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“Ho-how could this be?”

Hearing Li Yalin’s words, both Amami Asahi and Amami Hibiki were astonished. Although Amami Hibiki was a psychic girl, she was a novice in psychic energy and doesn’t know anything.

And Amami Asahi, he belongs to the circle of outsiders. How can an ordinary person know about psychic energy when he knows nothing?

Because of this, the father and daughter were unable to say anything for a while.

“In fact, we have already met with Hanako just now, so we are very worried about her safety because we know that the Psionic Bureau has never been very good in its treatment of ghosts and youkai. I don’t know how Hanako got into Tokyo and came to the Ousai Academy, but one thing I’m sure of is that once she’s discovered, there are only two options: expulsion and purification.”

“If it’s expulsion, that’s a better outcome, but if she’s purified… I’m afraid she doesn’t even have a chance to reach nirvana.”

After all the off-topic talk, Li Yalin felt it was time to get back to business because after all, Hanako’s problem had to be solved.

And this time, his expression is more serious, since Hanako’s safety is at stake. Expulsion is fine, but purification… that would be a complete erasure of existence.

Li Yalin does not know whether there is a heaven in this world. In fact, even with the existence of Psychic, the definition of heaven is still unclear, and where the so-called ghosts will go after they reach nirvana is still a mystery.

But in any case, it is better to reach nirvana without fear than to be purified on the spot, so in this case, he still needs the cooperation of Amami Hibiki.

“What? Pu-purification? How can they do that!”

Amami Hibiki was still very concerned about her friend, and when she heard that Hanako might be purified by the Psionic Bureau, she immediately let out an alarming cry and looked very panicked.

Everything in front of her surpassed her cognition. How could she know that Tokyo was so unfriendly to ghosts?

She can’t accept the purification or whatever!

“So Amami-san, can you tell me why Hanako came to Tokyo with you? And besides Hanako, do you have any other ghost friends? If so, I hope you won’t hide it, so that I can find a way to help you.”

Facing Amami Hibiki, Li Yalin spoke to her sincerely. Although the system had not given him a task, he could either manage or ignore this matter. But in the end, he could not bear to see Hanako being targeted by the Psionic Bureau, and he did not want to further expand the impact of this matter.

Within his ability, he is still willing to lend a hand to help those who need his help.

In addition, this matter has nothing to do with Amami Hibiki being pretty or not, nor with Hanako being cute or not. It’s purely a matter of his kindness, which is not a weakness, but the truth, just this once, and will not explain more.

Well, believe it or not, Li Yalin is telling the truth!

“Hanako came to Tokyo with me… I guess it’s because of my physique…”

Have to say, Amami Hibiki is a relatively simple girl, she didn’t have the slightest suspicion when facing Li Yalin, and she didn’t try to hide anything.

Hanako was able to come to Tokyo and even show up in the toilet of Ousai Academy mainly because of Amami Hibiki’s physique.

Amami Hibiki’s ability is not just to see ghosts and talk to them, in fact, she also has a physique that can attract ghosts. From a very young age, she has been surrounded by various ghosts, never stop.

Among them, there are very good ghosts, there are also evil spirits with evil intentions. But for Amami Hibiki, most of the ghosts are friendly and are her friends, so after she followed her father to Tokyo, a small number of ghosts have followed her around.

Hanako is one of them!

Of course, the ghosts that can follow Amami Hibiki must be floating spirits that can move freely. Those earth-bound spirits that can only be confined in place are definitely not able to follow her.

As a floating spirit, Amami Hibiki’s friends do not follow her around every day. Especially after she returns home, her friends scatter and wander all over the city.

Amami Asahi, who is Amami Hibiki’s father, is afraid of ghosts and screams every time he sees one, his hair got white because of his fear of ghosts. So the ghosts, who do not want Amami Hibiki to worry about them, rarely show up at her house, which is why Li Yalin’s group still sees Hanako in the toilet after school.

“Those friends of yours have been wandering around for so many days without being found, I don’t know if they are too lucky or the people from the Psionic Bureau guys are too lax…”

After hearing Amami Hibiki’s story, Li Yalin pressed his temples speechlessly. Floating spirits wandering around the city all day long without being found, is it really because there are no more evil spirits haunting Tokyo in recent years, the Psionic Bureau’s gang has become a bunch of slackers who just gets paid but doesn’t work?

But in a sense, Amami Hibiki’s spooky friends are really lucky too.

“Anyway, it’s too dangerous in downtown Tokyo for your friends to be wandering around like that. It would be fine if they could hide in peace, but as floating spirits… they certainly don’t want to be confined to one place either, right?”

“The best solution now is to let your friends go back to the city where they originally lived. The city where you lived before probably doesn’t prohibit ghost activities, so that’s the best environment for them to live in.”

“Amami-san, I think you should be able to understand what I mean, right? This is the best choice for both you and your friends.”

Li Yalin knew that Amami Hibiki had always treated the ghosts around her as friends. But the thing was, Tokyo really wasn’t the best place for ghosts to live, and it would be better for them to leave if they could.

Although speaking so bluntly at this time does make Amami Hibiki sad, but it is also a fact, and it is a fact that has to be faced squarely in the eyes.

“I know this will be difficult for you to accept for a while, but I’m sorry, there is not much time for you to think about it, because the more we delay now, the more likely your friends will be in danger.”

This is the end of the matter, and Amami Hibiki is no longer allowed to hesitate!

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