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“What you said… does make sense, so let’s go find Amami Hibiki-san now?”

Li Yalin’s words immediately made Amakusa Shino nod her head, the current situation was clear, Hanako’s appearance must have a direct relationship with Amami Hibiki, first go to her to understand the situation, is the inevitable choice to solve the problem.

“Well, without further ado, let’s act now!”

In theory, if they were not in a hurry, they could have waited until Amami Hibiki went to school tomorrow, but Hanako’s case really could not be delayed, and Li Yalin thought it would be better to solve it today if possible.

After all, no one knows what will happen if they delay for one night, even if the little ghost girl named Hanako is not related to him, but it’s not good to watch such a cute little ghost being targeted by the Psionic Bureau, right?

“Then let’s go to Amami Hibiki-san’s house now!”

Li Yalin’s proposal was quickly approved by Amakusa Shino, and looking at the girls around, Uomi didn’t say anything, Shichijou ojou-sama looked eager, Hata Ranko was full of enthusiasm, and Hagimura Suzu still didn’t dare to look up.

This group went to someone’s home to visit…

“Hagimura-san, you can stop here today if you’re really scared, we’ll take care of it from here. It’s okay if you’re not there.”

Li Yalin is still very concerned about Suzu-chan. After all, this genius girl is also very cute, especially her shivering appearance at the moment, which makes people can’t help but feel a touch of pity.

Things have come to this point, in fact, it’s perfectly fine even if he’s the only one, but obviously everyone will not give up this opportunity to join in the fun, so there is no way to let anyone leave.

Only Hagimura Suzu, is really afraid of ghosts, and it can be expected that with the contact with Amami Hibiki, the number of ghosts will only increase, and then it will be more than just a Hanako.

When that time comes, what will this poor little one do?

For her sake, it is better to let her go home quickly.

“I… Ah!!!”

Upon hearing Li Yalin’s words, Hagimura Suzu instinctively raised her head, but as she did so, the corner of her eye caught Hanako’s gaze.

It was because of this moment of eye contact that she let out a startling scream. This girl… her fear of ghost has reached an extreme level.

“It’s okay, she won’t hurt you, she’s just a ghost, she’s harmless to people.”

Suzu-chan let out such a scream, Li Yalin actually also very helpless. She’s just scared, and there’s no way he’s going to let her get used to this anytime soon, so in this case, he very decisively took Suzu-chan into his arms and took her directly out of the toilet.

Only by leaving this place could the fear in her heart be slightly alleviated.

“Hagimura-san, listen to me, ordinary ghosts will not harm humans. In fact, they can at best only induce some disturbing spirit phenomenon. Wraith, the evil spirit that is really harmful to people, has long been eliminated by the people of the Psionic Bureau. The city we live in is very safe, you really do not need to be afraid.”

Although he knew that the fear would not be easily dispelled, Li Yalin continued to comfort Hagimura Suzu, even reaching out to pat her back to soothe her emotions.

He knew very well that Suzu-chan’s psychological shadow would increase exponentially after today’s incident, and he had to try to stabilize her before reaching the worst possible level.


Finally, under Li Yalin’s comfort, the genius girl finally raised her head weakly. Unlike her usual confident appearance, she seemed to be suffering from a lot of grievances at the moment, and subconsciously sniffed her nose, which was simply adorable!

“Of course, how can I lie to you. And you don’t have to be afraid even of harmful evil spirits, I tell you secretly, in fact, I am also considered half Psychic, very good at dealing with ghosts, no ghosts can hurt you with me around.”

At this time, Li Yalin must give Hagimura Suzu the utmost confidence, so he also immediately patted his chest to ensure that there is absolutely no problem with him!

In the end, he leaned over to the genius girl’s ear and whispered this to her, which was the biggest guarantee for Hagimura Suzu’s peace of mind, but the problem was that it was better not to let Uomi and Amakusa hear it.

Otherwise, they would definitely ask questions again.

“I see… Li-kun, you’re so amazing…”

Hagimura Suzu didn’t have any doubts about Li Yalin, on the contrary, she was convinced by what he said at this time!

After all, he was the one who gave her warmth and comfort when she was most afraid, and there was nothing wrong with the fact that he knew so much and must have the appropriate strength!

Gradually, Hagimura Suzu’s fear subsided, but at this point, she realized that something was not quite right with her situation at the moment.

She was a girl, but… now she was completely on top of Li-kun?

This is… how can this be!

When the fear disappeared, the shyness of a young girl took over her heart again, and her face, which was pale with fear before, was instantly flushed red.

Subconsciously, she wanted to push Li Yalin away, but just before she raised her hand, she found that she could not use her strength at all.

Not because of fear and powerlessness, just because… she didn’t want to leave this safe and warm embrace…

For the time being, let’s leave it like this…

“Anyway, trust me, Hagimura-san, you just go home in peace and I’ll take care of the rest.”

In the end, Li Yalin was the first to let go of Hagimura Suzu, but the moment they parted, a feeling of disappointment arose in the heart of our genius girl.

Although this feeling quickly dissipated, she will never forget that feeling!


“No! I’m not going home! I’m coming with you guys too!”

God knows why Hagimura Suzu, who was so scared that she screamed and didn’t dare to raise her head in front of Hanako, gave up going home and chose to go with the group.

When she said these words, not only Li Yalin gave her a puzzled look, but also the dirty joke student president was all in disbelief.

Has Hagimura changed her nature?

Or… is this her trying to be tough?

“A-anyway, with you protecting me, I don’t have to be afraid of anything, right?”

Sensing the confusion in everyone’s eyes, Hagimura Suzu’s face instantly blushed. She knew she was acting out of character, but that’s what she wanted to do now!

Now that she’s decided, she won’t regret it. Anyway… she would be fine as long as he was around!

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