What is it?”

Although it was true that Seto Gozaburo’s complaint letter was quite troublesome, there was no need to dwell on it since there was already a solution, so Uomi quickly brought up another topic.

But when she talked about this topic, her expression became mysterious all of a sudden, and the most crucial thing was that she only got halfway through the conversation and didn’t continue.

This is what made Li Yalin completely confused.

What have you heard or not heard? How do I know if I’ve heard of it or not if you don’t say it clearly?

Why don’t you say it all?

“Recently, a new transfer student has been admitted to Ousai Academy.”

“A transfer student, what’s so new about that?”

Uomi continued to speak after a while, but her next comment made Li Yalin roll his eyes.

Looking at her, he really thought something was going to happen, but it turned out to be that there was a transfer student from Ousai too.

It’s just a transfer student, although rare, but it’s not so mysterious, right? Do you need to exaggerate so much?

“Of course the transfer student is not new, what is new… is the identity of that transfer student!”

“Hmm? That transfer student is not an ordinary person? Is she an idol? Or a star?”

Even though Li Yalin was not interested at all, Uomi’s interest was not diminished at all, and the next thing she said was the word ‘transfer student’, which was obviously the key.

When she said that, Li Yalin finally got some reaction. The fact that Uomi was so concerned means that the identity of the transfer student is not simple.

Is she really a big idol star, as he said?

Is it possible that… it’s Lunar who transferred to Ousai Academy?

No! It can’t be!

If it was Lunar, knowing that Sun and himself were at Eiryou High School, she would not have gone to Ousai Academy.

But if not Lunar, who else could it be?

The idol star of high school students… In this world, it is still relatively rare, and there are even fewer famous ones.

“No, no, no, not at all. In terms of identity, that transfer student is just an ordinary person, but in a sense, that transfer student is not an ordinary person at all!”

Hearing Li Yalin’s speculation, Uomi immediately shook her head while a mysterious smile was on the corner of her mouth.

“If you say so… I’m even more confused.”

What is this, being both ordinary and not ordinary? A riddle?

Looking at Uomi with a dazed face, Li Yalin could no longer figure out what she was trying to say.

“Let me tell you, according to the rumors, that transfer student from Ousai Academy seems to be a Psychic!”

“Hah? Psychic?”

Seeing Li Yalin’s dazed face, Uomi finally announced the answer, but Li Yalin was even more dumbfounded when her answer came out.

A Psychic come out?

Are you kidding me?

Is there a Psychic in this world?

If this is the question, Li Yalin can answer in the affirmative – yes! There are indeed Psychic in this world, even the legendary ghosts and youkai exist!

But the problem is, whether it is Psychic or ghosts or youkai, will not appear in front of ordinary people. Rather, the existence of ghosts is not at all ordinary people can see, youkai, also basically do not live in the city, only the more remote villages can see their traces.

Psychic, this is a more general term, born with mental sense, people who can see ghosts can be called Psychic. Like onmyouji, such a profession can also be considered a member of the Psychic, but what kind of Psychic Uomi is talking about, Li Yalin is not clear.

The key thing is that he is now very suspicious of the authenticity of the so-called Psychic. After all, one should know that psychics will not reveal their identity freely, they mostly wander in the dark corners of the world, it is impossible to announce their identity to the public.

Once someone openly said they are Psychic, have superpowers and so on, then congratulations, you have met a fraud.

So… is this so-called Psychic who joined Ousai Academy also a fraud?

And a high school girl fraud?

“Do you get how incredible this is?”

Seeing Li Yalin’s stunned expression, Uomi thought he was scared by the so-called Psychic. In fact, she had the same reaction when she first heard the news, then she just didn’t believe it, and thanks to the explanations of several witnesses, she was finally sure of the truth.

“Incredible… my ass! How do I know if that Psychic is real or not?”

Uomi’s smug expression fell on Li Yalin’s eyes and left him speechless.

Besides, what the hell are you so proud of? Even if it’s a real Psychic, it’s at Ousai Academy, not at Eiryou High School, so what does it have to do with us?

“It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, we can go and verify it! I don’t think you have anything to do after school today, right? Come with me to Ousai Academy.”

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