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“I understand, I will explain to everyone…”

It can be seen that Amami Hibiki’s mood is very low at this moment, because she will soon be separated from her friends, and she doesn’t know whether she will have the chance to see them again.

Even for Amami Hibiki, she has seen a lot of separation, and some of her ghost friends will achieve nirvana after fulfilling their wishes, so she has had many experiences of eternal goodbye.

But sure enough, she still feels very sad emotionally each time she faces separation.


Even though she was sad, she had to make a choice, because it was all for the sake of her friends!

“I can understand how Amami-san feels right now, but when you think about it, it’s probably a good thing.”

Now that the matter is almost settled, all that’s left is for Amami Hibiki to talk to her ghost friends and get them out of Tokyo by night and out of the Psionic Bureau’s surveillance, and that would be the perfect ending.

But the problem was that Amami Hibiki’s mood was affected by the conclusion, so to liven up the atmosphere, Li Yalin also opened his mouth in a more relaxed tone.

Li Yalin’s words made Amami Hibiki look puzzled, as she was about to be separated from her friend, but why did Li Yalin say it was a good thing?

“Amami-san, from what you said earlier, you have been able to see ghosts since you were a child, and you have become friends with many of them. Although some of your friends have accepted this, many more… still have a hard time understanding you and think you’re just a weirdo, right?”

“And this is what I believe is troubling Amami-san, too, because while being friends with ghosts is not a bad thing, it can also have an impact on your life, especially… interpersonal aspects.”

“As for now, although you have to leave your friends, but likewise, you will get another new life. Without the presence of ghosts, no one will think you are weird and abnormal, you can integrate into the real high school life, make new friends and start another brand new life.”

“Of course, I’m not saying this to let you give up your old life and those ghost friends, but simply that you can feel another life, a life that belongs to ordinary people.”

“At least you see… your father, Amami-san, isn’t he very relaxed now?”

Is the absence of ghosts in Tokyo a good or bad thing for Amami Hibiki? For Amami Hibiki herself, she may not think it’s a good thing, but for her father, it’s a good thing to be thankful for.

No father would want to see his daughter haunted by a ghost and lose her normal life, right?

Especially Amami Hibiki’s father… is also a coward who is extremely afraid of ghosts and can be scared by them all night…

Although it is not good to describe Amami Hibiki’s father as a coward but isn’t that the truth?

In a sense, Amami Asahi and the timid genius girl Hagimura Suzu are really the same…

“Cough… well… although I know Hibiki you don’t want to leave everyone, but as Li-kun said, this might be a fresh start for you.”

Amami Asahi is relaxed?

Yes, he was. After hearing Li Yalin and then hearing his daughter’s decision, the first thought that came to his mind was – he would never have to see those ghosts again!

At that moment, he simply wanted to celebrate!

God knows what he has been through all these years, living among those ghosts and spirits, the feeling of fear simply let him can not breathe properly!

But now, everything is solved, there will be no more ghosts around his daughter, and he no longer has to worry about whether there will be ghosts suddenly around.

It’s great to have his job transferred to Tokyo!

But… he couldn’t share his joy with his daughter, because he could see that she was in a very low mood, and he felt quite awkward when Li Yalin suddenly pointed out how he was currently feeling.

However, apart from being embarrassed, he also nodded slightly. After all, Li Yalin was right, he did want his daughter to have a new life, an ordinary life.


How does Amami Hibiki, the daughter, not know how her father feels?

Of course she knows very well!

But because of her kind nature, she would not blame her father for this. Instead, she was able to understand his feelings, so even though she was still very upset at the moment, she did not say anything more.

After all… she simply had no choice.

At this point, she could only do what Li-kun had said.

“Then we’ll leave now. Amami-san, let’s meet again sometime, and if you have any problems, you can always contact me. I will try my best to help you with anything that is within my ability.”

The matter came to an end. Li Yalin did not intend to stay at Amami’s house any longer. After all, the next scene was the parting of Amami Hibiki and her friends, and it was indeed necessary to leave some private space for the psychic girl.

He had said what he had to say, and if it didn’t work out in the end, then there was nothing he could do, and it was his limit to reach this level.

So after declining Amami Asahi’s offer to stay and leaving Amami Hibiki’s phone number with him, Li Yalin’s group said goodbye to Amami’s father and daughter and left the apartment where Amami’s family lived.

“I feel like we’re just spectators, you’ve done everything.”

Just after stepping out of the Amami family’s apartment, the dirty joke student president, who had not spoken throughout, finally couldn’t stand it anymore.

It’s clear that when they encounter such a new and exciting paranormal event, they are involved in it but seem to be a spectator, and it’s not easy for her to endure it until now.

So it was inevitable that she would complain about it.

“What else can you do? It’s hard not to… that, Hagimura-san, you are…”

Hearing Amakusa Shino’s complaint, Li Yalin couldn’t help but roll his eyes, ‘You think I’m willing to take the lead? It’s because you’re all amateurs.’

But before he could finish his sentence, he looked at the genius girl, who took the initiative to hold his sleeve, and in an incomparable natural state, which made him quite speechless.

This matter has already been resolved, and Suzu-chan is still afraid?

Is it really okay for you to hold me like this in front of so many people?

Everyone is looking at you, Hagimura-san!

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