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“Cough, calm down everyone, you guys, stand behind me. Uomi student president, Hagimura-san is in your hands first.”

With all eyes on him, Li Yalin also felt a lot of pressure, but even though he was under pressure, he had to deal with the situation at hand.

First, he asked all the girls to stand behind him to ensure their safety, and then handed Hagimura Suzu, who was shivering in his arms, to Uomi to help take care of the frightened genius girl, and finally, his eyes turned to Hanako, who was located in the toilet stall.

“So… are you Hanako?”

The first time he met with a ghost, and face to face, Li Yalin always felt very strange. The good thing was that the ghost did not feel scary, but was a very cute girl, which relieved him of a lot of pressure.

Anyway, from the looks of it, the little ghost girl on the other side doesn’t look like she’s malicious, so maybe she can talk normally, right?

“Um… I’m Hanako.”

Probably because she has rarely had the experience of communicating with people like this? Anyway, the little ghost girl in the toilet was a bit scared, not daring to look at Li Yalin, and she quickly turned her head away even when her eyes met, and only after a few moments did she finally nod her head and admit her identity.

She really is Hanako!

When Hanako admitted her identity, Amakusa Shino, who was standing behind Li Yalin, wanted to talk but stopped. While Hata Ranko, who was beside her, wanted to pick up her camera and continue shooting, Li Yalin, who sensed their small movements, also turned around at this time and glared at them.

Don’t make trouble for me at this time!

“Don’t be afraid, we won’t hurt you.”

After a silent warning to Amakusa Shino and Hata Ranko behind him, Li Yalin’s gaze continued to turn back to Hanako’s body, but when he said this sentence, he himself felt dumbfounded.

It’s clear that the other party is a ghost, and he should be afraid as a human being, but why is this scenario reversed?

“I’m not scared… I’m just a little uncomfortable, I didn’t think someone other than Hibiki could see me…”

Perhaps Li Yalin was not acting threateningly? Hanako finally opened her mouth again after some time of hesitation.

However, it was her words that finally made Amakusa Shino, who was behind Li Yalin, unable to resist!

“The Hibiki you mentioned… Amami Hibiki? She really is a Psychic, isn’t she?”

The dirty joke student president knew the Hibiki Hanako was talking about, so by simple deduction, that Hibiki, the girl named Amami Hibiki, must be the transfer student who had just enrolled in Ousai Academy.

But right now, it’s not the time to talk about that!

“Although ordinary people can not see the ghost, it’s not absolute. Under certain special conditions, the ghost may also appear in front of ordinary people. Some people with special abilities, not only can easily see the ghost, but can also communicate with the ghost, and even… touching the ghost, there is nothing unusual about it.”

“What I am wondering now is why you are in the toilet of Ousai Academy? Don’t you know the ghost regulations in the Tokyo area? Are you… are an outsider?”

The sudden interruption by the dirty joke student president once again drew a warning from Li Yalin, he hadn’t finished his conversation with Hanako, why are you interrupting here?

Don’t you know that Hanako’s appearance is more serious than expected!

“The Tokyo area’s… ghost regulations? What’s that? How do you know I’m an outsider?”

As soon as Li Yalin said that, Hanako on the opposite side immediately showed a puzzled expression. In fact, not only Hanako was puzzled, even the girls behind Li Yalin were also staring at each other with wide eyes, all looking like they were out of the loop.

Not to mention Hanako didn’t know, even those of them who live in Tokyo didn’t know about the ghost regulations!

What the hell is that?

“Didn’t the Tokyo Regional Psionic Bureau issue a regulation on this? Didn’t anyone inform you? No ghosts or youkai are allowed to enter the city, let alone appear in front of ordinary people. Once the ghosts are known to exist by ordinary people, the Psionic Bureau will immediately send someone to investigate, and in serious cases, even purify the ghosts that caused the incident on the spot.”

“You are really lucky. Generally, ghosts like you, who do not know the depths of the situation and come into Tokyo, are either expelled from the city early or purified as an evil spirit…”

Pressing his temples, Li Yalin is also having a headache now. In fact, at the beginning, he didn’t take the so-called Hanako incident seriously, he was just watching it for the fun of it. But who would have thought that when Hanako really appeared, the problem would be more serious than usual.

As he said, Tokyo as one of the important cities of the district can be said to be heavily guarded. No ghost or youkai is allowed to enter the city, once found will be immediately expelled or purified.

Of course, the regulations are just regulations. No one is sure whether there are any ghosts or youkai hiding in the dark corners of the city. Even if the Psionic Bureau is the official organization of the district, all of them are composed of Psychic and onmyouji, but it is impossible to check every corner of the city.

The above information, all provided by a certain witch friend who often comes to the coffee shop, the authenticity is completely unquestionable. Although Li Yalin has never been in contact with the Psionic Bureau and is also the first time to see the ghost, it does not prevent him from knowing these facts.

“Ah? There’s still such a thing?”

Obviously, although Hanako is a legendary ghost doll, this little ghost girl is really innocent. She knows nothing about the ghost regulations and the Tokyo Psionic Bureau.

Hearing what Li Yalin said, she immediately panicked and looked to her right and left, not knowing what to do.

“Yalin… what the hell is going on here?”

Hanako panicked, and the girls behind Li Yalin were just as dumbfounded, they couldn’t tell what was going on.

Is there really a so-called Psionic Bureau in Tokyo? They can expel the ghosts and youkai in the city? And purify ghosts?

The most crucial thing is… ghosts exist, and youkai… they exist too?

No, no, no, Li Yalin is obviously just an ordinary person, how could he possibly know these things!

Could it be… he was lying to Hanako? Because he was afraid that she was a harmful evil spirit, so he wanted to stabilize her with such an excuse?

If that’s the case, it’s not impossible. But why does he look so serious and even have a headache about it, he doesn’t look like he’s pretending at all?

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