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In some cases, Hata Ranko can be very useful, such as using her news club to control the rumors on campus, which is bound to have a good effect.

In this case, whether Hata Ranko is willing or not, she must submit to Li Yalin’s oppression, who makes the news club topped by a student council? The power is on top, and the weak really have no human rights.

Anyway, with her around, Li Yalin no longer has to worry about the rumors within Ousai Academy.

“So, that’s it for today.”

Li Yalin had said all that needed to be said, so it was time to go their separate ways. After greeting Amakusa and the girls, Li Yalin was going to go home to feed the Queen.

However, what he didn’t expect was that just as he was saying goodbye to everyone and preparing to go home, he noticed that Hagimura Suzu, who had been holding onto his sleeve, had no intention of letting go.


“Wha-what’s wrong? Do you need something?”

“You know…”

“You… don’t misunderstand! I’m just afraid you’ll get lost! I’ll let go now!”

How could Li Yalin go home with Hagimura Suzu tugging on his sleeve like that? Shouldn’t she let go?

Feeling Li Yalin’s gaze, a blush appeared on the genius girl’s face, and she subconsciously let go of her hand, then couldn’t help but being tsundere again.

But the thing is, right after Hagimura Suzu let go of her hand, before three seconds had passed, she was reaching out her hand once again.

Well, this incident did cast a strong shadow over her, and even if she wanted to let go, her body’s instincts made her reluctant to leave Li Yalin.

Perhaps for her, Li Yalin is the one who can bring her the most security, that’s why she is not willing to part with him.

Even if… it was just tugging on his sleeve.


Li Yalin was speechless for a long time when he looked at his own sleeve. What do you mean by tugging on it again?

But after feeling his gaze, Hagimura Suzu, even though her face was red, she didn’t want to let go, and at this point, she wasn’t going to explain any more. She just lowered her head and didn’t look at Li Yalin, and her small hands were gripping tighter and tighter.

This is really…

“Should I… take you back home?”

In this situation, Li Yalin seemed to have no other option than to be considerate and take the genius girl home, otherwise Suzu-chan wouldn’t let go of his hand, so what else could he do?

“This… you said it, I didn’t ask for it… Anyway, please…”

After hearing Li Yalin’s words, Hagimura Suzu’s head immediately lifted up, and not only that, a glint of excitement flashed in her eyes, obviously waiting for a long time for these words.

But while she was excited, she began to be tsundere again. The only comforting thing was that the little one also understood that she was taking a favor from Li Yalin, so she just being tsundere for a moment and then whispered, ‘Please’.

Sure enough, she still took Li Yalin as support.

“Humph! I’ll let you off the hook today. But tomorrow, you’ll have to explain everything to me, or else… I will not let you go.”

Li Yalin wanted to send Suzu-chan home, of course, no one would object to this. But just as everyone was parting, Uomi suddenly leaned over and whispered something to him in his ear.

Despite the fact that she had just given him a step, she was not able to get the answer she wanted, and she was now very dissatisfied.

She could give Li Yalin face when there were outsiders around, but when there were no outsiders around, could he, the otouto, not explain everything to his onee-san?

Of course not!

Looking at Uomi’s departing back, Li Yalin shrugged his shoulders helplessly. Eh, he knew that our student president-sama was not that easy to fool…

Forget it, let’s wait until tomorrow, the task at hand is to send Suzu-chan home.

Waving goodbye to everyone, Li Yalin and Hagimura Suzu walked on the way home. How to say, the two were completely silent on the way, no one took the initiative to speak, just so small hand holding the sleeve, silently walking.

When they reached the door of Hagimura’s house, neither of them could speak up until Suzu-chan rang the doorbell.

“Welcome back… Suzu-chan, you’ve brought your boyfriend back?”

Shortly after the doorbell rang, the door of Hagimura’s house was opened and a mature woman who looked like Hagimura Suzu appeared in front of them.

From the appearance, it can be seen that this should be Suzu-chan’s mother because the mother and daughter are quite similar. But quite different from the serious and upright character of the genius girl, this beautiful mother’s character is a bit…

How to put it, unexpectedly formidable?

When Suzu-chan’s mother saw her daughter and the boy she was holding in her hand, her expression became instantly joyful and she couldn’t help but clap her hands together.

“Please come in, Suzu-chan is bringing home a boyfriend for the first time, I’m so happy!”


How did he become Suzu-chan’s boyfriend?

He just commented that this beautiful mother is very nice and formidable, and she actually mistook them for being a couple just by the slightest tug on his sleeve.

What a joke! Although Suzu-chan is really cute and has a good personality except for being tsundere, but he can’t be in a relationship with her, right?

It’s okay if she’s a little taller and more mature, but now she’s… he’ll be misunderstood as a lolicon, okay?

Although loli and so on are also very lovable, but… I’m an onee-san-con!

“Mom! What are you talking about! Li-kun and I are just normal classmates!”

Before Li Yalin could finish tsukomi in his mind, Suzu-chan, who was already red in the face and retorted loudly to her mother.

It’s just that her rebuttal seemed to be bluffing, and she still did not loosen Li Yalin’s sleeves when she rebutted!

This is too unconvincing!

“Uh-huh, just ordinary classmates. Even if just ordinary classmates, you can still come in and sit down, right?”

As expected, Suzu-chan’s mother looked at Suzu-chan’s hand with a meaningful look in her eyes, and when she looked at Li Yalin again, she had the look of a mother-in-law looking at her son-in-law.

It felt like… the entrance to Hagimura’s house was like a dangerous place, Li Yalin was under a lot of pressure now!

“No, no, auntie, you misunderstood, I’m just responsible for bringing Hagimura-san home, so I won’t bother to go in.”

In this situation, Li Yalin felt that he had better leave first, otherwise he would be embarrassed if he was really pulled in!

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