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Li Yalin’s words came as a surprise to Amami Hibiki, who had no idea what she had done that would affect her ability to continue her studies at Ousai Academy.

“Amami-san, since we have come to your house, there is no need to hide our conversation, so I hope you will be frank with us without hiding anything.”

“Amami-san, you can see ghosts… right?”

Within minutes of taking his seat in the living room, Li Yalin got straight to the point without missing a beat.

It’s not the time to beat around the bush, it’s best to get everything straight.


It was obvious that Amami Hibiki did not expect Li Yalin to reveal her ability in one breath, and in front of so many people, which made her feel a little uneasy.

Currently, her mind raced through countless thoughts, and in a short time, she couldn’t figure out how she should answer.

“Amami-san, it has also been a few days since you transferred to Ousai Academy, and the series of strange events that happened around you have sparked a heated discussion within the school.”

“In response to this series of events, the Ousai Academy student council and my Eiryou High School student council have joined forces to investigate, and according to the results of the investigation, Amami-san, you do possess certain extraordinary abilities, such as… the ability to see and communicate with ghosts.”

“And based on my guess, maybe Amami-san, you also have some kind of physique that can attract ghosts, I wonder if my guess is correct?”

To be honest, Li Yalin was quite reluctant to talk to a pretty girl in such an official tone, but he was in a different position now, representing not only himself but also the Ousai Academy student council and even the whole Ousai Academy, so he had no choice but to be more solemn and serious at this time.

“This… yes, Li-kun, you’re right, I can indeed see ghosts.”

Li Yalin had already said it all, so it was impossible for Amami Hibiki to hide it. In fact, she didn’t even think about hiding it, and when Li Yalin said everything, she immediately nodded her head and admitted it.

Yes, she could indeed see ghosts, and the physique that could attract them was also correct, Li Yalin’s guess was very accurate.

This makes the conversation much easier.

After getting Amami Hibiki’s acknowledgment, Li Yalin nodding gently. As for the reactions of the girls behind him, he couldn’t care less about them now.

The most important thing right now is this psychic girl named Amami Hibiki.

He… maybe he knows her…

“Well, since Amami-san has admitted it, our conversation will be much easier. Speaking of which, does Amami-san live with her father?”

With Amami Hibiki’s admission, the atmosphere in the living room eased, and after looking around, Li Yalin spoke again.

“Yes, my father came to Tokyo for work, so I transferred here with him.”

“That’s really hard, the pace of life in Tokyo is a bit faster than other cities, so you might not be able to adapt to it when you first arrive, but it’s okay, it’ll be fine after a while.”

“Well, everyone around me is very nice and helpful. I did feel a little uncomfortable when I first arrived, but I’m doing much better now.”

This is… what’s going on?

The girls sitting around Li Yalin didn’t expect this at all, because they had started off with a very serious business conversation, but all of a sudden it turned into parental pleasantries?

And these two people, obviously just met for the first time, but now the conversation between them, how do people feel like they have known each other for a long time as old friends?

“I’m back… do you have guests at home?”

The exchange between Li Yalin and Amami Hibiki went very well, but the girls who were watching were acting very strange. After all, they came here for Hanako in the toilet, so why they are talking about family matters?

However, while several girls were surprised, a sound came from the entrance of Amami’s house, and a moment later, a man’s voice came to everyone’s ears.

“Dad, welcome back.”

After hearing the man’s voice, Amami Hibiki rushed to welcome her father, who turned out to be back home.

Amami Hibiki’s father was much younger than expected, almost in his thirties, and could not be seen to have a daughter who was already in high school. But this young face was covered with white hair, which was really bizarre.
Premature greying of hair?

But it’s too completely white, right? A black hair can not be found?

“Are these… your friends, Hibiki? You’ve made friends so quickly? Daddy is so happy!”

When he followed his daughter to the living room and saw the guests there, Amami Hibiki’s father was dazed for a moment, but he soon came to his senses. He thought it would take his daughter a long time to get used to her new life in Tokyo, but he didn’t expect that in just a few days, she would have made so many friends and brought them home to play with.

As a father, this was a great relief to him, and faintly, he had a tear in his eye.

He was really crying!

“That… dad…”

Seeing her father shed tears of joy, Amami Hibiki was at a loss for words, she really didn’t know how to answer in this situation.

“Amami-san, right? Hello, my name is Li Yalin and I am Amami-san’s friend.”

At this point, it was Li Yalin who took the initiative to speak up, and also the moment Amami Hibiki’s father showed his face, there was a glint in his eyes as well.

Don’t get him wrong, it wasn’t that he had taken a liking to Amami Hibiki’s father, but at this moment, he was completely sure of Amami Hibiki’s identity!

In this anime, Amami Hibiki is one of the female lead, born with the physique that can see ghosts, and is often surrounded by a large number of ghosts. Although it is not a classic anime, at least Li Yalin is still very fond of it when it first came out.

After hearing Amami Hibiki’s name for the first time, he was not able to recognize it until he met the real person, entered Amami’s home, saw the picture on the shrine in the living room, looked at the figure very similar to Amami Hibiki, but more mature than her, and finally, the appearance of Amami Hibiki’s father with white hair, he was finally completely sure.

This Amami Hibiki was the Re-Kan girl!

He was completely sure!

But he didn’t expect that she would come to Tokyo and even transferred to Ousai Academy, and the thing that makes people want tsukomi is why the ghosts around her also came with her!

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