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“What’s going on… As I said, to be frank, if Hanako didn’t look like a harmful evil spirit, I wouldn’t want to meddle with it. But since she’s not harmful, I don’t want to see her purified by the Psionic Bureau.”

“Although she’s already a ghost, purification… is too cruel for her.”

The girls behind him looked confused, and Li Yalin knew by heart that it was a last resort to expose something.

But he had no other choice, Hanako has appeared and there are things that can not be hidden. Especially crucial is that he has his own considerations in telling the matter of Psionic Bureau.

Among the girls, the genius girl Hagimura Suzu is the one who is most afraid, and Hanako’s appearance will undoubtedly cast a shadow on her heart.

It is foreseeable that after this incident, she will not be able to sleep well for the next few days, and she will continue to be afraid of the unexplained ghosts around her all the time.

To prevent that worst-case scenario, Li Yalin thought it would be better to just admit it and give everyone a piece of mind.

Perhaps this is the most correct way.

“Are you saying… there are really ghosts and youkai in this world, and there are people who fight them? What is shown on TV dramas is not fantasy, but real?”

As soon as Li Yalin gave such an explanation, the most excited person was undoubtedly Amakusa Shino, the dirty joke student president, and under the excitement, she even went forward and grabbed Li Yalin’s hand, and was busy asking questions.

Speaking of this dirty joke student president, sometimes she is indeed quite naive. Although she does not show it too much, a naive heart is deeply buried in her heart.

And at this moment, her long-hidden chuuni soul is completely burst out!

Ghosts exist! Youkai exist! The heroes who fought against the ghosts and youkai also exist!

This world is wonderful!

“Eh… you can say that. But whether it’s a ghost or a youkai or a Psychic, they don’t appear in front of ordinary people. Today is just an accident, and Amakusa student president you don’t have to think about contacting them, it’s impossible.”

Being held tightly by dirty joke student president hands, Li Yalin was a little dazed for a while, but soon, he guessed the other party’s thoughts.

With her character, I’m afraid that she will really investigate deeply with this opportunity. It’s better to put an end to those unrealistic ideas quickly.

Otherwise, some of her actions are just looking for trouble for herself.

“Ordinary people do not know Psychic, ghosts or youkai … but don’t you just know? Or is it… you’re actually Psychic too! Maybe you are working for the Psionic Bureau in secret?”

Li Yalin brought up the Psionic Bureau in front of everyone and even exposed the existence of ghosts and youkai, which he had already prepared for.

However, what he didn’t expect was that Amakusa Shino’s imagination was so big that she even misunderstood him as a member of the Psionic Bureau.

What a joke!

Can Psionic Bureau be compared to a system-based transmigrator like himself?

The two are not on the same level at all!

“You think too much, Amakusa student president, I only know about the existence of the Psionic Bureau because of coincidence, I have nothing to do with those Psychic.”

Shaking his head very speechlessly, Li Yalin can only say dirty joke student president think too much.

The Psionic Bureau, which manages all ghost and youkai matters in the Tokyo area, not only attracts many Psychic members but also has close ties with the district’s onmyouji group.

But the problem is that this official organization, which sounds very high, is actually quite powerful, and those Psychic and onmyouji who have joined the Psionic Bureau are only at the lowest level of the hierarchy.

It can be said that even if an ordinary evil spirit appears in the Tokyo area, it will be treated as a special event by the Psionic Bureau. If there is really a great youkai or a super-size powerful evil spirit in the city, then even if all the power of the Psionic Bureau is poured out, it may not be able to suppress it successfully.

Of course, in the Psionic Bureau, there must be more powerful official organizations, but Li Yalin also does not intend to contact others, so not much to introduce here.

All in all, Psionic Bureau in his eyes is just a small unit doing some odd jobs, not to mention him, even Kowata Akane didn’t look at them.

Rather, if a witch of Kowata Akane’s caliber were to show up at the Psionic Bureau, she would be treated as a guest of honor!

“Is it just a coincidence to know so much?”

Although Li Yalin answered Amakusa Shino in this way, our dirty joke student president obviously didn’t believe it, and even though her chuuni soul was burning at the moment, it didn’t mean that she would lose her intelligence.

She always felt that Li Yalin was just being perfunctory.

“We are not discussing these issues, but Hanako’s issues. Her current situation is very dangerous, once she is discovered by the Psionic Bureau, she will really be finished. If we can, we need to send her away as soon as possible, or hide her, and definitely not let outsiders know of her existence.”

“Eh? Send her away to hide or something… you say that, but how do we do it?”

Faced with dirty joke student president’s question, Li Yalin can’t really answer too deeply. He had no choice but to quickly change the subject. After all, how to deal with Hanako is also a very important thing at the moment.

They had to find a way to act as soon as possible if they didn’t want the Psionic Bureau to interfere!

However, when Li Yalin said these words, Amakusa Shino didn’t know what to do. Because this was the first time she had heard of these things, she was at a loss as to what to do.

When she looked at her companions, she saw that Uomi was expressionless, Shichijou ojou-sama’s face was full of innocence, Hata Ranko was torn, and Hagimura Suzu was lying in Uomi’s arms and did not dare to look up.

She needed advice on what to do, but the question was, who could give that advice?

“I think, the only way to solve this problem is to start with Amami Hibiki-san. If I’m not mistaken… Hanako must have followed Amami Hibiki-san to Tokyo, right?”

At this point, the only one who could give an opinion was Li Yalin, who knew the situation best and knew how to deal with it.

As he said, the cause of the incident was the girl named Amami Hibiki, and if she hadn’t transferred here, Hanako wouldn’t have appeared in the toilet of Ousai Academy!

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