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“How can that be! We’re here now, wouldn’t it be too rude if we didn’t come in and sit down?”

Li Yalin didn’t want to get involved in the Hagimura family’s misunderstanding so that he wouldn’t be able to explain it clearly.

However, just as he turned to leave, Suzu-chan’s mother stepped forward and took his other arm, which Suzu-chan had not grabbed.

Oh my God, it’s their first time to meet each other and he’s her daughter’s classmate, but she made such a move, is this a bold character or a complete lack of self-awareness?

Anyway, Li Yalin couldn’t leave even if he wanted to.

“Ahem… In that case, I’m sorry to bother you.”

He had no choice as he was in front of someone’s house, with the daughter holding one hand and the mother holding the other.

He didn’t care, but in case there were any neighbors passing by to see…

Never mind, let’s go inside. Anyway, he won’t be staying long so he can just disturb for a while.


Seeing that Li Yalin didn’t refuse again, Suzu-chan’s mother’s face also showed a smile of joy, and she hurriedly led him into the house, but she didn’t let go of her hand on his arm.

That… ma’am, shouldn’t you be careful about the difference between men and women?

Li Yalin was under a lot of pressure being pulled into the house with his arm around them!

“Please have a seat. I thought my Suzu-chan was not interested in dating, but she’s even more daring than I thought. As expected, she’s my daughter!”

After pulling Li Yalin into the house, Suzu-chan’s mother finally let go of her hand. After all, she had to serve tea and cookies to the guests, right?

But when the tea and cookies were served, she couldn’t help but sigh, as if she was very pleased to find out how much her daughter had grown as a mother.

But the problem is… this kind of relief is totally unnecessary!

You have nothing to be proud of in this regard!

“You know… you really misunderstood, auntie, Hagimura-san and I are just ordinary classmates, or at best, work partners. On the other hand, she is a student council member of Ousai Academy, and I am the student council vice student president of Eiryou High School. Our work intersects on a regular basis, and it was only by accident that I sent Hagimura-san home today.”

Li Yalin felt that he should explain this misunderstanding properly before it gets out of hand, so he quickly organized his thoughts and then spoke in a very smooth manner.

To explain to this extent, at least this beautiful madam can understand something, right?


“If it was just a normal classmate, my Suzu-chan would not have been sent home, and a boy too, so you don’t have to hide it from me.”

“Don’t worry, I started dating Suzu-chan’s father when I was your age, so you don’t have to worry about me objecting. As Suzu-chan’s mother, I support my daughter’s romance a hundred times!”

Oh shit!

Li Yalin realized that no matter how much he explained, it didn’t make any difference in her eyes.

Anyway, Suzu-chan’s mother had already made up her mind when he sent Suzu-chan home.

You really think you’re like Sherlock Holmes or Conan!

You guessed it wrong!

“Hey, Hagimura-san… shouldn’t you explain it?”

Li Yalin was completely helpless against this beautiful madam and finally had to turn his head to Hagimura Suzu and ask for help from the genius girl beside him.

Probably because she had finally felt safe at home, Hagimura Suzu had already let go of Li Yalin’s sleeve, but not knowing what she was thinking, she kept her head down a while ago.

It was only when Li Yalin called her name that she finally raised her head as if she had back to her senses.

“It’s useless, even if you explain anything now, mom won’t believe you, she’s easily caught up in her own subjective world. Li-kun, just don’t worry about it, let her misunderstand.”

Suzu-chan knows her mother’s character better than anyone else, and because of this, she knows that it is useless to explain anything now.

But even so, her little pink face is still flushed, obviously shy about it.

After all, being misunderstood as dating a boy still make her shy as a girl.

“This is really…”

After hearing Hagimura Suzu’s words, Li Yalin pressed his temple speechlessly. He knew a little bit about Suzu-chan’s mother, after all, when he was watching anime, he had seen many episodes of this beautiful madam.

But he didn’t expect that this beautiful madam’s character was even more difficult than he thought. She was so rash to take himself as her future son-in-law or something like that!

But as Suzu-chan said, it’s useless to explain anything now, this misunderstanding… just let her be.


Hold on a second!

He still needs to explain this matter clearly!

When Suzu-chan said that he didn’t need to waste his time explaining, Li Yalin planned to do so, since he would be leaving soon and would not have many chances to come back to Suzu-chan’s house.

However, what he didn’t expect was that the ‘mother-in-law’ in front of him was even more enthusiastic than he thought. Perhaps because she had decided that Li Yalin was her daughter’s dating partner, the beautiful madam’s next performance was simply… too enthusiastic!

That’s right! It’s too much enthusiasm!

“Although Suzu-chan is my daughter, I feel that Suzu-chan’s aesthetics are different from mine. But given her personality, she would really like a boy like you, Li-kun, who likes to study. You two must have a lot in common when it comes to studying, right?”

For Li Yalin, it has become his habit to wear Ordinary Mirror when he goes out. After all, without his glasses, he will be spotted by his fans whenever he goes out, and it will be difficult for him to walk almost every time.

But because of this, Suzu-chan’s mother sees him as an ordinary-looking bookworm, probably misunderstood as a nerd who likes to study, which is why she says her daughter aesthetic is very different from her own.

But the problem is that your mother and daughter have different aesthetics, that is also your own business, why are you leaning so close to me when talking?

We are going to stick together if you get more closer!

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