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Hanako’s response in the toilet stall was unexpected, but he was more worried about the safety of Uomi and the girls. After all, no matter which version of the legend, Hanako was not a good character, and if the Hanako in the toilet was really an evil spirit, the four girls would definitely suffer.

In this case, Li Yalin must of course be on guard, as long as Hanako has any weird behavior, he will not hesitate to throw out the healing in his hands!

The safety of the girls was undoubtedly more important than revealing some sort of secret!


While Li Yalin was on guard, the girls in the toilet, after looking at each other, had an excited look on their faces.

Among them, especially Amakusa Shino and Hata Ranko!

“It’s really Hanako! Hanako really exists!”

Shaking Uomi and Shichijou ojou-sama’s arms in excitement, Amakusa Shino was overwhelmed with excitement, while at the same moment, Hata Ranko had knocked on the door of the stall again, and took out a recorder.

“Miss Hanako, can you please say something else? I’d like to do an interview with you!”

Good Lord, she is really a fanatic journalist. Not only is she not afraid to face the ghost, but she wants to make big news. Hata Ranko is really a waste of her talent if she doesn’t become a paparazzi after graduation!

“You guys… want to play with me?”

At the moment when some people were excited and some were scared, the ethereal voice of a child resounded again in the toilet stall, which undoubtedly made those who were excited more excited and those who were scared more scared.

Li Yalin could feel that Hagimura Suzu’s hands were tightening around him, and her body was trembling, but when he looked at those in the toilet, they did not show any fear.

Not to mention paranormal enthusiasts Uomi and Amakusa, or avid journalists Hata Ranko, even Shichijou ojou-sama, she also looked like a curious baby, what are you all made of?

Normal people should be scared to turn around and run at this time, right?

But these guys…

“As long as you can accept the interview, I have no problem playing with you!”

Not sure if she was crazy about the news, but Hata Ranko went ahead and opened the door of the stall.

In some legends about Hanako, if you hear a sound from the stall and open the door, you will often find nothing inside. In that case, it would have been the best ending.

However, such an ending did not happen. The moment Hata Ranko opened the door, a small girl, about ten years old, wearing a white shirt and a red skirt, with a schoolgirl haircut, appeared in front of everyone!

It was really Hanako!

With the appearance of that little girl, not only the girls in the toilet were stunned, but even Li Yalin’s pupils could not help but constrict.

Whether before or after transmigration, this is was his first real sighting of a ghost. And how should he put it, the imaginary scary scene did not appear. This legendary ghost doll Hanako, seems to be more than imagined… cute?

Yes, although it is clear that the girl who emerged from the toilet is indeed a ghost, but also, this ghost can definitely be described as cute.

Cute Hanako?

It doesn’t seem wrong.


In theory, when a ghost comes face to face with a person, it is the person who should scream in surprise. But when this Hanako appeared in front of everyone, without waiting for them to make a sound, she exclaimed first.

Subconsciously, she raised her hand to block her face, and at the same moment, Hata Ranko, who could not resist, raised her camera and pressed the shutter frantically.

Witnessing this scene with his own eyes, Li Yalin really wanted to tsukomi, who the hell is the ghost, damn it!

“Hey! That’s enough!”

Seeing that Hata Ranko kept taking pictures towards Hanako like an idiot, Li Yalin, who was standing outside the toilet, finally couldn’t take it anymore. Although the scene looked quite spooky, the direction of the spookiness was very different from what was imagined.

How can a good psychic horror film be reversed into a comedy film all of a sudden?

This is not the right style at all, damn it!

While holding Hagimura Suzu in one hand, Li Yalin rushed into the toilet with one hand and grabbed Hata Ranko by the back of her collar with the other.

What time is it? You should have noticed the atmosphere!

“What should we do? It’s a real ghost! The Hanako from the toilet has appeared in our school!”

“It’s a real Hanako, should we spread the word? Will Ousai Academy become a paranormal site from now on?”

Hey, Amakusa student president, isn’t your imagination going a little too far?

As Li Yalin was dragging Hata Ranko back, the dirty joke student president was also having a brainstorm. Apparently, Hanako’s appearance had a big impact on her, but the direction of the impact was confusing.

If the existence of Hanako is really spread out according to her, then the result can be foreseen. Not only will Ousai Academy become a paranormal site, but it will also attract all kinds of ghosts and spirits. If things really develop to that point, it will definitely become uncontrollable!

Although Li Yalin was shocked to see a real ghost, the legendary Hanako, but in any case, he had walked through many things, and after his surprise, he regained his composure.

At this moment, if it were not for the fact that he was holding Hagimura Suzu with one hand and dragging Hata Ranko’s back collar with the other, he would have knocked on Amakusa Shino’s head.

I said student president-sama, can you be a little more reliable?

“No… Please don’t…”

Not waiting for Li Yalin tsukomi Amakusa Shino, Hagimura Suzu, who was clinging to him, started to scream again. Although she buried her head on Li Yalin’s body, not daring to look around, she also instinctively felt that she was being led into the toilet by Li Yalin and was getting closer and closer to that Hanako.

In this situation, the feeling of fear spread even more in her head, and her body was shaking more excessively.

The scene was very confusing for a while!

“Enough! Be quiet, everyone! Everyone look at me!”

In this situation, Li Yalin knew clearly that if he did not stabilize the scene, it would definitely become more troublesome, so after taking a deep breath, he was a loud shout, instantly attracting everyone’s attention.

At this time, not only the girl beside him was looking at him, even Hanako, who was standing next to the toilet stall, also dropped her hand in front of her and cast a curious glance at him.

It felt like… the pressure of being watched in this situation is even greater than standing on the stage and receiving the eyes of countless audiences…

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