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“This is Amami Hibiki-san’s home.”

In the end, Hagimura Suzu did not choose to leave alone but followed the group to the doorstep of transfer student Amami Hibiki’s house.

From the outside, it looked like the most ordinary apartment, but of course, it was in fact an ordinary apartment, and it was only the people who lived in it that were not ordinary.

The information about Amami Hibiki, Li Yalin has been investigated through dirty joke student president. Although the information is not very comprehensive, at least the home address is correct.

So what they need to do next is to pay a visit to her house.

“Let’s knock on the door.”

A group of people came to the third floor of the apartment, stood in front of the Amami home. Everyone was very clear about the purpose of this trip, but after coming to the final destination, the atmosphere became very heavy for a while.

After all, what they were about to face was a Psychic who could see ghosts, Psychic, naturally, is a person with extraordinary power, at least in the minds of several girls, the definition of Psychic is this.

For this misunderstanding, Li Yalin also can not explain clearly, so after looking at everyone helplessly, he finally can only shake his head lightly and went up and knocked on the door of Amami’s house.


Along with the knocking sound, a soft voice came into everyone’s ears, and after a few moments, the door of Amami’s house was opened and a girl dressed in Ousai Academy uniform with an apron on her body appeared in front of everyone.

Although Li Yalin was never short of pretty girls, the appearance of this girl named Amami Hibiki made him feel astonished.

This girl with long burgundy hair is so beautiful!

In particular, the gentle aura that hits the face makes people feel good.

“Excuse me, you guys are…”

Amami Hibiki’s appearance undoubtedly added high impression points to the hearts of everyone present, but in this girl’s eyes, the arrival of the Li Yalin group made her very suspicious.

She had only just arrived in Tokyo and had no friends, at least… no friends who were alive.

Did they knock on the wrong door?

But those girls were wearing their own school uniforms…

“Hello, is this Amami Hibiki-san?”

Li Yalin knew that he had to take the initiative at this time, otherwise he would have given the lead to the dirty joke student president, and God knows what shocking words she would say if her spirit of chuuni erupts.

So after calming down a bit, he also stepped forward and asked Amami Hibiki.

“Yes, I am Amami Hibiki… how may I…”

“Sorry for the intrusion, my name is Li Yalin and I am the vice student president of Eiryou High School student council, and these are the members of Ousai Academy student council…”

Facing Amami Hibiki, Li Yalin first introduced himself and the others to avoid any unnecessary misunderstanding.

However, when he introduced them, the reaction of the girls behind him made him speechless, Uomi’s expressionless face, Amakusa Shino’s extreme excitement, Hagimura Suzu’s fear of looking at people, and Hata Ranko’s grip on the camera at all times, looking for an opportunity to take a couple of photos to commemorate the event.

The most reliable of them all is Shichijou ojou-sama, at least on the surface, her polite smile is still quite normal, but no one knows what is actually in her mind under that smile.

He just hopes it’s not too hard-core…

“Eh? Student council… why…”

Although Li Yalin introduced everyone’s identity, Amami Hibiki was still a bit confused about their arrival. After all, she was just a transfer student, so she didn’t have anything that deserved the attention of the student council, right?

What’s more, aside from the student council of her own school, why did the student council members of Eiryou High School also come to her house?

“Can we talk inside? I don’t think it’s a good idea to stand at the door.”

While Amami Hibiki was surprised, Li Yalin spoke up again. It’s not a good idea to stand around in front of Amami’s house. Now that they are here, they have to come in and sit down, right?

“Sorry, excuse my manners, please come in.”

With Li Yalin’s reminder, Amami Hibiki came to her senses. As the host, she really shouldn’t let guests stand at the door like that, so she hastily invited everyone inside.

In this way, under Amami Hibiki’s lead, everyone walked into Amami’s house. Although it looks like an ordinary apartment, but the space in the house is quite large, taking a look at it, it can be about a hundred square meters?

To live in an apartment of a hundred square meters in Tokyo, her family must be quite well-off.


On the way into Amami’s house, Hagimura Suzu was shivering all the time, as if she was in a haunted house.

The most crucial thing is that the next moment she entered Amami’s house, she directly grabbed Li Yalin’s arm and refused to let go of it no matter what. If an uninformed outsider saw it, he or she might misunderstand their relationship.


Misunderstood as a couple?
Not really, at best, it is brother and imouto. Although the genius girl is smart, her height has always been her shortcoming…

Cough, now is not the time to tsukomi the genius girl.

“Please wait for a moment, I will make tea.”

“No need to make tea, Amami-san, can we talk first?”

After welcoming the Li Yalin group into the living room, Amami Hibiki immediately tried to make tea for the guests, but before she could go to the kitchen, she was stopped by Li Yalin first.


When Li Yalin stopped her, Amami Hibiki’s expression was a bit confused. She knew that these people couldn’t have come to see her for no reason, but to talk about business so soon, was it something very important?

“Although I am the student council vice student president of Eiryou High School, I came to Amami-san’s house today on behalf of the Ousai Academy student council and the school as a whole. I hope that Amami-san will pay attention to the next conversation, because it is about you… whether or not you can still stay at Ousai Academy as a student.”

Faced with such a beautiful girl, Li Yalin didn’t really want to act like a bad guy, after all, what he said next might be a little harsh and offensive.

But there was something he has to say, not just for the sake of the school, but for the sake of the girl in front of him.
After all, one should know that Tokyo… is not such a great place to come!

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