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“What’s wrong with me? Don’t get me wrong, I’m just afraid you’ll get lost.”

Feeling the stares from all around, a slight blush appeared on Hagimura Suzu’s face. But even so, she didn’t let go of the hand that was holding Li Yalin’s sleeve. Instead, she coughed lightly, pretending to be calm, and then tilted her head and said these words in a very tsundere manner.

It is also her words that made Li Yalin dumbfounded.

You are afraid that I will get lost?

Okay, okay, I’ve really lost to you.

“But what can I say, today was a great experience, there really are ghosts and I got to see so many interesting things thanks to Yalin-kun.”

Suzu-chan is being tsundere, not only does Li Yalin know, but everyone knows it too. It’s not like they have been getting along for a day or two, so they all know what kind of personality this genius girl has.

Although it felt very funny, everyone was very considerate and didn’t bring up this topic again, to save Suzu-chan from getting upset later, otherwise it would be more awkward.

This time, Shichijou ojou-sama clapped her hands with great pleasure and changed the subject directly.

“That’s right, I’m really satisfied today.”

Shichijou Aria’s voice just fell, Amakusa Shino also nodded in agreement. Although she had some complaints about Li Yalin, she is now very satisfied indeed.

To be able to see the real ghost, know a lot of things that were previously unknown has greatly satisfied her curiosity.

It can be said that this is definitely an unforgettable day in her life!

“Are you satisfied with this? I don’t think so.”

Shichijou Aria and Amakusa Shino were satisfied, but Uomi student president shook her head gently, still keeping that poker face, without any expressions, it was impossible to guess what was in her mind.

But her words, Li Yalin’s heart suddenly fell in suspense.


Is our student president-sama planning to make trouble again?

“Compared to the existence of ghosts and the appearance of Psychic High School students, what I’m more curious about now is you, Yalin.”

“For your proficiency in music, good at writing sports and so on, it can still be explained by being genius. But now, you are not only familiar with the existence of the ghost and youkai, but also know the mysterious Psionic Bureau, don’t say that you made it up, I won’t believe it.”

Though Li Yalin knew he would be suspected, he was pointed out by Uomi so quickly that he came to be quite helpless.

What should he do now that everything has been said to this point? How to answer it?

It doesn’t work if he says more, and people don’t believe him if he says less. In such a situation, it’s not going to work if he wants to make a perfunctory statement.

Such a pain!

“Of course, anyone has their own secrets. If you don’t want to talk about it, I won’t force you to do so.”


Because Uomi had pointed out the key point, Li Yalin was still struggling with how to deal with these people in front of him. But before he could even think of an excuse, Uomi suddenly said something so considerate.

No need to force himself to say anything if he doesn’t want to?

When did our student president-sama become so nice?

“Cough… you can say that I do know some things that ordinary people don’t know. But it’s for your own good that I don’t tell you more. Because there are some things… I don’t want to involve you guys in it either.”

“Let’s put it this way, I will explain to you guys properly when there’s a chance later. But for now… I hope everyone can still calm their curiosity. After all, knowing too much sometimes doesn’t do much good.”

With Uomi as a stepping stone, Li Yalin can naturally talk better. He coughed slightly and followed Uomi’s words to clarify his thoughts.

It’s not that he can’t talk about it, but he can’t talk about it now. Whether or not he has that opportunity in the future depends on what happens in the future.

This is not only a promise for everyone but also a perfunctory way of handling the matter, which is worth cheering.

“Well, then let’s wait for the future opportunity.”

Li Yalin said this, even if Amakusa Shino is still full of curiosity, she knows that she really can not ask more questions. After all, with her chuuni soul, she has also made up something in her mind.

Of course, she couldn’t easily tell the public about such a secret, but it didn’t matter, she was convinced that as long as she was hanging out with Li Yalin, he would satisfy all her curiosity!

“In addition, Hata-san, about everything that happened today, I don’t want to see a word of it in the news club’s newspaper, and you should not make any plans to break the news. Although the public enjoys the right to know, likewise, some of the right to know can also send the public into a panic.”

“Not that I am threatening you. In fact, once you broke that so-called news, I don’t even need to look for you, the Psionic Bureau will invite you for some tea first. You can try it if you don’t believe me, just after the incident, please don’t blame me for not warning you beforehand.”

After finishing Amakusa Shino’s curiosity, Li Yalin’s eyes turned to Hata Ranko, the news club president who seemed to be eager to move, he knew better than anyone what she was thinking.

Despite the fact that she did not speak throughout the event and was always in a state of listening, the truth is that she must have turned on the recording early, and even secretly recorded a lot of videos and took a lot of photos.

In order to ensure that the secret is not leaked, Li Yalin must warn her very sternly, or else bad things will happen to her, and all that has been done before will be all for naught.

“Uh… I understand…”

As soon as Li Yalin said this, Hata Ranko, who was still harboring some petty thoughts, let out a sad cry.

Just as Li Yalin thought, she kept a low profile for so long, just to make big news.

The result is that her ambitions have not yet been fulfilled, and her big news was killed in its infancy before it was released.

Of course, the main reason why Hata Ranko gave up so quickly was because of Li Yalin’s words just now. His words were too lethal, being invited by the Psionic Bureau for some tea or something. Although Hata Ranko was very curious about the mysterious organization, she did not want to be taken in as a prisoner.

In this regard, she is very self-aware.

“Oh yeah, about Hanako in the toilet, you news club also need to start another news article. I don’t care who you throw the blame on, anyway, it’s to put this ghost incident to rest, okay?”

“Alright, I got it…”

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