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“Looks like we are still too optimistic. It’s impossible to win the basketball club with our current strength.”

At the end of the first quarter, the player area of ​​the volleyball club is gloomy. No wonder, since they played so poorly in that one quarter. Without Haruka, they will be helpless against basketball club!

But even with Haruka helping them, she couldn’t lead her teammates to turn the tables. In the final analysis, the volleyball club side is lacking in personel with experience in basketball field, the gap is too big.

It is for this reason that Hayami as a temporary coach is frowning.

Sure enough, it wasn’t enough with just Haruka?

“Can only give up…”

“No way, we can’t win at all.”

“This kind of competition has no meaning at all!”

The team members have basically given up. Other than Haruka, the third-grade senior with handsome looks who can get additional 4 points still did not give up yet.

In this case, they will only repeat the same mistake as before in the second quarter, no… maybe worse.

Is it really over…

Looking at the state of the team, Hayami can only sigh. There really is no chance to turn the table if this continues.

Can only place their hope in the next game?

But in the next game… can they really win?

“Although the score is a bit behind, it is not without hope.”

When the volleyball club was in a gloom, a sudden voice caught everyone’s attention. Only then did everyone realize that a stranger appeared in the volleyball club’s player area.


The members of the volleyball club didn’t know him, but Haruka revealed the identity of the other party right away. And this also made Hayami as a temporary coach to open her eyes.

What this kouhai means…

“You are Li Yalin kouhai, right? You just said there is hope of winning? You mean… You can help us win this game?”

Yes, it was Li Yalin who came. Haruka was simply surprised by his arrival. But in Hayami’s view, it was completely different.

She didn’t ignore what Li Yalin just said!

Today is Hayami’s first meeting with Li Yalin. In her first impression, this newly transferred second-grade kouhai is a schoolboy who looks relatively thin, looks very handsome and is very attractive to girls.

That’s all.

But now, she even heard the hope of winning from him. Although she didn’t know what it meant, she wanted to hear more.

If he just want to look handsome in front of Haruka and attract the girl’s attention, it just means that he is handsome but useless. But what if he really has a way?

The volleyball club couldn’t lose and Hayami didn’t want to pin her hopes on the third game. So right now, she wanted Li Yalin to give her a positive answer.

“Yes, I can play a bit of basketball. If I also participate in this game and have a good cooperation with Minami-san, we may have a chance to win.”

Faced with Hayami’s question, Li Yalin will of course give an affirmative answer. In fact he is here for this.

Join this game and help volleyball club win, this is his task!

“That’s great! Takahashi! Change player, let Li Yalin kouhai replace you!”

Hayami did’t know whether or not Li Yalin can play basketball. She can only use everything in this situation, and quickly let Li Yalin in as substitute.

After all, there is not much time for rest with the second quarter about to begin.

“Eeh? He really going to play?”

Maki was only one step late and saw Li Yalin had started changing clothes, which surprised her.

Is he really going to play?

“What? Is there any problem with Li Yalin kouhai playing?”

Maki’s amazement was seen by Hayami and it also puzzled her. Did she make a wrong decision?

“He… he should be a complete basketball beginner. Does he really know the rules? He obviously can’t shoot properly before…”

Watching Li Yalin with his clothes changed walking to the stadium with the contestants. Maki standing on the spot murmured softly.

Since Li Yalin’s most embarrassing scene was clearly seen by her. Naturally, she can’t expect anything from him.

“Basketball beginner?”

Hearing Maki’s words, Hayami was stunned on the spot. Although she have thought of this possibility but she still bet on Li Yalin and looked forward to his miracle.

But now… her hope is completely shattered.

“Li-kun didn’t tell you? This…”

Hayami’s reaction made Maki astonished. She came a little late and didn’t hear what Li Yalin said before. She wasn’t sure why Hayami decided to let Li Yalin play.

“It seems I was deceived by this Li Yalin kouhai. Although there was no hope of winning this game, it was very unpleasant to be played around like this.”

“When the game is over… I’ll have a good chat with this kouhai!”

Through Maki, Hayami already fully understands the situation. For this conceited kouhai, she should give him an educational guidance as his sempai!

Otherwise, this kouhai would become self-conceited!

“Li-kun… I didn’t deliberately betray you, so pray for yourself…”

Maki on the side saw clearly what Hayami sempai just spoke. Her slightly squinted eyes were completely opened. It’s not often to see her eyes opened this way.

It is also because this that Maki knows this open-eyed sempai is very scary. It is best to hide as far as possible when she is in this state.

So she can only give Li Yalin a silent prayer.

So what is Li Yalin doing on the court now?

Quite simple, he is observing his teammates.

Two teammates of a man and a woman is still in a state of frustration. In the next game, they will be useless and can’t play any role. Only Haruka and the third grade senpai with handsome look can be treated as a teammate.

Needless to say, Li Yalin must communicate with Haruka. It is better to have a certain degree of understanding as a teammates.

As for another third-year senpai. Li Yalin also knew his surname through Haruka – Hosaka.

Looking at his appearance, Li Yalin felt a little familiar. Now that he hears his surname, he is naturally become more aware.

Hosaka senpai… Isn’t this the disgusting ikemen!

It turned out that he also participated in this game.

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