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The disgusting ikemen Hosaka senpai, Li Yalin impression of this character is very deep when he watch Minami-ke. After all, not many people can strip with just a few words.

And this guy’s brain… is much more imaginative than the average person. Even often falls into his own fantasy which makes him more interesting.

But even so, Li Yalin does not intend to have too much contact with this Hosaka senpai. Because he knows this Hosaka senpai always bring trouble with him, if he becomes an acquaintance with him…

Forget it, don’t trouble yourself.

“Minami-san, please cooperate with my attack later. Pass the ball to me when you find a gap.” Li Yalin stood beside Haruka and whispered to her since he didn’t plan to communicate with the disgusting ikemen.

He felt that they can still win this game as long as he played well with Haruka.

“Okay, I will try my best to cooperate with you.”

For Haruka, Li Yalin’s appearance was very unexpected. She never expected that the second quarter of this basketball game would be played side by side with Li-kun who had just transferred.

Although she does not know his skill, this is still a good sign.

Yes, Haruka doesn’t want to lose this game because she knows that once they lost this game, volleyball club and the basketball club will inevitably play the third game, and she will inevitably be pulled in.

Too much time has been wasted now. She really wants to win as soon as possible!

Haruka did not give up, but the frustration of her teammates really made her see no hope of winning. At this time, the appearance of Li Yalin naturally injected new vitality into her, at least she understood that she was not alone in this fight.

This made Haruka very happy. While holding the basketball in her hand, she even began to enjoy the feeling of playing side by side with Li Yalin.

With Li-kun.

Let us win this game together!

Volleyball club ball possession!

At the moment the score is 25:12. The volleyball club fell behind by a large margin. After the opening of the second quarter, the volleyball club with possession of the ball began to attack, and Haruka held the ball and moved to the other half.

Taking advantage of this gap, Li Yalin quickly found his place. The basketball ability of adept level has already told him that this is the most comfortable place for Haruka to pass.

That’s right!

It’s now!

Maybe she is now in the same wavelength with Li Yalin. Just after Li Yalin ran into a good position, Haruka also discover his intention and immediately threw the basketball in her hand, which sent the ball to Li Yalin hand quickly and accurately.

The next moment, Li Yalin raised his hand and jumped, throwing the basketball high in his hand just outside the opponent’s half-court line.

A beautiful arc traversed the air, followed by a scene where the basketball hit the net!


15 seconds into the second quarter, volleyball club took the lead in scoring! And it’s still three points!

The score chased to 25:15, the difference has been pulled back to 10!

“It actually entered?”

Outside the court, Maki who witnessed Li Yalin throw this three-pointer was completely shocked. She had seen his embarrassment just now, and the terrible shooting rate flashed into her mind.

Clearly was a basketball beginner before. Why did he hit a three-pointer as soon as he entered?

Lucky hit?

“Maki… didn’t you say that Li Yalin kouhai is a newbie in basketball? But why is his posture so standard, and the three-pointer he shoots is so handsome?”

When Maki was surprised, Hayami’s eyes were already locked on her. You know, Hayami just gave up the idea of ​​victory, preparing to have a good chat with Li Yalin afterwards.

Whoever thought that he scored such a handsome goal when the game just started.

Although she doesn’t play basketball, Hayami is not blind to basketball. She is very clear whether a posture for shooting are standard or not.

The ball just now, Li Yalin’s posture is more standard than those of the basketball team. The chic and elegant posture can leave a deep impression on anyone.


This is definitely a master!

But why is such a master basketball player described by Maki as a basketball beginner?

Hayami felt that it was necessary for her to communicate well with her junior.

“I… I don’t know… he clearly can’t do that…”

Facing Hayami’s questions, Maki was completely dumbfounded. She didn’t talk nonsense, but Li Yalin just made a 180-degree turn.

What exactly is going on?

Is it just as he said, he learn to play basketball after practicing a bit?

Is this really possible?

When Maki was surprised and confused, the students who watching the game began to talk about it.

At the beginning, everyone felt that the outcome of the game was already doomed, volleyball club had no possibility of turning the table. But a three-pointer just as the second quarter started raised the suspense again.

Although no one knows the new player in the volleyball club, but it can be seen from the precise three-pointer just now that he is absolutely good at playing basketball.

The team originally supported by Haruka alone added another strong aid, so it is really difficult to predict who will win and who will lose in this game.

Did the basketball team win or the volleyball club’s comeback?

All of a sudden there was a lot of talk outside the court. This originally boring game suddenly became interesting.

“Great, you are a three-point shooter Li-kun!”

On the basketball court, Li Yalin’s three-pointer surprised Haruka. Although she is also good at basketball, the three-pointer is definitely her shortcoming.

After all, shooting practice outside the three-point line require a lot of time to accumulate. This is not just a talent to make up for, and what Haruka lacks most is precisely time.

Let her dribble the ball on the field and close shots are no problem. But three points… her shooting rate is very mediocre.

Because of this, Haruka expressed great amazement when Li Yalin do a three-pointer.

“After all, better use a three-pointer to recover the score.”

Li Yalin is very satisfied with the accurate shot he made, making him feels great.

And as he said, now the volleyball club is lagging behind in big scores. To recover the score or even win the game, three points is always better than two points.

The most important thing is that the adept level basketball option bonus is the basketball shooting rate +3. That is to say, he can enjoy the +3 hit rate passive as long as he shoots. Why not choose to shoot if there is such benefit?

As for other scoring methods…

With his current physical quality, he really can’t do it!

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