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“Since Hagimura-san won’t go in, I won’t go in either. After all, it’s a girls’ toilet, so it’s not good for me to go in as a big man.”

Li Yalin did not feel surprised that Hagimura Suzu did not dare to go into the toilet, so at this time, he also made his attitude clear that it was not good for him to go into the girls’ toilet as a man, so he would stay outside to keep Hagimura company.

This was a reasonable statement from him, and naturally no one objected, but just then he received another grateful look from the genius girl.

Onlookers may not have noticed, but Hagimura Suzu herself knew very well that Li Yalin didn’t really think it was bad to go into the ladies’ room, but just saw her fear and chose to stay by her side.

After all, knowing that just now she was very nervous when she said she would not go into the toilet, the toilet was scary, but the fear of being left alone outside the toilet was not much less.

But now, with Li Yalin by her side, her fears have naturally dissipated.

For the first time, the genius girl Hagimura Suzu realized that having a schoolboy by her side was such a safe thing…

“Thank you…”

Because of the gratitude in her heart, Hagimura Suzu stared at Li Yalin for a moment and then thanked him in earnest, and she received a faint smile from Li Yalin.

It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

But unfortunately, standing at the entrance of the girls’ restroom was not really a good atmosphere.

Although the toilets at Ousai Academy are very clean and hygienic, they are just toilets, and it’s not a pretty sight.

Therefore, the next attention should be put inside the toilet.

“Nothing seems odd.”

Rumor has it that Hanako is often found in the third stall of the toilet, but when Amakusa Shino’s group opened the door to the stall, there was only a toilet inside, which was nothing new.

Not to mention Hanako, even the sound of a child is completely absent.

Is it really just a rumor?

This is not enough to satisfy our dirty joke student president!

“Sure enough, let’s try to summon Hanako!”

How should the so-called summoning Hanako be carried out?

In the legend, in order to summon Hanako, three knocks on the door of the third stall, and then call Hanako’s name.

In the next step, the knocker will ask to make sure Hanako is there, and if Hanako is really there, she will respond.

Such a so-called summoning seems to Li Yalin very childish, if this can successfully summon Hanako, then what is the need for Psychic? Ghosts and spirits have been flying all over the place!

How can ghosts appear so easily in front of ordinary people?

After all, it is not so easy to become a ghost, and once it becomes an evil spirit, it will soon be killed by the real Psychic. The so-called urban ghost story, although it does not negate the existence of some facts, the vast majority of them are also made up.

After Rabbit House became the Witch Exchange, Li Yalin has heard many rumors about the outside world, and because of this, he has a deep understanding of the other world that is not known to ordinary people.

So when Amakusa Shino tried to summon Hanako, he was watching with the mindset of a spectator since, in his opinion, it was just a farce.

When the summoning failed, the search for Hanako would be over, and then everyone would go back to their own homes, and he would have to go back to feed Queen.


“Are you there, Hanako?”

In the toilet, Amakusa Shino lightly knocked three times on the toilet door and asked for Hanako’s presence.

As a rule, the toilet was empty and the door had just been closed, so her question could not have received any response.

But the thing is, just when Li Yalin thought that was the end of the matter, a scene appeared that made everyone’s scalp tingle!

“Yes… I’m here…”

An ethereal child’s voice, faint as it was, emanated from that toilet stall, but everyone heard it loud and clear!

Someone was there! There was definitely someone in the toilet stall!

But clearly… the door was just closed under everyone’s eyes!


Although she was standing outside the toilet, Hagimura Suzu could hear the sound from the toilet stall clearly, and because of that, an ear-splitting scream rang out next to Li Yalin, and then he felt his body tighten as Hagimura Suzu’s small body was wrapped around him.

Holy shit!

That’s a tight hug!

Subconsciously, Li Yalin wanted to tsukomi, but he also knew that this was not the time for it, because Hanako in the toilet seemed to have really appeared!

Is there really a Hanako?

The response from the toilet stall was indeed unexpected, and it also made him feel a cold sweat on his back.

Although he knows very well in his heart, with his current ability, dealing with ghosts is not a problem. After all, ghosts, to put it bluntly, are only the spiritual products left behind by human beings after death, and what he does not fear is the collision of spiritual power.

As for the way to deal with ghosts, he also heard in the mouth of some witches. The simplest one is to directly control the ghosts with spiritual power, although it seems crude, but very effective.

In addition, as a spiritual body, although ordinary physical attacks on the ghost are ineffective, magic attacks can deal a great deal of damage to the ghost. Not to mention, there are countless ways to deal with ghosts by the witch alone, and Li Yalin himself can be considered the ghost’s nemesis!

After all, after the last lottery, he got the HEAL spell skill healing. Calling it healing, in fact, to be frank, this is another application of light magic embodiment. This skill is used in humans is healing, but it’s like sulfuric acid on the ghost. It only takes a few times to purify and melt the ghost.

In this way, it is no wonder that he is so confident, right?

But the problem is, even if he is very confident about the ghost, but in the end, this is the first time he felt the presence of a ghost, and the most critical thing is that it is also the famous ghost doll Hanako.

Even if he will not be shaken, but he’s still a little creeped out.

In the end, this is a real ghost!

“It’s okay, I’m here, I’ll protect you…”

Well, even though he was a little creeped out, Hagimura Suzu’s reaction was undoubtedly greater, and in order to calm the young girl in his arms, Li Yalin patted her on the shoulder and gave her comfort.

But while comforting Hagimura Suzu, his gaze was also directed to the toilet of the third stall where the sound was made.

At this moment, he was already secretly on guard, in the event of an accident, Healing skill will immediately strike!

After all, besides Hagimura Suzu at his side, there are four other girls standing in the toilet, and they are currently in most danger!

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