Cafe 5

“Since this is the case, let me be Yalin-san’s life assistant.”

In Chino’s view, there is no need to hesitate since it is just a blank cheque.

Perhaps this is just Yalin-san’s joke, and he will forgot later.

And this is exactly what Li Yalin wants to see.

Li Yalin feels that what he lacks is a bridge of communication with Chino. Although the two can live together under the same roof due to system arrangements, to be honest, the relationship between the two can still be described as stranger.

To be able to get closer to Chino with such an excuse, it’s a very good idea.

It’s a pity that Li Yalin has a good idea and Chino didn’t doubt him, but don’t forget that there are not only two people in this room.

“No! I don’t agree! Stinky boy! I don’t care what’s your motive! I definitely don’t allow you to approach my Chino!”

Tippy inexplicably erupted on Chino’s head. It didn’t say anything like an ornament before, and it suddenly jumped around in this room at a speed that no ordinary rabbit could match.

Not only that, its ultimate goal is also aimed at Li Yalin’s face. He will definitely get hit if he didn’t dodge fast enough.

“This… “

If Tippy is just jumping around and even attacking Li Yalin, then there is no problem. But Tippy speak an angry words, even if people want to ignore, it is impossible.

Even if he had already been mentally prepared, Li Yalin aware of Tippy’s identity. He still cant help but stunned after seeing this scene.

There is no way, something like talking rabbit looks cute when put in anime. But when changed into reality, it looks scary. It is not so easy to accept in a short time.

“This is my belly talk! That’s right! It’s my belly talking!”

Li Yalin was shocked, but Chino was anxious. Tippy’s identity was known only by her. After Li Yalin live in Kafuu’s house, she also asked Tippy to restrain itself and never speak in front of outsiders.

Because it was hit by the debt, Tippy has been very depressed and has no mood to take care of other things, but now it has recovered and its naturally full of energy.

According to Tippy’s words, it is not assured about boy that suddenly appear, even if he is the children of Takahiro friend! What if he has any bad thoughts about his little Chino?

Especially right now it had no way to remember Chino’s reminder, and speak human words directly in front of Li Yalin’s face, which made the scene very awkward.

In a hurry, Chino hastily picked up Tippy, raised her head high, and found an excuse that normal people can’t believe – Belly talking! This is just belly talking!

It’s just… can this fool others?

Looked at the dazed Li Yalin, whether it was Chino or Tippy, the expressions of the two were dignified.

Yes, even Tippy knows that he is in trouble. His expression is very humanized, it looks very interesting.

So, is it possible to pass through?

The answer is of course not!

Li Yalin has long known Tippy’s identity. The only thing he is hesitate about is whether he had to break this lie.

He believes that if he breaks through this lie, then there will be more common language with Chino in the future, and as a result, Tippy will definitely be unscrupulous.

If he play dumb, although it will not cause any consequences, but he also lose the opportunity to get close to Chino. How to choose, he needs to make a decision within a short time.

Between the two, which one he should choose?

Took a deep breath, staring at the loli and angora rabbit in front of him, Li Yalin finally raised his mouth slightly.

“Chino grandpa, Mr. Kafuu, right? I haven’t been able to say hello to you, it’s rude of me.”

Yes, Li Yalin chose to face reality in the end, because he could not give up this opportunity.

“You… do you know who I am?”

Li Yalin words let Chino and Tippy simultaneously dumbfounded. Especially Tippy, its identity is only known to his son and granddaughter, and everyone else thinks he is dead.

But why this kid who show up all of sudden know its identity?

“That’s it, my father… have a very good relationship with uncle Takahiro. Through uncle Takahiro, I also knew about the situation of Kafuu’s family, such as grandpa Chino’s affairs, and the one hundred million debt.”

He has prepared a plan in mind on how to explain them. This is not because he made it up now, but has already made a good preparation in advance. Because he had thought long ago that this might happens.

After all, Chino never mentioned the one hundred million debt she owed, and it was even less likely to reveal Tippy’s identity. There must be a reason if he want to know all this, right?

Chino’s father is the best excuse. Anyway, he is missing now, just push everything on him.

“Although I also want to help, but I can’t contact my father now, I also need to pay for my living expenses. So after thinking about it, I want to create a manga. If it succeeds, maybe we can get through the difficulties together.”

It stands to reason that Li Yalin should not have spoken the latter sentence, but after scratching his head, he finally decided to say it anyway.

In his opinion, instead of continuing to hide them, it is better to speak about it now. The sooner it is spoken, the earlier the awkward part can be erased.

“This… “

Chino and Tippy looked at each other after hearing his explanation. They did not expected that Li Yalin actually understood the situation of the Kafuu family so clearly.

However, Chino and Tippy did not doubt the authenticity of these words. Because if he did not really know Kafuu Takahiro, he would not be able to understand the situation in such detail.

It’s just…

“Yalin-san, I am very grateful for your intentions, but I still feel that our own debts need to be repaid by ourselves.”

Chino is a smart girl. Through Li Yalin, she quickly figured out one thing – The reason why he was so desperate was for her and for a hundred million debts of the Kafuu family!

In this case, it’s simply impossible for Chino not to feel touched. It gave her a strong sense of happiness that someone was willing to work so hard for her.

But Chino is not a child who is good at expressing her emotions. Even if happiness and emotion are generated in her heart, she can’t express it.

Not only that, she must also reject Li Yalin’s kindness.

Yes, she is indeed under great pressure now, but she does not want to pass this pressure to other people.

It is precisely because she knows how much the pressure is that she does not want this pain to be transferred to others. Especially the person in front of her who she known for a short time but is working hard for her. She really does not want to drag him to this.

So Chino can only take the heart to refuse Li Yalin, even if she sounds really harsh.

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